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I like to hear the rider’s views on their specific form and thoughts about upcoming races, but the new way that these guys talk seems a little weird to me.  There seems to be way more confidence exuded when maybe there should be a little more modesty during the interviews.  I don’t know exactly, but I do know only one guy wins the race and the other 199 guys lose.

I think it is fine for someone to feel confident.  But cycling isn’t the sport where the strongest guy wins the race.  There are so many things going on that saying that you are the outright favorite is a little naive.

Take Greg Van Avermaet’s interview about the Tour of Flanders.  He has had a pretty stellar early season, winning 3 very important races.   He is so happy that he says – “I don’t think I can say anymore that I’m not the favourite.”   At least he doesn’t exactly say that he is the favorite, but it is really the same thing.

Then there is the DS of Quick-Step talking about Peter Sagan and their tactics.He said, “We try to win… but if we don’t win then he loses,”     I get the tactic, but being public with that tactic is just wrong.  Sagan, in my opinion, is the “race favorite” and of course, a team would be remiss if they didn’t take him into consideration when it comes to tactics.  But to outright say that if we don’t win, then he doesn’t win, is bullshit.  They must be really scared of him way more than GvA.  Again, in my opinion.

Anyway, Flanders is a beautiful race.  Better than Paris-Roubaix because much of the bad luck doesn’t exist.  It should be a exciting race, since so many guys seem to think they are going well enough to win the race.  Even Phillipe Gilbert is coming onto form now.

Maybe some of the riders, and directors, can just tone it down a notch and act a little more modest or civil, considering?   And just let the race on Sunday decide who is the best on the day.



10 thoughts on “Tour of Flanders Media

  1. e-RICHIE

    People, in the internet age especially, should consider that just because someone puts a mic in your face doesn’t mean you have to say something. These pulled quotes (and others like them ) from directors and riders are proof of that.

  2. Bryan Barber

    “That’s not for me to say”
    As much as I hate hearing that phrase I miss the humility that it requires to be spoken.
    A guy wins a local crit and the next day he posts on Instagram about the meaning of greatness and what it takes to be great.

  3. conrad

    It’s funny how everyone talks about Sagan’s weird interviews, when his stock answer of “I’m going to race my bike, maybe I win, maybe I don’t” is maybe the only honest and humble thing to say.

  4. LA LA 70.2

    Yep these are some jive talkin MoFo’s! Now back during My Rieghn my Post Toasties just used The Monuments for training so we were The Strongest when July rolled around! I still owe Mike Boogerd an Amstel Light!! Well off for a run and a swim later!

  5. Mikelikebikehike

    LA LA 70.2 lance, could I get a selfie with you? You’re my chemical/blood job hero!

  6. Craig

    These two weekends are in my top3 or 4 of the year. The Rhonde is a beautiful race … the course is spectacular and for those who have never ridden it, insanely hard after the first 100 miles. For me, Roubaix is the favorite but I get what you are saying Steve. When the weather goes south these two races are the true hardman events and pretty much everything that cycling should be.

  7. wallymann

    “I don’t think I can say anymore that I’m not the favourite.”

    without hearing how it was said in the interview, I think he’s just being honest — not boasting.

    he won those big races this season already, it would be foolish and unbelievable for him not to concede that he’s at least among the favorites.

    if he’d have said “oh, i’m not in with the favorites”…all of the collective flemish cycling media would have rolled their yes in synchronization.

  8. JB

    Watch out, or you’ll start getting the baseball-type interview quotes:’
    “You know, we’re just going to race our race, try to be in a good position at the end, and we’ll see what happens from there.”


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