Milan San-Remo Final

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Bicycle racing is a very beautiful sport many times.  Yesterday’s finish of Milan San-Remo was great.  Below is a video that doesn’t show the work that Peter Sagan did the last 5 point something kms.  He “deserved” to win the race.  But, that isn’t the way it always works out. Another great thing about the sport.

13 thoughts on “Milan San-Remo Final

  1. LA LA 70.2

    Yep Peter waved off my MoTo guy me n Johan were shaking our heads, we only thought it fair to help a brother out after Dave had his super secret package picked up friday night. Vincenzo said no too he said it was just a training race. Have fun in Moab I’m off to another Rock n Roll Marathon. Ciao

  2. Larry T

    Good race! I’d been watching earlier editions of La Primavera while on the (ugh) trainer and too often the attackers on the Poggio LOSE time on the descent to the chasing peloton. Sagan and Co GAINED time but should Sagan have sat up near the finish line and done the old, “after you” to get the best sprinting position? If he’d done that (win or lose) I think there would have been lots of howls from the critics and fans, but things might be different next time he finds himself in this position. While I’m no fan of SKY, hats-off to Kwiato for seeing the winning move, jumping on the right wheel and making the perfect move at the end to win.

  3. Dave

    Sagan would still have won if he hadn’t started his sprint too early. He just faded at the end.

  4. barb

    That was my thought too, maybe not that he faded at the end, but he gave them too much time to react and catch up, should have started a little later. Great finish though.

  5. Bryan Barber

    F’Yea racing!
    The world champ could make this the most exciting year of racing in decades.
    Kwiatkowski is one of few men who believe he can beat Peto. How many wins would he have if not for Sagan?

  6. FSonicSmith

    As someone else observed, he (Sagan) pulled out his Richmond tactic of attacking on the final climb and then taking the twisting descent on the rails/very edge but this time he was not solo and somehow Kwiat and Anphilipe had the skills to stay on his wheel. Interesting how many big races follow the same format.

  7. Spartacus

    I told Peter not to take a wheelsucker on his attack look how many times I was outkicked by one of these bums. Did Moser take Bepe with him, or Eddy take Freddy?! Full gas off The Poggio and thru the finish like it was in Nice!! Arrivvadeci Vita

  8. Mikelikebikehike

    Steve, that Rt. 191 through Moab actually extends from near the Canadian border all the way down to Mexico. A Pole and a Slovak….ahh, another rivalry!

  9. mike crum

    the way he rode those elite of elites off his wheel makes me wonder how many spoonsfulsl of epo is in his pasta..

  10. El Tejan

    Kwiat employed a similar tactic the year before at the WCs. Both riders are super classy on the bike.

  11. ml

    I think you have that backwards, K has beaten S: 2014 Strade Bianche, 2016 E3 Harelbeke, and now MSR.


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