Come On – Our Election is Embarrassing our Country

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If I have learned one thing about doing this over time is that it isn’t wise to address a few subjects that are taboo/divisive.  These subjects are the big ones – gun control, abortion, and of course, politics. I say I’ve learned this, but can’t hold back at this point.

I’m going to try to get my view across without taking sides.  Because it isn’t about sides, it is about lowering the bar so far that it might be never raised again.

I’m not going to try to pick too much on Trump.  I say it upfront, the guy is an imbecile.  But that isn’t the point I am going to try to make.   It is part of the point, but not close to all the issues that need addressing.

I think the first one I would like to address is how rude this election has become.  What is up with the name calling?  We’re trying to vet a person to be the most powerful person on the planet.  This is really a job interview.  Could you imagine two candidates for the CEO of Apple treating each other like this.  I think not.  But when it comes to being president, it comes down our two candidates name calling.  It is so wrong.

These debates are just showing how badly professional people can act.  They interrupt each other, interrupt the  moderators and just don’t behave appropriately for the situation they are in.  Do they not realize they are on the world stage?

If this is a job interview, why are so many questions avoided.  A candidate is asked a question and then the next thing, they morph the question into some personality flaw the other candidate has.  Both these people obviously have personality flaws, we all do. I don’t understand why either of them would want to follow this path.

These guys are so tense and bitter towards each other that they can’t even get their plans or ideas out to the public.

Donald Trump has done numerous things that would have disqualified him in nearly all previous presidential elections.  But the guy is immune, it seems, to the previous rules.  We’ve lowered our standards so low that we are now making decisions by who we dislike less.

And what about morals.  How about all the politicians that throw their personal standards out and are sticking to party lines?  This is so reflective of why nothing productive gets done anymore in Washington.  The party is more powerful than personal standards or morals.  It is a sad state.

How bad a person could be nominated for president of the United States of America?  What if one of the political parties nominated someone as horrible as say, Adolf Hitler.  Does the rest of that party follow the lead and endorse a monster?  Is that how it works now?

There are some really smart people that are politicians and I can’t imagine how embarrassed I would be to be included in that group now.   These people have no self control or dignity anymore. Our society should be embarrassed about this whole election.  This might be the new standard and it might be irreversible.

Democrat vs. Republican

Democrat vs. Republican

80 thoughts on “Come On – Our Election is Embarrassing our Country

  1. Devin

    On the plus side, if half the country hates the election winner, and they will, my hope is no mandate to do anything.

  2. Telford

    I just checked, and the population of the United States is a bit over 321 million people. Out of that many people, the current batch of candidates is the best we can nominate for a seat as the leader of the most powerful nation on earth? If that’s the case there is something fundamentally wrong with the selection process. As a citizen of this country, I am embarrassed that it has come to this. Our forefathers came to this country with the promise of political and religious freedoms. For generations we have fought to defend those rights. I think back to the “greatest generation” and then look at our country and this election and all I can say is what the f%ck?

  3. Bryan Barber

    It keeps getting worse because the government keeps growing. We keep feeding the monster. The “professional” liars continue to manipulate the uninformed into voting for more government. The more they lie, the more people get sucked in. We never vote them down therefore there’s no need to change they’re bad behavior. On the contrary, we reinforce/encourage it.
    The only way we can reverse course is to refrain from building more government and even take back that power of those who are obviously failing.
    The vast majority of my our population has no idea how capitalism and individual liberty has combined to make this the greatest country in the world.
    When any government gets to much power it fails its people. Every time!

  4. Americus

    News flash…
    We the people put these two on stage! So…..
    The process itself prevents anyone decent because they & family will be draged thru hell by the media. Merca eats this shit up. Look at TMZ… No one has any sort of private life these days, especially your home p/c… lol
    Anyone with an ivyedu will stick with the private sector its safe and they make more $$..
    Back to Maury Povich Show and my Mickey’s big mouth!

  5. Steve Tilford Post author

    Bryan – Welcome to the club. Like I said, it is a divisive subject. Best to leave it alone, but when it gets so silly that it almost seems make believe, I think we all have an obligation to speak out. Thanks.

