Trek USA report-Superweek, Ect.

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3 wins for TREK in 24 hours

07/14/2006 – Three Trek Wins in 24 HoursRacing is a strange game. Oftentimes, no matter how much talent, dedication and hard work is expended, things just don’t work out. However, sometimes they do and in the course of one 24 hour period things really worked out for Trek. From Wisconsin to California to France, this was the sort of day that most other bike companies could only dream of enjoying. Things started off in our home state when American racing icon Steve Tilford took a big win the final race of the classic Superweek series. For the seemingly ageless, Tilford who remains one of the most decorated U.S. racers still competing, laid it down in the final race of the week to further cement the respect he receives from his fellow competitors. Click here for the results. Another gold medal performance was put in by American mountain bike legend, Travis Brown who powered away from Trek VW rider Chris Eatough to take his second consecutive NORBA National marathon title. Travis, who now rides as a Trek R&D rider following a ten year stint as a Trek VW rider, beat Chris to the line by 13 seconds after over four and half hours of hard racing. Click here for the full story.
And finally something for the kids to celebrate, Yarolsav Popovych took a big stage win yesterday in the Tour de France. Despite one day in yellow, this year’s Tour de France has been rough one for the Discovery Channel team, but last years recipient of the Best Young Rider award showed that there was still some fight left in Lance’s team. Click here for the full story.
All three of these victories were aboard Trek OCLV Carbon bikes; Tilford abord a Trek Madone SL, Travis riding a Top Fuel 110, and Popo providing a break-out performance for the yet-to-released Madone SSL 6.9.Three riders in three different races – continuing to prove the capabilities of Trek’s proprietary OCLV Carbon frames that are all handmade at the Trek factory in Waterloo, Wisconsin.

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Chihuahua International, Mexico UCI 2.2

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Thought I’d go to Mexico and get some fitness for the upcoming Cyclo-X season. Little did I know that much of the race was over 8000 ft. altitude. I hate altitude. Finally got some form the last couple stages. Results are below.

Vuelta Chihuahua Internacional – 2.2
Mexico, October 10-15, 2006

Stage 4 – October 14: Parral-Delicias, 219 km

1 Marco Marcato* (Ita) 3C Casalinghi Jet 4.40.12 (46.31km/h)
2 Andrew Pinfold (Can) Symetrics
3 Cristian Bonfanti (Ita) 3C Casalinghi Jet Androni Giocattoli
4 Jacob Erker (Can) Symetrics
5 Jose Alberto Martinez (Spa) Agritubel
6 Chistoper Laurent (Fra) Agritubel
7 Juan Magallanes (Mex) 3C Casalinghi Jet Androni Giocattoli
8 Steve Tilford (USA) Toshiba-Aeg-Jet Network Cycling Team
9 Pedro Marichalar (Spa) Andalucia- Paul -Versan
10 Fausto Esparza (Mex) Tecos

Stage 5 – October 15: Delicias-Chihuahua, 88 km

1 Juan Magallanes (Mex) 3C Casalinghi Jet
2 Jacob Erker (Can) Symetrics
3 Armamdo Ospina (Col) Arenas Tlax-Mex
4 Marco Antonio Rios (Mex) Arenas Tlax-Mex
5 Edgardo Lugo (Mex) Canels Turbo-Chocolate Mayordomo
6 Steve Tilford (USA) Toshiba-Aeg-Jet Network Cycling Team
7 Gilles Canouet (Fra) Agritubel
8 Marco Marcato* (Ita) 3C Casalinghi Jet Androni Giocattoli
9 Francisco Martinez (Spa) Andalucia- Paul -Versan
10 Jassel Valenzuela* (Mex) Ricaburguer Cycling Team

Granogue Cyclocross – (C1) Mid-Atlantic Verge

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Got back from Mexico and decided to fly out to the East coast to see how fast everyone is going in X. Thought I might get a couple UCI points for Portland. Had to line up a fair ways back,with no UCI points, thus had a mediocre start. Hooked up with Todd Wells for a lap or so, then rode a couple laps with Ben Jacques-Maynes and finally got into the top ten. Rode hard the last lap because I knew I was going to get outsprinted by anyone I was with, having only a 39 X 12 for a big gear. I’ve had a little of a lung thing going for a month or so and a little Montezuma’s revenge the last week, so I was happy only finishing a couple minutes back, considering I was a minute back after a lap. Off to New Zealand for the Tour of Southland next week and back to the US for the last couple Crank Brother’s Races in the Northwest.


