Things I don’t Like

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I don’t like rust.  It ruins so much nice stuff.  And once it becomes rust, the stuff is horrible for skin.  Working on a car with rust is not very rewarding.

I don’t like ticks.  I actually hate ticks.  Ticks are my least favorite bugs, by a factor of 10.

I don’t like/nearly hate, people that throw trash out of their cars while driving.  I have no understanding of their thought process.  It is like they want to live in a terrible world.

I don’t like sitting in traffic.  Who does?  Sitting in traffic is a complete waste of time and it would be very difficult for me to live somewhere where there is a high chance I’d be in stopped traffic on a daily basis.

I’m not big with laundromats.  I’m not even sure where that word came from.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time washing clothes in these places and most the people that I run into I don’t want to know personally.

I don’t much like eggplant.  I eat just about everything, but eggplant never took.  That and pea soup.  Add to that canned peas.  Fresh peas are fine, but I don’t run into them that often.

I don’t like hearing gunshots when I’m out riding in the country.  I don’t have any idea when way the gun is pointed, so it spooks me, as it should.

On the gun subject, I’m not big on hunting for sport.  Most of the time, the way I see it, there isn’t much sport in hunting.  It is just killing.

I don’t like dressing up for an appointment.  I try to make it a point to limit things I do that require dressing up.

I don’t like walking downhill.  Especially downhill for a long time.  I like hiking, but dread the downhills.

Overeating should be on this list.  I rarely do it, but when I do, I hate it.

On that subject again, I don’t much like buffets.  I can’t stand looking at how much food the majority of patrons tend to heap on their plates.  It is one of the 7 deadly sins.

Waking up from too long of naps is not good.  I am grouchy and more tired than before the nap.

I hate sticking to my jeans after I’ve crashed.  Jeans and sheets.  I came up with using Saran Wrap, back in the day, now Tegadrem is the ticket.  It still occurs some though.

I don’t like waking to a cloudy day when I expect a sunny one.  It sets a bad tone.

I don’t like skipping breakfast.  I nearly can’t function without breakfast.

Injustices.  Obviously, by definition, they are unfair.  Too many of these occur nowadays.

I’m not big on bad dog breath.  I love dogs though.  Same with people, other than I don’t love people as much as I do dogs.

I could probably keep going all day.  These are just a few. Any of your own?



63 thoughts on “Things I don’t Like

  1. Clifford

    Lack of guaranteed education and health care.

    Procrastination, especially my own.

    Crowds. (hence, why I now live in New York)

  2. liner

    I don’t like Liberals, the IRS, beets, Election corruption and governmental corruption in general. Its hard to be me right now.

  3. Doug

    My partial list:
    Poison oak. Fleas. Traffic. Goatheads. Other people.
    All these things I no longer encounter since I moved to the mountains.
    Maybe some day I will grow to hate snow, but for now I love it.
    I want to experience “American Loneliness”.


  4. RedWingZeke

    Dogs/cats wearing sweaters

    People who don’t pick up their dog poop from the trails

    Folks that take no responsibility for their actions (either at work, on the road, etc.)

    Otherwise your list is creepily like mine (I haven’t crashed as much as you so don’t really have the hatred of sticking to jeans… though it does suck)

  5. Jim Sully

    Bicycle skid marks on urban-city M/U dirt trails(high performance bicycle-low performance rider)
    Skid marks are for toilet bowls,not trails
    Only a turd leaves skid marks on dirt trails

  6. Jeff D

    I don’t like having to put together stuff when the instructions are badly written.
    I never liked hunting for Easter eggs when I was a kid, could not find many and got maf
    I don’t like golf,I hit the ball them spend time looking for it (kind of like hunting for Easter eggs)

  7. Charlie

    I don’t like people who hog the passing lane, tailgate, pass on the right, don’t have any sense of depth perception, and don’t use cruise control on the highway if they can’t stick to one speed unaided. One of my friends made fun of me when I complained about drivers whose speed varies by 10mph either way by asking me, “What’s the ‘correct’ speed to go, then?” My answer: you can go whatever speed you want, but I only want to see you once.