  6. Jim

    Well, you didn’t do a very good job of hiding your preference but that isn’t really a problem.
    That said, I have been saying, for a LONG time, that this is just simply embarrassing.
    NEITHER of these has any business running for ANY office. Both are pond scum and can’t be trusted.
    He is a professional businessman who lies to get his things done and she is a professional politician/beauracrat who lies to get her things done. Where is the difference?
    I can not, in any way, justify my vote for either of these clowns.
    I guess I want to hear what the plans are to make the country move forward.
    You know, the simple stuff like tax plans, employment plans, world peace ideas, energy plans.
    I really don’t give a crap about what they said or did 10 or 20 years ago.
    With all of that in mind, we are constantly being told that these are the two least popular candidates to run for the office. If that is true (and I am not doubting it), what does that say about all the people they beat in the primaries to get to this point?
    Either way, in about 6 months (or less) one of them is going to be the new President. That really scares me from the stand point of what we are leaving as a legacy to my grandchildren. They deserve better than this.
    As was pointed out, as voters, we continue to send the same a-holes back to represent us in Washington. What do we think is going to happen by doing that? They know the voters don’t care and are not paying attention so they will continue to feather their nest at our expense.
    How stupid are we??

  7. Larry T.

    Sorry, but “…capitalism and individual liberty has combined to make this the greatest country in the world.” is the kind of nationalistic claptrap that helped create our current situation. The “greatest country in the world” has income inequality right up there with Mexico and Turkey and clowns like Trump are the poster boys of the problem. I’m far from a fan of Hillary, but when the choice is her or the greasy orange turd, I have to hold my nose and vote for Clinton. The kind of stuff Trump’s been saying reminds anyone who pays attention to history of Hitler or Mussolini, while Clinton merely portends more-or-less four more years of the Obama programs – I’m not totally satisfied with all of those, but at least adults will be running the show rather than a guy who brags about the size of his penis.

  8. Larry T.

    “I guess I want to hear what the plans are to make the country move forward.
    You know, the simple stuff like tax plans, employment plans, world peace ideas, energy plans.”
    It’s all out there, just visit the campaign websites for the two candidates. You ain’t gonna get a lot of that on TeeVee as most viewers will tune out quickly for the same reasons Fox News gets a lot more viewers than PBS does. The differences between these candidates is, as one of ’em would say…..HUUUUUUUGE!
    For me the saddest part of the whole mess is how few actually care enough to do more than run their mouth and actually get out there and VOTE! The percentage of eligible voters who are registered is pathetic, matched only by the registered voters who don’t bother to show up – yet they all seem to do plenty of complaining about our terrible government.

  9. fergie

    >”These subjects are the big ones – gun control, abortion, and of course, politics.” forgot Religion..

  10. Long Shadow Of History

    “Greatest XXX in the world”. In politics, I’ve generally found this to be flag-waving. Perhaps you’re the exception.

    When someone makes a claim like that in person I normally ask them a football question to find out if they are in fact full of crap.

    Because if we were talking about football, most of the football people I know could answer the following question: “you just said team/player XXX was the best in the league/history. What teams/players do you think are the second and third best in this case and what very specific things/changes would they have to do in order to overtake XXX and become the best?”.

    So what say you? Have at it.

  11. CurtloDude

    You guys must not have paid attention in your history classes. Do some research on past presidencies, debates, etc. This is NOT new. It is not any “lower” than what happened in our past. Heck, even in the last few elections, some of the same things were said about Obama and both McCain and Romney. I remember the same celebrities saying they were going to leave the U.S. if Bush was re-elected. Blah blah blah.

    The only thing that has changed is how everyone now knows what everyone else thinks. Now people throw out their opinions on their facebook page or blog, and expect their friends and family to give a crap. They get all worked up when they find out their first cousin is a Trump supporter, and now they don’t like him anymore. Seriously, it’s supposed to be a mess. People are supposed to disagree, and vote for who they want. Trump got where he’s at because people voted for him. Hillary, well, I’m not so sure exactly, as Bernie was kicking her butt there at the end…but we all voted, we got these 2, now pick the one you agree with the most.

    I think it’s awesome when a 2-party system has debates, where the moderators and virtually everyone in charge is trying to destroy just one of the candidates over and over, with little to show for it. Makes the other guy seem like an underdog.

    If you want some real entertainment, go read up on some of the earliest elections of our Presidents, and you will be amazed at how similar it all sounds. Same old same old, repeating itself.