UCI Elite Men

1 Ryan Trebon (USA) 0.54.34
2 Jeremy Powers (USA) 0.23
3 Barry Wicks (USA)
4 Tim Johnson (USA) 0.25
5 Todd Wells (USA) 1.56
6 Davide Frattini (ITA) 1.59
7 Steve Tilford (USA)
8 Ben Jacques-Maynes (USA) 2.04
9 Geoff Kabush (CAN) 2.11
10 Jon Hamblen (USA)

Tour of Southland-New Zealand

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Completed the 27 hour total travel time trip to Invercargill, NZ, for the third time, to race the Tour of Southland. It is supposed to be late spring there, but being so far South, (jumping off point for Antartica) the weather conditions are always the challenge. This years addition was one for the books. Snow, cold, rain and raging winds. The last two days were especially epic, which fits my riding style somewhat. Moved up for 24th to 14th in the Overall GC on the last two stages the final day. Winds blowing nearly 50mph. It was a pleasure riding with Thurlow Rogers, an ex-teammate from the Levis’ team in the 80’s. He was riding pretty good for not having raced for nearly a month. He finished 13th Overall in GC. We pretty much hung together the last three stages. Photos later.

Jingle Cross Rock- Iowa City

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Kind of tweeked from the UCI races on the West coast last weekend and all the travel back from New Zealand, but can’t pass up a big money, well run cyclo-x in the midewest. A two day race in it’s 2nd year with the biggest prize list of any cyclo-x in the US. The courses both days were great/hard. Sunday had a run-up that rivals Seattle. Saturday I wasn’t on and finished 3rd behind Chris Horner and Doug Swanson. Sunday I was having a pretty good day and was leading after about half the race, but flatted a clincher pretty far from the pit and lost a bunch of time that I couldn’t make up. Doug won over a superstar of the future, Bjorn Selanger, then Chris Horner, then me. Riding good is the point. Not the results always. As you can see by the photo, it is always a good time in Iowa City. The way all racing is supposed to be.


Kansas State Cyclo-X Championships

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Big change of weather in just one week. Last weekend it was in the 20’s, this Sunday nearly 60. Decided to race because it was too windy to train, plus it was the State Championships. I’ve been feeling alittle under the weather the last week, so thought some hard efforts might jump start the latent fitness. Didn’t seem to. I won the race leading a Trek-Midwest sweep of the top 3 spots with Shad Smith and Adam Mills rounding out the top three. Hopefully I get going better before Nationals this weekend in Providence.



US National Cyclo-X Championships Weekend-Friday

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I arrived in Providence, Rhode Island, Thursday, the day before the Master’s race on Friday. I am racing all three days, with the Elite race on Saturday the focus. The course is nearly exactly the same as last year, minus the snow and ice. I’ve kind of been a little under the weather since the ice water dip a couple weeks ago, so I’m uncertain about my form. Friday was a good check. The course was great. Good riding sections with slick corners. The skim coat of mud made it a somewhat bike handling course. I got to the course way early to watch Catherine Walberg from Topeka race. She flatted after leaving the road, 300 meters into the race. I went to the pit and made sure her spare bike was ready. She was 30 seconds back by the time she got “her” bike back and eventually rode back into the lead and won. It was the first time she had won and was super excited. Then Ned’s race was on. He isn’t the most beautiful thing on a ‘cross bike, but was riding great. He started back in the smoking section and got nearly into the lead before they hit the grass. He rode a couple laps with his main competitor, then rode the guy off his wheel. Super good ride. It was the first master’s event that he has every entered, MTB, road or ‘cross. I had been standing around way too long before my race started. I rode pretty hard the first couple laps and then took it back a notch, trying to save some energy for Saturday. But, obviously, winning is nice, especially at the Nationals, so I didn’t take the event lightly. I had the luxury at the end not to bury myself and won with a healthy margin. It is nice having so much spectator support


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