    I have also found myself becoming increasingly annoyed with people who consider themselves libertarians this election cycle. Their complaints about “loss of individual freedom” smack of selfishness to me, since they have grown up in a country, the United States, that offers many social programs that they have benefited from. Public education is one example. Apparently, they don’t understand that we’re all connected.

    I have a libertarian friend who constantly spouts off about individual freedom and individual responsibility. He constantly complains about how poor people are parasitic.

    Here’s the thing, though: he works for his dad and has been fired from every other job he’s ever had because he can’t get along with anyone else. He drives an Audi A6, a car he could never afford if his dad didn’t sell it to him for well below market value. He couldn’t have afforded his house if his father in law hadn’t gifted them the down payment for their house. A lot of people don’t have the benefit of wealthy parents to smooth their way for them. I didn’t. In his mind, I’m a bleeding heart lib, but I came from a poor background and earned everything I have through a combination of hard work and social programs that gave me a chance to better my situation if I applied myself.

    I don’t like hypocrisy.

  8. bill jall

    I don’t like crosswalks on a bike. Your safer out there in traffic.
    I don’t like seeing sofas,TVs, old christmas trees,tires in a ditch on my ride.

  9. SM

    I don’t like…
    The smell of cigarette smoke
    People who smoke cigarettes
    People who throw cigarettes out of their vehicle windows
    People who throw cigarettes on the ground
    People who don’t like dogs
    Ticks, chiggers and turkey mites (similar to chiggers/ticks but seem worse to me)
    People who try to force their political views on others

    Things I like-
    Most people who ride bikes
    People who love dogs

  10. Flahute

    Self-centered millenials & their parents. They’re ruthless, don’t give a darn about their country or anything beyond their precious noses. The all too many who shirk personal responsibility. In Europe, if you bike or ski off a cliff, tough luck. In USA, call the lawyers. Lame aspect of American society. I could eat ticks, creamed onions & liverwurst all day…

  11. Bill K

    I hate riders who are super strong, but don’t know what they are doing (but think that they do)

    Holy crap, I used to use Saran Wrap, too. (cheapness) I’m surprised that I didn’t die from gangrene.

  12. Wildcat

    It’s not that I “hate” them, but I simply cannot trust someone that doesn’t drink. There’s just something shifty about them. Like, what are you up to over there??

    Actually, I can’t think of much that I “hate”. I’ll 2nd the comments about cigarettes – my favorite was the one referencing dog poo.

    I suppose my only hatred would be Wal-Mart KU fans. Definition = KU basketball fan that has likely never even stepped foot in Lawrence, can be seen wearing cheap faded Wal-Mart KU shirt with sweat pants and sandals with socks – usually generic crocks. Sometimes either gender will pair this ensemble with some kind of camo head gear. Bonus points if it’s a special camo version of a NASCAR team hat. It’s typical to hear them repeating the phrase “Wait until basketball season”. Of course, I don’t like anything KU – but I do still have respect for true KU fans. Now, an exception would be if a Wal-Mart KU fan roots for their football team. Total respect for that. Actually, I have respect for anyone who knows anything about the KU football program.

    That is all.

    Wait, if I’m doing damn 82 MPH in a 75 – that’s fast enough to chill in the left lane. If you’re really wanting to go that much faster than me, you will have no problem passing me on the right. The second I move over to let you pass on the left, you either slow down or I have to slam on my brakes because I am approaching a super slow car in the right lane.

    Ok, now I’m good.

    Thanks Steve!

  13. Bob

    If your a road cyclist in New England with our narrow winding rural roads, then you hate drivers in pick-up trucks. They’ll pass within two inches of you, and gas it to show who’s boss here.

  14. Eric

    I despise ticks…got sick from the little bastards many moons ago…and jackass drivers. There’s more….but the top 2 for sure.

  15. jpete

    There are only two things I can’t stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures… and the Dutch.

  16. Mark

    I don’t like how fast the years “life” seems to be passing by these days. My little boy is about to turn 6 and it seems like it wasn’t more than a couple of years ago that he was born…….On the subject of fatherhood, Steve I have often thought that you would have made for a great dad. I think you would have had many great lessons to teach a child.

    I dislike people that can’t seem to mind their own business.

    I dislike “company men/women”. Company brown nosers.

    I dislike men who are afraid to get their hands dirty.