  12. Dennis C

    Bryan, I disliked your comment. I did not disagree with everything you wrote, just most of it. People get the government they deserve. The problem is also with the people. Donald Trump is a sociopathic con man with not an ounce of class and totally unqualified to be President, and I hope you are not voting for him. Nearly, half the people are voting for him. Moreover, you are very condescending. You wrote about manipulating the uniformed. Of course, you are not one of the uninformed, you know the truth, LMFAO. Did it ever occur to you that the most successful countries in the world have quite large government involvement in the lives of their citizens lives and excellent social safety nets ? Half of the bankrupcies in the US result from medical debt. Wouldn’t it be great to live in a country where people did not have to worry about medical bills ? Wouldn’t it be great to live in a country where every nut case did not own assault weapons. I want more government in the right areas, not less. Finally, I am tired of you extreme right wing libertarian types. You are not the solution, you are the problem.

  13. Bill K

    This year, the Democrats nominated a person who represents their hopes and dreams of the future.
    This year, the Republicans nominated a person who represents their hopes and dreams of the future.
    Think about that statement.

  14. Ken


    I understand your blog is about what’s on your mind, but I avoided the debate and instead watched the football game last night, and got up today ready to have a good bike ride, then engage in a few of my favorite cycling websites before watching an old movie. But when I saw your post, I knew this election chaos is unavoidable, even though there’s very little more to learn about either of these disgusting candidates – everything that comes about either of them is only reinforcing what’s out there already.
    So what to do? A politically astute friend of mine gives this advice – “Hold your nose and cast your vote based on where you want the Supreme Court going.”

  15. KrakatoaEastofJava

    Trump has shown how a true “alpha dog” can simply show up and dominate (and win) despite being almost universally despised by those around him. He told them they were going to vote for him, and they did. Alpha dog. Trump made all of his opponents look like pussies on live TV. No one likes a pussy to be in a position of power, so they didn’t progress in the primaries. And he wins despite no one actually liking or admiring him.

    Clinton has spent decades elevating herself through power-brokering. Favors given. Favors owed. Favors paid. Sanders didn’t stand a chance against the favors owed to her. The Democratic party itself rigged its game plan to appease all of those within it who owed her favors. And she wins despite no one really liking or admiring her. “Favors owed” probably saved her from getting prosecuted for her email scandal.

    I think that despite Trump being (by far) the illogical choice, just last night he showed how a true alpha dog can quickly dominate a weaker opponent. I’m not saying Trump will win, but I think that just last night’s vow to put Clinton in prison (via special prosecutor) probably erased 5 “poll points” of disgust regarding the “grab her p_ss_” scandal of the last few days. This guy has a strange effect on mass audiences. They hate him and like him at the same time. Kind of like all of the people (when polled) said they couldn’t stand Howard Stern, and they wanted him off the radio. When asked why they still listened to him, the most common answer was “I can’t wait to hear what he’ll say next!”. They simply allow themselves to be dominated by the guy. I think Hillary needed to “out-tough” him last night, and she didn’t do it. It’s not like he’s going to ease-up.

  16. steve

    read up on the former head of apple, steve jobs. he was a horrible person to work for and be around.

  17. channel_zero

    Could you imagine two candidates for the CEO of Apple treating each other like this.

    I guess you don’t know too many CEOs. Steve Jobs was crazy, not in a good way, and could treat his employees horribly one day and act as if nothing happened the next. I’m not sure why people stayed for the abuse, but they did.

    There are good CEOs out there, but they never seek the attention of a Jobs.

  18. channel_zero

    Not really. I don’t know what the Repubs were thinking, but the Dems chose someone who could win a general election.

    The history of “two bad candidates” in American general elections is long.

  19. channel_zero

    registered voters who don’t bother to show up – yet they all seem to do plenty of complaining about our terrible government.

    As if government slumbers for four years, awoken for a general election.

    I don’t really care what a person’s political beliefs are. Like you, I care they are engaged in local, State and Federal politics. Ideally, more engaged than just voting every election cycle.

  20. channel_zero

    We the people put these two on stage!

    I didn’t work in a primary election rules committee. Did you? It’s a Republic, not a Democracy.

  21. Dan

    Steve, you are worried about embarrassing our country? China and India could care less. They are worried most about U.S. power and influence posing a major threat to their country. I would guess that not being bombed today in the fight over nation building in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan etc are more pressing concerns than this cartoon show of an election.

  22. channel_zero

    Well, so get busy. Get to work in your party’s committees. You get the political system for which you worked. Complaining every four years is not the answer.

  23. KrakatoaEastofJava

    Apple’s board BEGGED him to come back almost 15 years after they’d fired him. You know,, the crazy asshole that everyone hated. Now they write books about him. The public worships the guy (even after they read Walter Isaacson’s book).

    I’m not sure that Jobs really sought the media’s attention very often. But when he did, he chose who he talked to (and very carefully). Very few people ever had access to the guy.

