100 Miles Gravel Day Yesterday

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Yesterday was the Gravelluer’s Raid back in Kansas.  This is the 3rd year for the event and it is super fun.  It is a 100 miles and hilly.  Yesterday it was a bit chilly, but everyone I was in contact with had a good time.  And they were very tired.

My team mate, Brian Jensen, won the event for the 3rd year in a row.  I was 2nd both the first two years and missed riding with Brian yesterday.  Catherine Walberg was 2nd in the women’s event, even though it was pretty long for her, this time of the year. Pretty great result and effort.

I went up to North County and met some guys and road 100 miles myself.  We did a few of the sections of the Belgian Waffle Ride, which is quite a bit longer than 100 miles.  I have no idea if I’ll be up to the distance by then, but it was a nice day to spend on the bike. The race is in May, after the Tour of California.  I’m not exactly sure where we rode, but it was scenic and fun.  We actually saw the czar of the BWR, Michael Marckx, while out by Sutherland Reservoir.

We did a fair amount of dirt riding, sometimes just on dirt hiking trails and sometimes on dirt roads, climbing and descending.  I had way too much pressure in my tires for how bumpy the dirt was.  It had been raining out here a ton, this winter, and the dirt is pretty eroded.   Plus, it was pretty windy from the West, so we didn’t have the fastest average speed, even though it was a hard effort.

Sue met us about a quarter the way in and rode the majority of the ride, until she had to turn back to Highland Valley to get to her car.

We got back to near Carlsbad and only had 90 miles.  We had stopped Dave Mas’ house, and had a beer or two.  Man, does that go to your head quick after 6 hours of riding.  I had received the results from the Gravelleur’s so thought it was best if I did the last 10 miles and matched the distance, just in honor.  Plus, sober up a little.

I felt alright riding yesterday.  I got twisted up a little early in the ride, in the sand, and felt a sharp pain in my shoulder, but that only lasted a little bit.  And the funny thing is that the last hour, the dull pain was pretty much gone and I could ride standing while climbing, which is new.

I doubt I fixed anything, so maybe something was out of alignment?

Flanders is over.  Pretty close race, considering.  I won’t spoil it for you if you’re going to watch it later.  But I have to spoil the women’s results.  American Coryn Rivera won, which is a lifetime result.  She deserves it, just continuing her winning ways in Europe.  Trudi left Belgium and flew to Spain for a stage race there.  I think she is going back to Belgium for Paris-Roubaix.

I think I have nearly 400 miles for the week already, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do today.  Still trying to met up with a doctor out here, so it has been a little frustrating in that regard.    Anyway, it is a nice day, once again, in Southern California.

Brian on the top of the podium.


My loop yesterday.

I think this was climbing up Black Canyon Road.

Partial group shot up by Sutherland Reservoir.

Dirty Garmin screen shot from yesterday.

From Coryn Rivera’s Instagram from pre-Flanders.


18 thoughts on “100 Miles Gravel Day Yesterday

  1. Joe Clement

    Coryn is awesome. Talked to her some several years ago at Tulsa Tough. Classy and gracious, for someone so young.

  2. Mike crum

    Phil Gilbert holds world class riders , working together, all on epo and every other drug known to man, away for 30 miles!!! Wasn’t until the last few k’s they closed the gap . He must of had TWO spoons full of epo with his pasta last night. Those othere druggies need to up their epo !! Holding riders working together at 1 minute all those miles..maybe the drugs makes him 7 % better and all the others 5% beter??

  3. Michael McNutt

    If you your so upset and hateful about the whole thing, why would you watch and comment? Just asking….

  4. Dale Jr

    No gravel down here in southern New Mex whaa whaa. Phil Gil borrowed Fabian’s motor I aint seen nuttin like it since the days of Mapei n how the heck did Terpstra bridge up to the Chase Group like he was on a majic carpet. Aint sayin been shamed a what I been seein Ya!!

  5. mike crum

    Michael mcnutt, not upset at all. and not hateful abut anything… lol.. just giving my opinion on steves public forum…I watch cause I love cycling and a few other sports.. and I do believe 100% all pros, in every sport are on peds… just commenting mike…

  6. mike crum

    dale jr, michale mcnutt will probably ask you the same dumb question he asked me…

  7. Jim

    I have to admit that this is one of those times that just doesn’t make any sense.
    Gilbert did squat for 3 years on BMC then he goes back to a Belgian team and can slay everyone??
    He holds off a lot of really good riders to do it.
    Yeah, this is believable!

  8. Sillypuddy

    About a Kilometer from the finish I saw smoke comming from his Bottom Bracket. Maybe he should change from Valveline to Quakerstate. Well that’s what I get when I get your bike serviced at Midas
    Sillypuddy OUT!

  9. Mike

    That entire post says “I had a great day riding!”.

    What a journey and an adventure. Good on ya!

  10. darkcloud

    What’s with people sticking their tongue out when being photographed? It just looks silly.

  11. Jpete

    Sorry Darkcloud , but for some reason reading your comment in my head, I couldn’t not hear it in Andy Rooney’s voice. Maybe just me?

  12. KrakatoaEastofJava

    Highland Valley Road was once a training playground I had virtually to myself back in the 80s, as I grew up in RB. That’s still a hell of a loop you did, and would leave most people destroyed at the end of the day.


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