Sunday is TTT Worlds

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Tomorrow morning, fairly early, is the start of the UCI World Championships in Dohan, Qatar.  At around 7 am EST, the women’s TTT is going to be going on.  Then later on after that, at around 8:20, the men teams will start.  Unless you subscribe to the UCI channel or something, you can click here and there is a list on the right side that shows different options.   The course looks a little tight.  Should be good.



4 thoughts on “Sunday is TTT Worlds

  1. Mike crum

    I just went online and didn’t see snywhere to click to watch it. I’ll just watch highlights later. . Steve, I know u raced TT in stage races in your hey day and a few hill TT at joe Martin and other Amature races, but these few years reading your blog, I have never seen u doing a local 40k. Tons of these TT . Why don’t u ever go any TT ?

  2. Jim

    For a World Championship event, this was embarrassing.
    Would it be possible to put in more turns and roundabouts?
    In fact, IMO, the whole concept of holding a World Championship is to have a tough course and lots of fans to watch. This location is a big FAIL in all respects.
    Money talks.

  3. Fausto

    40K for a TTT? All the turns, it’s a joke. What happened to hard? The old standard was 25 miles for an individual TT. Team should be about double that. Part of the team work is being able to pace over longer distances and stay together. Too short and it is easy to just put guys out there to pace/pull the protected 4 and drop out quickly, make it long and everyone has to work. Remember riding a 60 mile TTT as a junior in the early 80’s. Guess they don’t want the trade teams pushing their high priced horses too hard before the ITT or RR.


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