  24. KrakatoaEastofJava


    The moment you sink your faith into “one side of the political aisle’s” philosophy, you’re already cooked and eaten. Both sides quickly sell themselves out when presented with pressure from possible (or existing) donors.

    Those who openly promote the concept of “smaller government” are quickly corrupted. Those who promote the concept of “government should provide services” are quickly corrupted. The thing that unites both of these (supposedly) conflicting ideologies: Money. They’ll always chase money.

    There’s only one political party in the USA. The “money” party.

    And here’s how that party works (and don’t try to pick on Abramoff because he tended to work with the GOP… there are plenty of guys just like him on the other side of the aisle):

  25. Yosemit3

    Little positive can be said about this entire campaign. And the winner becomes “leader of the free world”.
    Sleep on it, if you can….

  26. Ken

    Private sector hardly has any relationship to public leadership. The dynamics couldn’t be more different. We’re talking about electing a person who sets public policy from our health care to immigration, can send us to war, and can determine through the Supreme Court how our laws may work for generations to come. Steve Jobs made great computers and made his stockholders a lot of money. Small potatoes compared to what’s at stake here.

  27. Ken

    Private sector management hardly has any relationship to public leadership. The dynamics couldn’t be more different. We’re talking about electing a person who sets public policy from our health care to immigration, can send us to war, and can determine through the Supreme Court how our laws may work for generations to come. Steve Jobs made great computers and made his stockholders a lot of money. Small potatoes compared to what’s at stake here. Horrible people can be good corporate honchos but are less effective as leaders of a society.

  28. Telford

    I’ve worked in the DoD for 30 years. For 22 of those years I couldn’t be involved, but I have always voted, either in person or absentee ballot. I hate politics and politicians and prefer chain lube to the slimy grease that seems to coat most pols.

  29. Wildcat

    The “Repubs” were thinking, “We are rich white men, we have the money and power. It seems like this rich white man will work hard to keep it that way”

  30. Dude Ron

    Yeki said it best after beating GJT in the sprint at stage one TDT 1989 “buenos dios senores!” The reason we live in Merika everyone is Potential Presidential Timber!!

  31. Bryan Barber

    @Larry T. Kudos for speaking up!
    I can see that we have very different perspectives on the world. Dismissing my sincere opinion as nonsense does nothing to further the conversation. Which countries do you think are better? And why?
    What is “our current situation”? Income inequality? If everyone made the same contributions I would agree with you but, a lot of people sit on their ass while a select group tend to work much harder to have a better life. In this great country they are allowed to do just that and receive the rewards that the free market allows. I have no desire to live in a country that doesn’t operate that way.

  32. channel_zero

    There is so much fantasy built around Jobs it’s ridiculous.

    He was legendary in the industry for his horrible treatment of people, and there were many. One day you were the guy that was saving the company. The next you were a @#$#@% worthless @#$@.

    The Board of Directors wouldn’t and don’t care unless it becomes such a problem that it’s an issue for the BoD.

  33. channel_zero

    I have no desire to live in a country that doesn’t operate that way.

    Do you not travel? Do you have no friends/associates in other countries? Because most developed countries operate on similar principals. Some, (shocking!) have free education to anyone willing to put in the work.

  34. Bryan Barber

    I’m the exception.
    But I’ll play anyway.
    Greatest player: Butkus
    Greatest team: ’85 Bears
    Second greatest player: Earl Campbell
    To be greatest: get traded
    Second greatest team: Staubach Cowboys
    To be greatest: join the union
    Third greatest player: Eric Dickerson
    To be greatest: don’t be a dick
    Third greatest team: browns
    To be greatest: change everything (except Jim brown)

  35. Larry T.

    Bryan Barber – Nonsense is..well…nonsense. The entire idea of “American Exceptionalism” is a load of crap and that’s the opinion you expressed, so I pointed it out as more of a problem than a solution. And don’t forget YOU invited the comments after all. You continue with claims that a lot of people sit on their a__ which pretty much marks you out as one of the folks who thinks Ayn Rand was a philosopher rather than a hack novelist. Next you go on about the “Free market” Is that the one where, as Mitt Romney said, (paraphrasing here) that “anyone can be successful in the USA, all they need to do is borrow a few thousand $ from their parents and start a business.” In a country where half of the population couldn’t come up with $400 in cash in an emergency you complain about people who sit on their a__? What about the folks who work multiple jobs for the pathetic, so-called “minimum wage” and scrape by paycheck-to-paycheck?
    As to the “greatest” country…what criteria would you like to use? What’s the USA #1 in? The percentage of GDP spent on healthcare, in a ridiculous, for-profit system or maybe on defense? Income inequality? There simply is no such place as “The Greatest Country in the World” in my opinion and I identify jingoism in those who make these kinds of claims no matter what country they live in. This is the kind of claptrap that has propelled the greasy orange turd into (gawd help us all) into being possibly the next president of the USA.

