Switching Disciplines

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Okay, yesterday I probably wasn’t being completely truthful.  I do take into account getting hurt riding and racing bicycles.  I thought about it a bunch the last 24 hours and have decided I can’t handle the possibilities and inevitable results of constantly getting injured.  I’ve paid my dues.

So, I’ve decided, not rashly, but after much thought, to not race or ride outside anymore.  I know this sounds weird, coming from me, but it is a sane decision.

I made this decision by almost getting hit by dozens of cars the last couple days.  It has been really close.  It happens continuously.  There are so many cars.

I was riding yesterday on the PCH, and now realized how dangerous it was riding on the open road.  I remember my friend, Jim Thiele telling me that the Master’s World Track Championships are going to be in LA this October and thought that the only way I can put my mind at ease is by not riding on the road anymore.

Same with MTB riding.  It is just too dangerous.

So, I’ve decided to commit to training for the World Track Championships in LA, but only riding in the individual events, not mass mass start.  They are too dangerous.   But, I feel that it is much too dangerous riding on the track, with so little experience, so I’ve decided to only train indoors on a trainer.

I plan to use Zwift and simulate the track racing on my track bike on a Wahoo trainer.  I have a 1974 Schwinn Paramount track bike, all Campy, which has never been on a track, but has done many roller races.  So, it is use to the extreme efforts.

I figure if ride indoors for the next 7 months, I’ll have the form to compete on a World level.

It’s not like I haven’t raced the track before.   I was 3rd in the Team Pursuit Nationals Championships around 30 years ago.  And, I set the National Hour Record, on the track, about the same time.

I think I’m up to the challenge.  I’m not going to ride outside, or on the track until October.  I just can’t stand the thought of getting hurt again.  It has been weighing on me heavily.

Okay, wish me luck!

About ready to start the hour record on the velodrome in San Diego.



24 thoughts on “Switching Disciplines

  1. Calvin Jones

    Switching? Try this one, the season has just started. Certainly there is team that would take you on. It’s just a short flight to the UK. It is said no one has ever died racing cycle speedway. Age categories as well.
    Bonus: a cool kit that could that could double for at a bowling league.

  2. Barb

    I was ok with it up until you used the word “outside” But PCH IS dangerous for cyclists. And Mulholland. Stay away from those, and you’ll have a fighting chance. As for the P-14, what a neat bike to own. Even if it is a SHPO artifact.

  3. LA LA 70.2

    The Sheik of Qatar is starting up a New Team and says he has enuff dinero to get me n Johan back into TDF. Think I got at least three more wins in me!!! Im in transition from swim to bike right now here in Texas, Vino beat me out of the water so gots ta catch up…….wish me luck!

  4. Eric "Stumpy Joe" Childs


    I am going back to read Steve’s previous April 1st posts to see if I can finish throwing up that little bit that is already in the back of my mouth.

  5. Bill Ziegler

    Nice to ride with you from Del Mar to Encinitas (outside). I’m sure a few months on the indoor trainer and you’ll be ready to get another set of stripes. Good Luck

  6. Mikelikebikehike

    What are you guy’s talking about? Steve really means it this time. It just happens to be April 1. Swear to it, Steve, everyday, then they’ll start believing.

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