MTB Riding is a Different Animal

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Yesterday, in Moab, I went out twice with the Racer X guys and did  a couple great rides.  Great, meaning it was super scenic and fun.  But even though it was a blast, I realize I’m pretty out of shape for the rigors of MTB riding on ledges.  My body is a bit hurt today.

I haven’t ridden a real MTB ride in over 6 months.  And during that time, I layed in bed about half of it and atrophied.  I need those muscles to ride a MTB well.  I don’t think I have them just now.

I don’t even know where we rode.  We went by the entrance to Arches National Park and the line to get through the booth was out to the highway.  There are so many people here in Moab right now.

So many cyclists and tons of other people making use of the crazy trails.  Motorcycles, jeeps, you name it, it is here.  Lots of foreigners too.

Having a big movement, dual suspension bike on the rides we did today was a must.  I put on some 2.4 tires and rode low pressure, less than 20 psi.  Even so, it was bumpy.

We doing the whole thing again today.  And tomorrow and Sunday, so I should be real sore by then.

I was a little dizzy the first 20 minutes or so, but eventually my brain, eyes and body got into some sort of arranged sync and the rest of the day was good.  I was riding alright considering.  I’m interested in seeing if I start out today a little off too.  I did tip over once, but that is to be expected and just scratched up my elbow some.

Trudi took off for Europe today.  She had a flight from KC to Toronto, then you Europe.  She is going to be there for 6 weeks.  Some race in Spain, then a few of the spring classics, something else, then back.

Okay, I’d better get ready to head out again.  I think it is another 2 ride deal.  Ride, lunch, then ride.   It is supposed to be 85 here today.  Super nice, but a little too hot for Tucker.  At least that is what he told me.

Some photos –



25 thoughts on “MTB Riding is a Different Animal

  1. mks

    What? No pictures of foreigners? By the way – how do you define foreigners? Is that Trump-Speak?

  2. Murf

    Regarding dizziness that’s tied to your TBI – are you familiar with the Epley maneuver? You can do it at home and has worked well for me with my benign positional vertigo.

  3. FreddieJ

    So now you get knocked for saying “foreigner?” I’d take it to mean “someone from a foreign country.” So does the dictionary:

    [fawr-uh-ner, for-]

    a person not native to or naturalized in the country or jurisdiction under consideration.
    a person from outside one’s community.

    Or, the band Foreigner, maybe.
    Or maybe these guys:

  4. als

    I also must have a ‘big movement’ before I ride trails that necessitate a dual suspension rig. If I’m gunna be perched on a hard tail all day, I can skip my usual morning routine of wake-and-deuce-and-bake and just roll right into a wake-and-ride and save the bakin’ for a mid-ride trail burn. Not so with a heavy hittin’ dual rig, I gotta down some coffee, ice cream, kombucha, cabbage, you name it, before I ride a soft tail.

  5. Thurman Shagnasty

    Somebody get this gender neutral person their social justice warrior participation trophy stat!

  6. mks

    How do you know they are from another country? Color of their skin? Do they talk funny? Clothing? It’s a pretty bold “assumption” – put yourself in their shoes. Heck – maybe people from Kansas are foreigners??? I’m sure Steve meant ZERO harm with the comment but it’s a pretty ignorant statement that could be hurtful to many.

  7. Jim

    This affects you, how???
    Pretty thin skinned to worry about the terms that someone else uses.
    I think most of us are smart enough to figure out what he meant.
    Apparently some are not.

  8. Bob

    I’ve been reading Steve’s Blog for a long time, and I’m prettty sure he didn’t mean “Foreigners” in a derogatory way. But certain words have connotations. If there was a group of white guys from Ireland or Austraila and you heard them talking, riding their mountain bikes on the trails, would you use the same language. ” Hey there was a bunch foreigners out at Moab yesterday,” I think not.

  9. Spinner

    If they were Aussies I would ask if I could ride and PARTY with them! Great group of people to hang with….
    Spent six wonderful months racing down under….

  10. The Boss

    Jumped up turned around spit in the air fell on the ground, turn right at the light go straight into night then boy your on your own! Great fotos Tilly. What happened to Winter out West?!

  11. William Comer

    MKS, get over it. Who gives a shit? If they are offended BFD!!! You are the guy we gave wedgies to in the 70’s and early 80’s.

    Foreigner better change their name since it is offensive like the “Red Skins”. Sometimes I can’t believe what a bunch of pussies this great nation has added to the human race….I’m sure human race is offensive too.

  12. Steve Tilford Post author

    Murf-yeah, I’ve done that a few times for the vertigo. The dizziness is different. It is from my eyes, brain and head movement. It is getting better, but Epley doesn’t make it better.

  13. Steve Tilford Post author

    mks – Is the word foreigner derogatory for a “foreigner”. I am indentifying them by restaurants full people that are speaking “foreign” languages. That is pretty much the only way I am identifying them. Other than a lot seem to drive rental RV’s with a bunch of graphics on them. I have nothing against people from different countries. Actually, the opposite. But, I have to assume that many of them are going to soon have something against our country. Rightfully so.

  14. Elias Greiner

    Steve just showed he does not practice what he preaches. First lesson a profiler learns is to identify involuntary responses.

  15. Barb

    OFFFS. I never thought some men could be so petty. But stick your nose out of the hole for a split second, someone’s going to hit you in the nose a baseball bat. Such is the nature of the internet. I guess there’s no distinction now between Americans, and people from all over the planet. Is there. Except there is to me too. If I see someone dressed like they’re not from America, I know they’re foreigners. Just like when I traveled all over the world and stood out like a sore thumb because I dressed like an American. We have too many media and social influences here, people would have to be living under a rock not to be influenced to some extent. .

  16. Ze Boss

    Great pics Steve. Haven’t been to Mob in ages and this post made me want to go back! I hope you can make it to Virgin, Utah in the fall to give us your perspective of Red Bull Rampage! Also would enjoy it if you did a post about Myles Rockwell, he won the most intense road race ever; Red Bull Road Rage. I don’t drink the stuff because it’s horrible for you but they do hold some crazy events.

    What’s all this complaining about Foreigner? I always thought they were a decent band and was never offended by their music.

  17. Randy Warren

    If it gets too warm at lower elevations. Head up toward the La Sals to Pack Creek Ranch. About 20 degrees cooler and the smell of pine on the trails will be a nice change. Have fun be safe….watch out for those damn four wheelers!


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