  36. Bryan Barber

    Do I travel? Yes, but not Internationally because I’m poor. I did once take a trip to Western Europe before the recession however. Italy France Spain Belgium Holland and found them all to be quite lovely. Of those I’ve visited I believe my rights would be much more restricted than here in the states. Most of the people I met in those countries wanted to move to the US. More than half of my best friends are immigrants and they’re the ones who constantly remind me that this is the greatest country in the world. And how sad it is that Americans take this for granted.
    Free education? How does that work? Do all the professors administrators janitors and cooks and building maintenance people work for free?

  37. KrakatoaEastofJava


    Like I said in a previous post: Only one party in the USA. The “Money Party”.

    And you’re right. People idolize this guy now. This guy who refused to put a license plate on his car, or park in non-handicapped parking spaces. A guy who didn’t exactly know empathy, humility or compassion very well.

    My point was that despite being a vile human being, that board wanted a leader, not a nice guy.

  38. Bryan Barber

    Gee Larry T. Doubling down on the dismissive tone. Nice! I invited and I welcome any thoughtful viewpoints that agree or disagree with mine. I believed my comment to be completely non-partisan. I specifically referred to the government as a whole, to include Republicans and Democrats alike. Yet you attach Trump and Romney and some philosopher or novelist (you don’t seem quite sure which) to me. Are you implying that one cannot be a philosopher AND a hack journalist? Minimum wage hurts the poor more than it helps. This has been well studied and well-documented Google it.
    The greatest country in the world? The statement is not about exceptionalism! It is a term of endearment. It is meant to reflect my appreciation, respect and reverence for the many people who sacrificed so much so that I could have so many opportunities.
    Stop criticizing if you don’t have the courage to take a position.

  39. Jake

    I think Bryan broke Crum’s record for the most down votes. I counted 50 between all of his posts today. I guess politics is the most polarizing topic discussed here.

  40. Barb

    Well said Steve. One of the biggest obstacles I see is voters keep electing the same incumbent senators over and over, and many of the people in Congress are in their mid-to-late 70s, spouting the same old same old, and doing everything they can to protect the status quo (control over power.) This was a problem for the past eight years with the republican dominated congress fighting (and blocking) Obama on everything he tried to do, and then calling him indecisive and weak on policy etc. The bicameral legislature is supposed to work together, but that hasn’t been the case for the past eight years. This blocking and infighting in congress soured the American people on politicians in general, and set the path for Trump to reach the place he’s in now. He’s a ridiculous candidate, but I don’t hold much more esteem for Hillary. I agree that if our only involvement is complaining every four years then we get what we get, and this election seems like the worst of it. What is needed is effort to stay informed of what our assembly and senate representatives are voting for, and voting them out if it goes against our interests,for example, none of them are calling for campaign finance reform, and they should be, because in not doing so, they’re not representing anyone but their own interests. Congress voted to give corporations “personhood” so they can buy and sell our candidates, and since that initially happened, even less restrictions have been passed by congress. Corporate funding of elections needs to be repealed and incumbent senators who don’t represent the will of the people need to be voted out,or the American people are going to be sold down the river, which is already in progress because most voters “don’t have time” to bookmark their representatives websites and read every day the latest positions that are being taken by their representatives in congress and state government.

  41. Larry T.

    ” I believed my comment to be completely non-partisan.” yet you followed it up with plenty of right-wing “talking points” which led to my response to the old trope “Greatest country in the world”. Be proud of your country, but pull your head out-of-the-sand and think about income inequality and how well the US economies are doing in the $15 an hour minimum wage areas vs places like Kansas where the right-wing, supply-side ideas (or as GHW Bush called it – “Voodoo Economics”) are (not) working.
    Think about infant mortality or perhaps longevity in general and you might discover the USA is a long, long way from “the greatest”. Finally, you might Google a search for places with the highest number of happy citizens and find to your horror, that capitalism and individual liberty (as you describe it) isn’t putting the US of A anywhere near “the greatest”. And just to really f__k with you, overlay this list with the most heavily taxed countries on earth – and then lecture us all about how how “capitalism and individual liberty has combined to make this the greatest country in the world.”

