Now, Greg LeMond really Speaks

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Greg posted this for all of “us” –

Can anyone help me out? I know this sounds kind of lame but I am not well-versed in social marketing. I would like to send a message to everyone that really loves cycling. I do not use Twitter and do not have an organized way of getting some of my own “rage” out. I want to tell the world of cycling to please join me in telling Pat McQuaid to f##k off and resign. I have never seen such an abuse of power in cycling’s history; resign Pat, if you love cycling. Resign even if you hate the sport.

Pat McQuaid, you know damn well what has been going on in cycling, and if you want to deny it, then even more reasons why those who love cycling need to demand that you resign.

I have a file with what I believe is well-documented proof that will exonerate Paul.

Pat, in my opinion you and Hein are the corrupt part of the sport. I do not want to include everyone at the UCI because I believe that there are many, maybe most that work at the UCI that are dedicated to cycling, they do it out of the love of the sport, but you and your buddy Hein have destroyed the sport.

Pat, I thought you loved cycling? At one time you did, and if you did love cycling please dig deep inside and remember that part of your life — allow cycling to grow and flourish, please! It is time to walk away. Walk away if you love cycling.

As a reminder I just want to point out that recently you accused me of being the cause of USADA’s investigation against Lance Armstrong. Why would you be inclined to go straight to me as the “cause”? Why shoot the messenger every time?

Every time you do this I get more and more entrenched. I was in your country over the last two weeks and I asked someone that knows you if you were someone that could be rehabilitated. His answer was very quick and it was not good for you. No was the answer — no, no , no!

The problem for sport is not drugs but corruption. You are the epitome of the word corruption.

You can read all about Webster’s definition of corruption. If you want, I can re-post my attorney’s response to your letter where you threaten to sue me for calling the UCI corrupt. FYI I want to officially reiterate to you and Hein that in my opinion the two of your represent the essence of corruption.

I would encourage anyone that loves cycling to donate and support Paul in his fight against the Pat and Hein and the UCI. Skip lunch and donate the amount that you would have spent towards that Sunday buffet towards changing the sport of cycling.

I donated money for Paul’s defense, and I am willing to donate a lot more, but I would like to use it to lobby for dramatic change in cycling. The sport does not need Pat McQuaid or Hein Verbruggen; if this sport is going to change, it is now. Not next year, not down the road, now! Now or never!

People that really care about cycling have the power to change cycling — change it now by voicing your thought and donating money towards Paul Kimmage’s defense, (Paul, I want to encourage you to not spend the money that has been donated to your defense fund on defending yourself in Switzerland. In my case, a USA citizen, I could care less if I lost the UCI’s bogus lawsuit. Use the money to lobby for real change).

If people really want to clean the sport of cycling up all you have to do is put your money where your mouth is.

Don’t buy a USA Cycling license. Give up racing for a year, just long enough to put the UCI and USA cycling out of business. We can then start from scratch and let the real lovers in cycling direct where and how the sport of cycling will go.

Please make a difference.

Back when bike racing was simple and the best riders won most of the time.

29 thoughts on “Now, Greg LeMond really Speaks

  1. Daniel Russell

    Again I will say:

    Greg should be heading up USA Cycling if not the UCI. Someone we can believe in and who has the best interest of the sport at heart.

    Bravo Greg, Chapeau.


    If you believe in Greg Lemond, you are even more fucking retarded than those who support Lance. I personally believe (through personal accounts of his teammates who are close personal friends, and also fellow yellow jersey wearers in the Tour) that it is far more likely that Greg doped than Lance ( And the proof that Lance doped is quite evident). I don’t give a shit if Greg was right, he’s a hypocrite for critisizing Lance for cheating, when it was quite evident he was doing the same thing, and will always be a douchebag regardless. Someone with no natural talent does not win the Tour 3 times without cheating. Greg should go join Adam Myerson and the rest of the wanna-be pros who think they got ripped off in this whole situation. Yeah, Lance is a cheating douchebag as well, but he will always be both a better person, and better cyclist than all of you combined.

  3. J

    Except Greg had a ton of natural talent at 15 and one of the highest recorded vo2 max readings. Stop being so bitter lancy pantsy fanboi.

  4. Featherman

    Dangerman, that is the strangest post I’ve ever seen. Greg cheated? They didn’t even have EPO back then, or other drugs that would turn a mule into a racehorse. A faster mule, maybe, but not a racehorse.

  5. BO'C

    No natural talent? Dangerman, even if everything else you said was true, your entire argument went straight to hell with that one absurd comment. What a dope … (Get it? Ha ha ha)

  6. mtbkev

    “………..better person than all of you combined.” What the hell does that mean Dangerman?

  7. bikeman55


    No natural talent? No, that’s certainly not the case. ANd I think when you;re referring to Myerson, you should understand he’s F*CKING RIGHT. Now, I’m pretty sure all those guys have made peace with it and life has moved forward. But, what a lot of people fail to see with the whole doping scandale is the ripple effect this has all over. Someone needs to bring out the other issues. If you don’t like it, too bad. But, don’t hide behind idiotic claims and false statements. Now go sit in the corner……

  8. Heath Dotson (@heathdotson)

    If you are going to sling accusations at least have the balls to not hide behind a anonymous screen name dangerman. You are obviously still in the denial phase of mourning over your fallen hero.

  9. Bernd Faust

    Tough one from Grego. I agree with him, that coruuption and bad guy business, aka LA’s gangsterbusiness is bad and has no place in cycling. Concerning people who dope, 8 years ban (2 olympic cycles ) for any sport, including Pro teamsports. I can be done, where there is a will , there is a way!

  10. WilliamStind the naevenson

    Dangerman, what is the story behind that cool nickname? I am betting that you came up with it and it was not bestowed upon you. You are probably like the losers who roll around with a huge No Fear decal in the back window of your car. A powerless loser.

