St. George Utah / Porcupine Rim Issues

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That is where I’m at.  Vincent has some computer work to do here this week.  St. George is an interesting town. I’ve only been here once, for a day, so I didn’t get the lay of it much.  But, I’m sure I will now.

We drove here yesterday.  I didn’t drive.  Both Vincent and I had “issues” riding Porcupine Rim Trail on Saturday.  Vincent dislocated his ring finger, like really dislocated it, going over a cattle guard, through a fence, with wet tires.   He did it pretty early, up above the normal Porcupine descent, where there was still snow.   So he was having trouble holding onto the bars.  And still is.

I fell nearly at the bottom, right before the trail turns to singletrack by the river road.  I was following Vincent and went off a small, maybe 1 foot drop, but Vincent’s rear tire moved a loose rock over and I landed on it with my front wheel.  And I got crossed up and high-sided onto my left side.  At least I think that is what happened.

I was going pretty fast and slid on mostly rock.  Incredibly, I didn’t lose too much skin.  The downside is my left shoulder isn’t working too well.  The worse part was having to ride the last 10 miles back to Moab.

I’ve been icing it and taking a bunch of ibuprofen.   I should probably get it looked at, at least a picture of it.

KU advance to the Sweet 16 yesterday fairly easily.  At least the last 6 minutes of the game.  I was reading the score on my phone on the drive.  It was close most of the game and the final score didn’t really show how close it was most the time.  The next round is in Kansas City, a real home court advantage for Kansas.

How about Coryn Rivera winning the Trofeo Binda race last weekend?  Pretty big result for her. I’m going to miss watching her win all the US criteriums this year.  She has been racing forever, but is still young, so should go and experience the European scene, not that she hasn’t dabbled in it some already.

Okay, I’m going to take Tucker out and let him run some.  Then dismantle Vincent’s tandem so he can send the fork and shock off to get repaired.  I probably should figure something out with my rear shock too.  And maybe get my shoulder looked at.  Guess it is a busy day, kind of.


Porcupine is pretty technical. I was riding this stuff pretty well. But guess not so good on the more wide open, faster stuff.

There were a bunch of people riding unicycles down the trail. I have no idea what that is about. They have disc brakes. I assume it would take a really long time.

Most of the trail is along the edge of a canyon. Sometimes it is just narrow and off-camber.

Nice views from Porcupine Rim Trail.

A guy rode by with a 50 tooth cog on his rear. I would have just used a smaller front ring.

My elbow is alright even though it didn’t look that good initially. It is really my left shoulder.  This is taken in a mirror.

Tucker exploring a stream in Moab.

Bike wash at a hotel in Moab.

Someone was selling this stuff at a rest stop on I-70 in Utah.

KU box score.

Sunrise this morning in St. George.




13 thoughts on “St. George Utah / Porcupine Rim Issues

  1. Joe

    When we did the White Rim Trail a few years back, as a two-night, three-day tour, just as we were beginning the climb back up the Shafer Trail we met a pack of about eight unicyclists coming down! They were gonna ride the entire 110+ mile loop, and they were going pretty fast considering……

  2. channel_zero

    Coryn has been “knocking at the door” internationally for a couple of years now.

    It’s nice to see her get on that top step.

  3. Cranky Curmudgeon

    So, you ate shit hard after 3 days of riding mtbs, when you’re not in mtb shape. God damn I love reading your blog. Hope the shoulder is ok.

  4. Tman

    Steve, looking at a shot of your bike from a couple days ago leads me to think that your crashing issue has something to do with your 90s NORBA bike setup! 1996 called and wants its 150 stem back 😉

  5. Ten Speed Drive

    Tucker has it goin on! Unicycles are for The Circus! Good thing you didnt bust yer noggin!! Great fotos makes my Land of Enchantment look like “Entrapment!”

  6. mike crum

    u have fallen 2x in the last two days.. give up that dangerous mt biking , espically on those trails with all those rocks and uneven paths… you hit your head brother and I’m sad to say its gonna be over for you.. stick to tt or long road rides.. give up the mt bike and crits.. too many crashes..only do tt. every state has a number of them..dont you wanna live? what did your dr say what will happen if you hit your head again? tt brother. tt…

  7. Sillypuddy

    Hate 2 c ST on roller blades. Probably brake a hip and would b dead in a week. If Tucker has any sense he’ll wear a helmet while just watching u fix breakfast.
    Sillypuddy OUT!

  8. James

    I was thinking exactly the same thing but you forgot to add the bar-ends along with the 570mm handlebar though.

  9. DR

    Stick to gravel riding and gravel events for the next year. You will reduce the risks from falling and vehicles. You will challenge yourself in different ways and you will meet lots of new people.

  10. mike crum

    you had 200 people commenting and wishing you well after you cracked your head open 5 months ago, but the ones that actually care about another persons health are no where to be found when I put up the last few posts I did… real friends would agree with me saying you really should KEEP RIDING, BUT IN THE SAFEST WAY. my last post saying you fall a lot and are only a few inches away from hitting your head again should be agreed with me buy those who actually care.. looks like 11 do care..the other 189 are the ones that’ll send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your room when your in intensive care again…SMH

  11. Ze Boss

    Great post and great pictures. Agree with you on bar ends long stems no sense for mtb, never did. Longer top tube/ short stem gives you more stability and no disadvantage, unless you are doing trials. Bars are personal preference but most people who try wide bars for a month OT two never go back, narrow bars feel like kids bars by then. No mountain bike should have steeper than a 68 degree head angle imho.

    Ibuprofen slows healing, google it. Discover pain pressure points instead, it’s intuitive.


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