America First !

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What is that all about?  The guy has lost his mind.  That was a pretty depressing inauguration speech. I think we have become a much richer country because we opened our borders by buying and selling products internationally.  Not now, as of today.

I acknowledge, up front, this is a very divisive subject.  But, come on, don’t we expect and deserve  a president that has some intellect and thoughtfulness.

This is turning into more of a weird thing than most had imagined.  The current president is at war with the media, really the 4th arm of our government.  For some reason he doesn’t realize there is fact checking, actually more than that, there is actual recorded footage of him contradicting himself nearly each time he speaks.  Now he has a press secretary that mimics his actions.  It is nuts.

Obviously, I don’t like the guy.  And don’t try to say it was the best of 2 bad choices.  I’m not comparing him to anyone but himself.  His priorities and statements are ludicrous.

He is saying he is planning on cutting taxes to corporations today.  The response from one of the guys that covers bond ratings for all countries –

“Even before elections the U.S had the highest level of government debt of any triple-A country. If we add on top of that Trump’s plans to cut taxes by $6.2 trillion over the next 10 years that could add around 33 percent to U.S. government debt,” said Ed Parker, Fitch’s head of sovereign ratings for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

That means Trump’s plans to slash taxes could threaten the United States’ triple-A credit rating over the medium term.

And what’s with the statement, “America will start winning again, winning like never before.”,   I wonder if he even knows the definition to the word win.  We’re not in a game, or a war, with all the other people that live on this planet.  Historically, our country has been looked up to as the country that has empathy and looks after others.  Guess not so much anymore?

The purpose for politicians in our society is varied.  Recently, and especially during this election, it seems like there was a main objective  to win the election. That would explain a lot of political behaviour during the campaign, such as flip-flopping, which seems dishonest to some.

But after someone is elected, that needs to stop.  And it hasn’t. Kellyanne Conway phrased it “alternative facts”.  Pretty creative, but stupid.   And this tweeter thing is insane.  It seems that the guy is “at war” with everyone.  Can someone name one thing the guy likes?   Anything?

He hates Saturday Night Live, actors and actresses, the media, just about anyone that disagrees with what his views are.  It doesn’t seem normal.  It is a really bad trait for the leader of the free world.

I was hoping that he was going to surround himself with others that would help him get up to speed how this all works.  Nope.  He has surrounded himself with a team of advisors that have a combined net worth of more than $10 billion.  Many from the financial sector, those that he criticized during his campaign.

One of the first things he does as President is to sign an executive order to curb some parts of ACA.  That is health care related.  Affects about 30,000,000 Americans.  Where is the replacement plan?  Wasn’t the line repeal and replace?  Guess he’s just interested in the first part.

Wouldn’t you think that a non-politician, a businessman, would take a little bit to get up to speed about what the repercussions of executive actions would be?  Give it a little bit of time to understand the gravity of his decisions?  He has the most information available at his finger tips now.   And maybe not doing so many “victory tour” gatherings and, instead, spend every waking hour of the day understanding 100% of what needs to be done.   Guess not, once again.

I could keep going on and on.  Sunday, there were close to 3,000,000 people that thought their views needed to be heard.  So they went to the streets and “protested”.  They did this for various reasons.  But mostly to be heard.  This was the largest protest in the history of the United States.

Whatever you might think about her, Madonna made a speech and said she was tempted to “blowing up the White House”.  I guess now the secret service isn’t happy and is having a talk with her.   They want to know her intent.

According to an official, “If it’s characterized as inappropriate, then there won’t be any discussions with the U.S. Attorney. If it’s determined that there’s intent on her part, then there will be discussions with the U.S. Attorney and they’ll take it from there.”

They actually think that Madonna has an intent on blowing up the White House?  Kind of reaching here, aren’t we.

This is going to be a long four years if it has only been 3 days so far.  I can’t see this working out that well for our citizens.  Or people throughout the world.   It isn’t how it works nowadays.


Madonna has some explaining to do.


Which definition is he meaning?

verb successful or victorious in (a contest or conflict).
2.acquire or secure as a result of a contest, conflict, bet, or other endeavor.
1.a successful result in a contest, conflict, bet, or other endeavor; a victory.

