Heading to Moab

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We’re headed up through Georgetown right now.

Tucker  really tired. 

This is gonna be a short one. I got in my van with Tucker yesterday and drove to Arvada Colorado. Now I’m in a van with Vincent and his wife Lisa, driving to Grand Junction to ride road bikes.   We’re doing a lap in the Monument National Park, the old Coor’s Classic stage.  Then to Moab.

Vincent’s team is doing a training camp there.  I guess there are going to be a lot of riders, over 50, probably more, there.

Guess we’re mainly riding MTB.  I got to Colorado in time to do a short MTB ride yesterday.  I’m a little off bike handling-wise. Hopefully, my eye/brain connection will be up for the task.

Okay, this is making me dizzy while driving, so I am gonna stop.





13 thoughts on “Heading to Moab

  1. Steve Tilford Post author

    SmallBear-I’msitting in the back, getting dizzy, while Vincent is driving through Glenwood Canyon,(way too fast)so no, I’m not posting while driving.

  2. IP Freely

    Glenwood Springs worth a stop. No matter how fast people pee in the water they replenish it with water so fresh, you’ll want to slap it for saying something cheeky.

  3. Thomas

    How does one fund a lifestyle of riding and traveling? My life is pretty amazing with my wife and two kids. It would be even more fulfilling if i could spend less time working and more living.You seem to live for the experience. So many of us are living just to work. What is the key to stepping out of the rat race?


  4. Mike crum

    Be wealthy. Pretty simple. If u got the $$$$ u do what Steve does. If you have more $$$ you do even more cool things. It’s takes. $$$$$$ .

  5. MudMan

    Umm … be a former pro cyclist that made lifestyle choices in alignment with goals. Marry someone who has benefits and lifestyle that supports your own. Live in fly-over land where housing and most services are cheap, live in the town you grew up in and efficiently manage your assets.

    All of these have tradeoffs – Steve has no kids, is not wealthy and I dare say doesn’t really spend much money on shit. His cycling “supplies” are sponsored so what does he need? He drives used vehicles, repairs them himself, appears to have some rental property, doesn’t live a flashy life.

    Choices man, choices. You have two kids so you cannot do what he does (I have 4 so I get it). Kids are the fastest road to poverty in the USA … the fastest road to security in DINK and most importantly managing both spending and expectations.

    I love reading about Steve’s adventures and sometimes wish I could … but my life choices have put me where I am and I have few regrets about them.

  6. mike crum

    mudman steves a lifelong cyclist.. that’s his thing.. of course he has money… he may not do flash expensive things in some peoples eyes, but hes still wealthy enough to not work .. and I heard not work in years… rental property, gotta have $$$$$ to buy a piece of property, then rent that… poor guys, living in a shit part of town, doing nothing flash or exciting may have the best ideas to make money, but they gotta work…they have no chance.. personally, i wouldn’t do what steve does, travel to bike races and all over to friends houses to hang out. id do other things… vegas, whoreing , massage parlors, surfing skydiving…still train lifting cycling mma sparring and training..if i was willed enough $$$$$$, i’d skimp in some areas, i’d have an old car, a small chouse, but do the above…


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