    I dislike “mainstream” pretty much anything.

  17. Dude Ron

    Ahh babaganouge make you feel-awful lol I live in The New Mexico thus the state flower is The Goathead, and state bird is The Disposable Diaper lol

  18. barb

    I hate that so many women and children (not to mention men) are being enslaved or maimed or killed on a daily basis all over the world, by organized groups of twisted people who are clearly criminally insane. Like DRC rebels who kidnap little boys and turn them into child soldiers/killers. Like ISIS. Like Boko Haram. Like Indian lynch mobs. Like Cartel gangs in Latin America. Like racists and homophobes. I hate how people all over the world are incapable of getting along with each other, and how the people in power exploit and/or displace those who cannot defend themselves. And they should let the Indians win in the pipeline protest.

  19. Craig

    Wow, you don’t like people who have different ideas and goals than you? Hmmm, sad … the rest of your list is plausible but that really is kind of sad.

  20. jpete

    Not piggy-backing so much as stealing that quote directly…actually cutting and pasting to make sure it was quoted right…that Jpete guy, what a douche.

  21. The Cyclist

    I also hate rednecks, violence and stupidity. And ppl who spread lies around them. Also those who rule others by fear instead of by love.

  22. Joe

    I used to hate Brussels Sprouts but didn’t want to be known as a picky eater so now I eat them too.

  23. Paul Boudreaux

    The jock sniffer culture among US adults. Dudes watching football all weekend long, fat husband and wife teams wearing some other dudes jersey at games, sport talk radio, etc. Also, making kids specialize in sports at a young age that there somehow going to overcome the shit genes mom and dad gave them through pricey instruction.

  24. Paul Boudreaux

    People who don’t know who Ayrton Senna is and what he represents. Don’t dislike them, but they are missing out – especially cyclists.

  25. wvustew

    People who eat meat but think hunting is bad. If you’re a vegetarian, then you have a little bit of moral ground on which to stand. Unless you have a pet that eats meat. Then you’re on a slippery slope. The deer and elk that I eat had a much better life than the factory-farmed beef or chicken that you eat. I just happen to have a deeper reverence for my food because I know where it comes from. I kill my meat with a bow or gun. You pay someone else to kill yours for you.

  26. James

    Ha nothing better than a suit that’s nicely tailored and coordinated correctly w shirt, tie, belt & a top notch pair of wing tips.

    With your physique you’d be a dapper dandy. You don’t know what your missing!

  27. James

    Yes it must be tough, since “liberal” is pretty broad in its scope. But really, election fraud keeps you up? Since its a statistical fact, as is the world is not flat, that ‘fraud’ occurs in once for every 15 million votes cast.

    Turn off the Trumpcaster dude!

  28. KrakatoaEastofJava

    I hate the greatly sped-up pace of social change… Or at least the sped-up pace of how quickly mainstream society expects me/us to shut up and just “roll” with things.

    I feel like there was a time when my core beliefs made me a pretty acceptable person, and now (suddenly) I’m exhibiting “antisocial” beliefs for standing in opposition to almost anything on a ballot this fall.

    It’s like everyone gave up because they’re so tired of towing the line.

  29. James

    Your on a slippery slope claiming you know what an animal thinks. Maybe that deer you shot didn’t enjoy the slow hours long bleed out because your shot wasn’t perfect?

    And one doesn’t necessarily lack “reverence” just because they didn’t kill their food of the moment.

    I have no issue w hunting. Just save the self righteousness and machismo of it. Nobody is coming for your gun. And hunting doesn’t make you some warrior spirited bad ass. Its not that hard.

  30. KrakatoaEastofJava

    Road grit on bike chains and sweat in my eyes
    Goat heads in my tires and cold mickey’s fries
    10-speed Shimanos, all caught-up with strings
    These are a few of my UN-favorite things

  31. Wvustew

    On the rare occasion that a shot is poorly placed, the brief and unfortunate suffering imposed on a wild animal is still ethically preferable to an entire life spent in a factory farm setting. By any conceivable metric, fair-chase hunting is the best means of meat procurement where practical. Smaller carbon footprint, no eutrophication due to feedlot or manure lot runoff, no hormone/antibiotic use, revenue for fish and game agencies, the list goes on.

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