  42. Barb

    Even though the alpha dog dominates, I think Hillary will win for the exact reason you stated she isn’t going to be prosecuted…those who owe her favors will fix the election. Makes me want to build an underground safe house and hide for the next 4-8 years.

  43. Bryan Barber

    My basic point was DON’T “sink your faith in” any party or elected official and to be forever vigilant against the buildup of power by people or groups who none of us trust. If you do then you deserve what they give you.

    @Dennis C.
    I am voting for him. Lesser evil. He’s a spoiled brat with a fragile ego who likes to stick out his chest and brag. I’ve come across many just like him in my years. Very predictable and generally harmless. Certainly not smart enough to con anyone.
    Hillary, on the other hand, is absolutely shameless and you can never trust the shameless. Her husband humiliated her on the biggest stage in the world and she stuck with him. Why would any self-respecting liberated American woman stand for such a thing? She single-handedly set back women in society by at least a decade. If she won’t stand up for women or herself why would she stand up for you or I?
    I was only a little condescending but with justification. If the vast majority of people that I speak with and that I hear on NPR are obviously less informed than I, so I refer to them as uninformed. What’s wrong with that?
    Successful countries with large government involvement, what are you talking about?
    How can you have a country without medical bills?
    Who pays for it? Government? Taxes?
    The working class are already paying more than their share. More taxes mean we are hit harder. We are shooting ourselves in the foot people!
    I am an “etreme right wing libertarian”? If that is the opposite of being a Christian right wing fundamentalist zealot or bleeding heart liberal leftist whiner then you got me pegged. Thank you!

  44. Bryan Barber

    People are out of work in Kansas because wages are too low? And it’s bush’s fault? You obviously know very little about how money works. You should be more careful about spouting off to someone who has a degree in economics.
    “pull my head out of the sand”? I’ve been struggling for 6 years to keep a roof over my head and to eat everyday, to pay off my debts(everyone except my parents so far), to rebuild my business, and to rebuild my relationship with my son whom my wife so opportunistically snatch away from me while I was lying in the bed nearly crippled from (4) broken vertebrae.
    You need to pull your head out of your ass and take a position or shut the fuck up!

  45. RadRenner

    Steve, I respect you a lot, you’re a nice guy, you’re pretty smart, and you tell good stories. Heck, you’ve even got a nice girlfriend and a cool dog. But to equate Hillary Clinton’s behaviour with Donald Trump’s, well, that’s just ignorant. I’m not telling you to avoid political topics, I think what you have to say is usually pretting interesting and informed. But you are serioiusly remiss to think that Clinton and Trump are equally to blame for the tone and tenor of this election.

    Trump is an arrogant narcissist, a pathological liar, and perhaps the worst example of white privelege there has ever been. He is utterly unconcerned with who he harms to achieve whatever end he has in mind. Please remember how he launched his campaign over a year ago – by calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” and ” murderers”.

    In contrast, Hillary Clinton has been a public servant for over 30 years. Most of the reason that her opponents dislike her is for things that her husband did over 20 years ago, or for her role in trying to bring about universal health care. Her reputation has been viciously smeared by her political enemies on the right in a decades long effort to discredit her. Hillary Clinton has endured more vitriol and hate from her political opponents than anyone I can think of in modern American history. And finally, there’s Trump, who has been referring to her as “crooked Hillary” for months and telling his deluded supporters that he will “lock her up”.

    So who is really to blame, Steve? Both of them? Sure, if you discount all the nastiness and lies that neo-cons have been saying about her since 1992, and every truly vile remark Trump has made about her (and anyone else who has opposed him) for his entire campaign since day one. Yeah, I guess they both are to blame, Steve, but only if you forget everthing that has happened.

    Dude, really?

  46. conrad

    The first thing we do is get rid of the democratic and republican parties. Both completely self serving at this point. Force everyone to run as an independent.

  47. RadRenner

    Bryan Barber, please stop typing. Your comments are uninformed, poorly phrased, and repetitive. It’s too bad for you that your wife “snatched” your son, but I suspect it had more to do with your style of discourse rather than “(4) broken vertebrae.”

  48. Bryan Barber

    RadRenner Eat me! Just like the other whiners attack me instead of addressing my comments. Your partly right about my style of discourse. I would express an idea or opinion and she would tell me I was wrong or attack me in another way instead of offering a rebuttal. Kinda like what your doing now. But, it was mostly because I didn’t have any money left and I was powerless to stop her.

