Little Short of Time

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Gotta make this short.  I have a MRI scheduled for 8:45 this morning.  Actually, more accurately, Stacie has a MRI scheduled for me at 8:45.  I was having some trouble doing it all on my own.  I left Moab and drove to California to do it.  I have a few things to do out here all ready, so it wasn’t out of the way, really.

I am pretty sure what the MRI is going to say about my shoulder.  It has been hurting since I hit my head 5 months ago.  Little movement, etc.  It isn’t a bone.  I think I tore my rotator cuff, which isn’t new.

I added to that in Moab, but that is probably a good thing.  I wasn’t going to address it without it being like it is now, which is sort of unusable.

Trudi is back in Belgium after doing a week long stage race with the BMC Development Team. Now she has a day or two, then is heading to Spain for a stage race with the BMC Pro Team. Then back to Belgium/France for Paris-Roubaix, I think.  It took her a while to get used to the time switch this year, but seems all good now.

Okay, like I said, I have to scoot.  It took a lot of phone call and maneuvering to get this scheduled.  I somewhere lost my driver’s license.  I have no idea where.  Guess I’m going to take my little plastic passport card to prove who I am.  I have my insurance card, which is kind of all they really care about usually.

I usually just fall asleep in these things.



2 thoughts on “Little Short of Time

  1. Doug Hayduk

    Good luck with the drive to Cal, and MRI. I hope the prognosis is for no surgery. You will soon read, if you don’t already know, rotator cuff surgery is somewhat sketchy, often with limited success. Many doctors advise against surgery if you have adequate movement for your lifestyle. I have two bad shoulders from dirt bike crashes, and live without surgery — no more throwing baseballs, etc, etc, but I manage, and can ride bikes and dirt bikes fine.

  2. Pete Townsend

    Good luck Dood. Hey were puttin The Band back together n need you on drums, we got Sir Bradley fillin in on bass!!


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