Milan San-Remo Today / Pretty Sore

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Milan San-Remo is this morning.  The earliest live video is 7:30 CST.  All the fireworks tend to happen towards the end of the race, so you don’t need to worry about missing something if you can’t watch it early.  Odds say Sagan wins.  I would take the rest of the field over Sagan, but he would be a good pick if you only had one.  Live video links are here.

I’m still out in Moab.  Doing exactly the opposite that of MSR.  Maybe not time wise, but riding-wise.  I road 50 miles yesterday off-road.  It took 4:45 minutes.  Lots of big drop-offs and bumpy riding.  My rear Fox shock isn’t holding air and it is bumming me out.  I’m carrying a shock pump today.  The shock is new-ish, less than a year old and hasn’t been ridden that much.  The bike has remote dual lockouts, front and back, on one lever.  But that is pretty valueless when the rear shock has 40 psi in it.

I’m not sure where we rode yesterday, but the scenery is unreal.  That is if you have the guts to look around while riding.  I am having to concentrate pretty hard, so only get to look around when stopped.  It could be worse.  I’m not complaining.  I thought I would be worse.

I fell once pretty good yesterday.  I was trying to ride up a big rock and didn’t make it and fell off to the side.  I have it on video.  Actually, Vincent has it now, so maybe I can post it soon.  I didn’t get hurt, no blood.  Just sore.

But, I was already sore.   My arms, back and neck are aching.  Today is going to be another 4 plus hours, so we’ll see how that goes.  I had only 12 psi in my tires two days ago.  I put 18 in for yesterday and it felt pretty hard.  They are 2.4’s, so feel harder since they are larger.

Okay, want to try to catch the end of MSR and get ready to spend the day in the sun.  I am pretty burnt (sunburnt) right now.  Early season tan I guess.

Vincent’s Racer X team.

Out riding.

Vincent was riding the tandem again with Lisa yesterday.


Last climb before descending to 191.

Map of ride on Strava.

Tucker making friends.




12 thoughts on “Milan San-Remo Today / Pretty Sore

  1. Joe Clement

    Several great shops in Moab. Why not let them rebuild your shock? They could do it in an hour……

  2. Gina Poertner, CHES

    Have your brother fix your shocks. He fixed my old set of Manitou’s that I can’t get bumpers for anymore. They’re now spring-loaded and tons of fun.

    It’s great to see you riding like this, that you’ve come as far as you have in the past few months. More improvements are in store for you.

    Give Tucker some ear scratchies for me!

  3. LA LA 70.2

    Dave called me last night to find my super secret old stash of The Good Stuff said The Heat was on him n Froomie! Put your dinero on a Sky Rider for todays MSR! Lets keep this on the lowdown!

  4. mike crum

    better not hit your head steve..better be extra careful on that mt bike.. i know crashes and falling off the bike are part of the game, but a hit on your head one more time, not even a hard hit may be very bad for you..

  5. paul boudreaux

    Kind’ve agree with Crum here. Why f around with JRA on technical stuff at this stage in your recovery? Kind’ve like not wearing a helmet in the first place? Love all that you’re about Steve, but just a thought.

  6. Mark

    This is what Steve does. He will keep doing this till he is dead or cannot ride or race anymore. He doesn’t need any warnings from do gooders that really don’t care about him. Anyone who has been reading his blog for any length of time should have figured this out.


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