  49. Americus

    Help I’ve fallen and I can’t reach my last Mickey’s… Thank goodness Maury Povich is still on it’s more enlightening! Reading this is like a bad episode of the Bickerson’s!
    God bless us all cuz WE are in the same boat.. Wait can I say God?
    Meanwhile Hats off to Evie Stevens and the Boels-Dolmans squad…

  50. darkcloud

    The Clintons have been very involved in really underhanded activities. Why do people give them a free pass. FFS, They murdered Vince Foster.

  51. Ti-Raleigh

    “In contrast , Hillary Clinton has been a public servant for over 30 years ….”
    A public servant that is worth several hundred million big ones gained from public service.

    Of course she may have sold the silverware she took from the White House for most of that. But I may be wrong on that , I think she was forced to return it.
    No matter what Trump is , Hillary is everything that is wrong with Washington.
    A multi millionaire public servant with 30 years of very few accomplishments.
    She reminds me of Lance Armstrong …. when something goes wrong there is denial and “I am the most attacked politician , and nothing has ever stuck “. Then she sends out her attack dogs to destroy those who question her ethics.
    Like Lance , she will be on Oprah someday .

  52. Freddie J

    Rad, you’ve got to be kidding me. “Public servants” of the past have included James Traficant, Spiro Agnew, Huey Long, Dennis Hastert, Dan Rostenkowski and of course Richard Nixon. “Public servants” in other countries include Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez, and Kim Jong Il. Being a “public servant” is not akin to being canonized. I’m no Trump supporter but the Clintons may well be just as bad as Trump. Meaning, crudely ambitious, greedy, ruthless and dishonest almost beyond human belief. The reason people dislike her is not because of events of 20 years ago, although those don’t help (Whitewater, Vince Foster). Benghazi was a disgrace, she clearly sold access to her office through the Foundation, and the email scandal was all about her willingness to break laws when they suit her, when it benefits her. Hillary may be the only candidate to make me actually sound like I support Trump – which I don’t. They both make me retch and are the product of a primary system that favors the most extreme, unrealistic wings of each party. In that you apparently see no wrong in Hillary when it’s right smack in front of you, you are more like Trump supporters than you’d ever recognize.

  53. Grabsomepussy

    Trump couldn’t get past the HR screen of any sizeable company. Period. But he’s qualified to be pres?

    Gotta run, busy “bleaching” my emails to the DNC & then I’m going to “acid wash” my research that tells me the world is not flat. Here kitty kitty.

  54. Grabsomepussy

    Well unlike Trump, Hitler was actually qualified. Vet, war hero, rose through the party ranks. Flourished while the moneyed class thought they could “controll” him & all the racism was just rehtoric. How’d that work out?

    Say what ya will about the DNC, I don’t see the constitution being shredded as w every Barf The Orange One spews.

    Case in point. “I’m going to appoint a special prosecutor…”

    Ok, how about this? “And we will get to the truth on this email matter…”

    Nope, its prosecutor, judged & sentanced. You Trumpets have an interesting understanding of the Rule of Law.

  55. Grabsomepussy

    Ponder this over your boubon & coke breakfast, if you truth deniers would have put anybody, I mean even little Rubio, in front of “the devil” you’d have no worries.

    And the DNC could have rolled out a 90 yr old on more dope than Lance & beat Trump.

    Misogyny is so cool. Off to the store for tic tacs & condoms. Wouldn’t want to get any germs.

  56. Joe

    How is it possible to implement term limits when those responsible for passing the legislation are the ones affected by the legislation and want to keep their Jobs, i.e., retain their power?

    How is it possible to achieve tort reform when those responsible for passing the legislation are largely made up of people from the very profession that would be affected by the legislation . . .?

    How is change supposed to happen when a freshman Congressman with new ideas is forced to toe the party line or faced with receiving no support for any of his plans?

    The “system” is bigger and stronger than the individual issues. It’s bigger and stronger than the individual.

    Where do you see the “system” trying to right itself? And sadly, why would it? Why would it take steps to kill itself?

    It’s fucked up and depressing and I wish I had an answer.

    I’m going for a bike ride because it’s a beautiful sunny fall day. I don’t which way I’m going to go.

