Promotion and Contact info

Steve Tilford
2016 SW. Brooklyn Ave
Topeka, Kansas 66611-1611

Email: [email protected]
Cell: 785-845-7299

Speaking Engagements:
Speaking engagements start at $2000 + travel and lodging depending on time and requirements. Typically I am up for a ride or other activities before and or after the engagement.  Why ask me to speak, Seth Davidson says it better than I can in this post,
“his athletic performance was nothing compared to his keynote speech at our award ceremony. He literally graced us with his presence, speaking with conviction, with passion, with honesty, and with hail-fellow-well-met good cheer that turned a special night into an unforgettable one. Sincere, funny, and happy to hang out with the crowd after speaking and knock back a few beers … this is what every champion should be, but hardly any of them are.”

Promoting your product, race, club, event… on my website:

  • Product reviews:
    You send me the product you would like reviewed and I will typically review it within 2 months. If you would like the review quick please contact me first. The cost is, I keep the product. The conditions: I have complete editorial discretion as to what I write, good, bad or indifferent. Review length of the review will be based in part on product value.
  • Advertising:
    Advertising on $250 per month or $2500 per year for a clickable logo or text below site header. As an example Tradewind Energy, Eriksen Cycles, Shimano.
  • Banner ads:
    I am interested in promoting cycling and local events. I typically reserve large banner ads for this purpose by limiting them to local races or events with a 1-2 week display time. The price may be the price of an entry, event swag….
    Medium/Large banner ads promoting a products or brands are available on a monthly basis $1200 Medium, $1500 for a large.

One thought on “Promotion and Contact info

  1. ideman

    Good luck on your Strava hunting!
    As an old guy, 65 this year. I love the Strava KOM competitions, as well as the monthly challenges.
    Road racing is a passion, but doing the 45-50 plus age group doesn’t give me much chance anymore.
    The Strava Premium membership let’s me race the young’uns , as well as see how I’m doing in my age bracket.
    I don’t feel that we have any cheating on Strava in my area , it would certainly dampen my enthusiasm if we did.
    Keep up the great blog!!!


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