Colorado National Monument/Moab

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Below are some photos from yesterday.  We did a lap of the Colorado National Monument, which was the course the Coor’s Classic used for Tour of the Moon. I’ve maybe ridden 20+ laps of that loop, but I’m not sure ever just riding. Only racing.  It is beautiful and well worth the journey.

In Moab now.  I haven’t been here in ages.  It has really changed.  So many tourists.  Lots and lots of bikers.

We’re going  on a couple MTB rides.  Now I’m late, again.  Tucker ditched me out running.  Okay, some photos below. Or above.  (iPhone post.)

11 thoughts on “Colorado National Monument/Moab

  1. Anal Adams

    Pretty good day of photography with the big horn sheep. Pros with 500mm lenses go out there for weeks without seeing a single one.

  2. Joe

    When I first went to Moab in ’72, the area was called Utah’s little Appalachia. Now Moab has become the epicenter of fossil-fueled recreation.

  3. old and slow

    I was there this time of year once when it wasn’t. You could still ride a bike anywhere you wanted to in Canyonlands NP it was so long ago; they were still called “cruisers” and had long sidepull brakes. The weather relented after a few days and Needles Campground is still the most intense full moon ride I’ve ever experienced.

  4. C-Span Caller # 3 - Independent

    Nasty comment about Steve’s training partners. I downvoted you Cliffy.

  5. mjf

    Are the cattle grates still across the road there ? Did you jump them like in the Coors Race of yore ?

  6. Rope a Dope

    we still love our cattle guards here in Land of Entrapment. is it coincidental those Big Horn Sheep look like the Aries Sign?! Party on Wayne er Steve I mean!!


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