  57. Americus

    We the people can change term limits and tort and anything else we want to. Whos got the time money and balls to srart the revolution?
    Woman where is my supersuit

  58. FSonicSmith

    I ask that all of you who have posted here give this a try; do your best to imagine Hillary as the very same person with the very same history but male. Would you still view her the same way? I bet not. As a trial lawyer, I know that women are generally more critical of other women than men. If I am defending a civil suit with a female plaintiff, I try to pick a mostly female jury. But in politics, things are different. Both men and women, college educated and not, despise Hillary because they see her through a filtered lens of being a power-hungry woman. If she were not a millionaire her public personna might come across better, but not by much, and again, mostly because she is a woman. Please don’t forget too-politics is like making sausage-you can’t do it for decades and not have blood and meat-juice all over your arms and under your fingernails.
    Just a little reality; it appears she is going to be our 44th president. If this proves to be the case, let’s revisit in four years. She may turn out to be one of our most effective presidents. Stranger things have happened.

  59. Americus

    if it shells like shit, looks like shit, and my Black Lab eats it, must be shit. Point, we are fed shit kept in the dark and expected to pay our taxes the career politicians salerys and lifestyle…!
    One can spew about this election but in reality we are mushrooms!
    I’m writing in Che Guevara! I like the beanie!
    Oh crap he’s dead… Dayum!

  60. Grabsomepussy

    Hey Breitbart fans,

    Back from the Wal-Mart & they were out of tic-tacs. Plenty o condoms though. More on this later.

    But ponder this, from a man who has never read a book, yes Trumpets, yourguy actual admits he never read a book.

    Well he might want to read up on old Douglas. As in Gen MacCarthur. See the little ceasar was dismissed from command by a great president (a dem no less) for subverting the executive branch & trying to start a nuclear war with China.

    So as bad as your night sweats are over Hillary it could be worse. As in a blinding flash & your house gets blown away sorta thing cause that lunatic is on a 3am tweet spree with a foriegn power.

    Grab some pussy out (if its good enough for the pres, why not me says every teen aged boy).

    Disclaimer. This comment was approved & paid for by Hillary for pres.

  61. Grabsomepussy

    Ok Trumpets, a harsh reality for you this morn. Turn off Fox & point the browser at a non conspiracy based website & read up: Good morning on this, the 28th day before Election Day. It’s been a busy few days for the presidential campaigns. Since the last update on Friday morning, numerous Republican leaders have withdrawn their support from Donald J. Trump after the release of a 2005 video in which Mr. Trump boasted of groping women without their consent, and a debate performance on Sunday that did little to expand the base of his support.
    In the face of these developments, Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the presidency have risen five percentage points, to 87 percent. Mrs. Clinton’s current lead of five to six points is large by modern standards, though not insurmountable.

    The biggest looser on the biggest stage. Boy that’s gonna hurt The Orange One. Especially when the IRS blows up his charitable scam. And his business ’empire’ crumbles.

  62. Freddie J

    Yes, and we have the perfect comparison – Bill Clinton. They are basically the same person in terms of their endless and often pathological ambitions, willingness to lie and obstruct, and their firm belief that “public service” should pay, big-time. I find it disturbing when the gender card gets flipped, esp. by HRC herself. I believe there are numerous highly qualified females who are moving toward a run for the presidency. Being against Hillary does not make one a sexist.

  63. Grabsomepussy

    Hillary has so much money, according to a billionaire, I get paid $10 per post. That buys a lot of bike bling brothers.

    Condoms. You can’t give the fuckers away (salty I know but its the new norm) because the alt right is a no no on that. But hey, you gotta have that baby also. But get this, those same jerk wads meddling in reproductive rights, well they ain’t going to pay that teen’s health care either. Hypocricy much?

    Oh & btw, I’ve got a basement full of unwed mothers banging this shit out- $10 a post!

    And we are renting a bus a going from polling place to polling place on Nov 8th! Can’t wait! Party! And your guns won’t stop us. It’ll look bad if you hassle unwed mothers. We be smart.

  64. The Cyclist

    All current political systems are obsolete. That’s the main problem. We got internet now, thus we don’t really need anyone to represent anyone anymore. So they made it into a TV show. How stupid are the ppl?

  65. Joe

    Effective does not necessarily equal good. And I dislike her because she is The Archetypal career politician, i.e., it’s all about her career, despite her constant blathering about public service.

    And yes there are a lot of feminine pronouns used above, and I could substitute male ones, but then I would be referring to the 42nd president of the USA. It’s uncanny how interchangeable they seem.

  66. Andrew

    Steve I’m visiting family in Kansas City and was hoping you would be out tearing it up at the Kessler park races this weekend.


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