  11. Danger Dick

    Dangerman, you are a complete retard. One just needs to read your post and you obviously don’t know much about Lemond’s naturual talent.
    Greg was running with and beating legit domestic Pro’s as young as 15. So your telling me he was doping at the local Reno Junior High??!!! GO FUCK OFF!!

  12. Bernd Faust

    Grego was very fast on his TT mule in 1989 winning the TDF with 58 sec ahead of Fignon. Fastest TT ever ? or 2nd fastest? Doping who knows, they doped already pretty good in the 60-ties and 70-ties, 80-ties see track and field that’s when the big doping startet , so not out of the question that Grego was supercharged…..he could have complex that Lance won 7 times he only 3 times, less than half LA’s titles….
    So I don’t believe in any of these riders from the 60-ties thru the end of the 90-ties and early 21st century! Eddy Merchx no sheep either…
    Gruss Bernd

  13. Bernd Faust

    80-ties were the most brutal time of doping ever, track &field, olympic weightlifting, cycling, soccer, football, swimming you name it….so your argument is ni argument!
    Bernd Faust
    RE: cycling, I heard it from an insider of the canadian national cycling team , we met in 1989 in Munich /germany.

  14. Greg

    What I dont understand here is why are these people against cleaning up our sport. Greg Lemond wants to see the sport clean itself up but we get these crazy people on here that just want to keep dragging it down. Why dont you guys just go away. If you dont want to help get out of the way. Bunch of dope lovers.

  15. John

    $$$$ is the problem. Look at any competitive endeavor, sports or business. American professional sports have been ruined by money, and now even NCAA football and basketball have been ruined….look at the whole “one and done” thing.

    If it’s not epo, it will be the next thing. Guys were even train hopping to cheat in the early days of the tour. Everyone is always looking for that competitive edge, and when the payoff is high, the risks people will take rise.

    I’m curious to see if anyone really has a good solution to this in cycling. The cheaters will always be one step ahead of the enforcers. The only way to truly change things is to make the penalty so severe the risk isn’t worth it for the doctors/directors/sponsors or riders. Heavy fines and lifetime bans will be the only solution.

    Thank God for grassroots events like the local cyclocross scene. So what if I last place…. I get a great ride, get muddy, hang out with people who love bikes, and drink beer.

  16. Roberto

    Of course Greg had talent, and if he hadn’t been shot, he probably would have won at least 5 Tours. But make no mistake about it, he cheated just like everyone else. It’s noble that he wants cycling cleaned up, but the first thing he should do, if he wants to be taken seriously, is fess up to what he did.

  17. Jody Prummer

    Hey,want to find some real danger come hang with me for a few weeks some summer.

  18. Mark S

    Could one of these guys saying Greg doped please give us some back up on this, former teammates, doctors ,tests something please instead of just the jealousy that their hero LAdouche got busted .

  19. Max

    Dangerman is “obviously” a troll. Seems his efforts worked in taking most of you for a ride. Don’t feed the trolls!

  20. timmer

    LeMond evidence.. doubt it will ever come up but let’s do some math.. and notice how something doesn’t change; you can’t win the tour clean.. fignon, dead, admitted use. Delgado, tested positive.. got away with it.. Roche, Who told me straight to my face “greg should keep his mouth shut”. my guess is greg didnt even know it.. rich kid from cali.. doctor says “you tired, this help..” pretty soon he’s on the program and doesn’t even know it so of course he can say i never cheated.. or doped.. whatever. but a different generation of doping.. but the fact remains; he’s one of them. evidence or not. and not a fucking thing is going to change if i follow his lead and not get my license so i can’t race.. in protest.. so I KINDLY ASK THAT YOU ALL DISREGARD THE LAST SENTENCE:
    “Don’t buy a USA Cycling license. Give up racing for a year, just long enough to put the UCI and USA cycling out of business. We can then start from scratch and let the real lovers in cycling direct where and how the sport of cycling will go.”
    this sport, MY sport, will be struggling enough as it is thanks to these fucking lying cheats.. and i dont recall seeing greg at any races where he wasn’t stuffing his face. The only thing USAC did wrong was they put faith in a bunch of fucking LIARS.
    Tim “i don’t even go over the yellow line” Mulrooney

  21. Jason

    I am not a Lance Armstrong fan. But I am a realist. Doping has been In wide use at the TDF for 50 years. The first notable doper was Jacques Anquetil: “one cannot win the Tour on Perrier alone.” Anquetil was the first five – time winner; he famously mocked drug testers. Eddy Mercx failed drug tests , and was a professional at avoiding testers. Then there is Greg Lemond. Lemond decries how his post-1990 cycling days, were ruined by the competition’s use of PED. However, there is a logical counterpoint to Lemond’s conclusion: (1) Laurent Fignon admitted to his own heavy PED use during the 1980’s in his tell all book, (2)read the SI Vault story: “The Tour De Farce,” about Pedro Delgado’s failed drug test at the 1988 TDF; (3) Lemond’s “miracle” comeback to a doping world; and (4) Lemond still holding the record for the fastest time trial pace ever clocked at the TDF: his 1989 victory against Laurent Fignon.
    Greg Lemond used PED, just as every other multiple-time-podium-finisher has at the TDF.

  22. Jason

    Greg Lemond was on as much dope as Delgado, Fignon, Breukink, Alexi Grewal, Roche,and Chiapucci. His bit with Lance Armstrong had much edo about ego. Like Landis, and Hamilton: the sight of Armstrong’s fame ate at his “glory days.”. I wouldn’t be surprised if his 1989 – miraculous – comeback – was not (in fact) the origin of EPO’s first winner at theTour de France.


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