131 thoughts on “America First !

  1. Reidito

    Baghdad Bob – so funny I was trying to remember that nickname. Loved watching his information updates, and thought of him after watching Spicers first go round. Sean Spicer – new Minister of (dis)Information. Or would that Alt-information?

  2. Johnnie Lee

    Really??? Bimbo? That’s you’re description of one of the most successful people in America?

  3. Chapo

    Steve – I can see why you are so worried. People like you won’t be able to live off the system anymore. Get a job it builds character.

  4. Kevin Lyons

    Steve, you are correct. He’s a madman who doesn’t read.
    This is going to work out just like his casinos and marriages. ugh !

  5. WhatFreedom

    The country should be bankrupt, how is it not? Arguing about all this little shit is such a waste of time. Does it really matter who is President, we were sold out long ago. Wether are not tampons are taxed or what Madonna said is about as important as when you wanting a raise at a job that is going out of business. At some point this country will need to be bailed out of its debt, who will own us then, what freedom will we have?

  6. jtnyc

    I think he’ll resign within a few years. He’s looking for a way out.

    To those who say things like “Clinton was terrible too” – that’s absurd. Bush, Clinton, Romney, Obama, McCain, Clinton, even Sander – we can quibble hard about which of these are better or worse, but Trump is at another level of terrible.

  7. euro

    There’s nothing more entertaining than reading comments from whiny, know-it-all liberals. You all make me laugh! Trump will bring America back to the top of the world order where we need to be, will restore our mighty military, will send the illegals back to where they came from, will create millions of jobs in the private sector, drop all of the ridiculous “climate change” restrictions that Obama foolishly believed were true, loosen regulations on energy sector which will bring us cheaper gas and more jobs, will stop shedding light on the sick .5% of US who are queer and/or tranny. Sounds like a winning plan to me!

  8. brownish

    “The current president is at war with the media, really the 4th arm of our government.”

    Steve this is part of the reason Donald Trump is the President today. The mainstream media have proven time and again to be in the pocket of the Democratic party, promoting left wing candidates and agendas through their biased coverage. It is scary that you and many others on the left have that line of thinking. Journalists should communicate truth for the common good, not for personal or partisan purposes.

    Trump upsets the status quo by challenging the media and not backing down like most Republicans have since the media firmly aligned with the Democrats. He calls it like he sees it without worrying about offending anyone or being politically correct. He is bombastic and ridiculous at times, gets bent out of shape about insignificant and petty things. It does not matter how many people showed up to your inauguration. All that matters is that nobody showed up to a Hillary Clinton inauguration. Many Americans are sick of the tiptoeing, catering to the grievance crowd and constant political correctness the left promotes and their media enforces, so they voted for Trump.

    If you think the disgusting behavior, signs, chants, costumes, vagina hats and rhetoric spouted at the women’s marches helps your cause you are mistaken. The only people that identify with that are the fringe fanatics doing it. What was their actual message? Who are the bigots? Who is spouting the hate and intolerance of different views? Coexist?

    Whether they voted for Clinton, Trump, another candidate or not at all, there are still Americans on the fence about Trump. I can guarantee you the behavior on display at those women’s marches and what we have seen since Friday from the left does not make those on the fence want to come to your side.

    Look at the reaction from the left in Wisconsin after Scott Walker became Governor and began implementing his polices – protests at the state capitol, personal attacks on family and kids, venom, hate and disgusting behavior like we are seeing now in response to Trump. What did that unhinged behavior get them? A Republican title wave in the state of Wisconsin in which the Republicans own the statehouse and the state going red in a Presidential election for the first time since 1984.

    The same kind of sickening behavior we have seen since Friday from many on the left only hurts your cause and helps the other side. It does not appeal to the sensibilities of most Americans, even those who did not vote for Trump. People see that type of behavior and do not want to associate with it, they do not identify with it.

    The predictable retort is “Trump is just as crazy as all those people.” Then go ahead keep acting the way you have been for the last four days while Trump continues to implement his agenda, getting things done and improving this country for Americans. Those people who are still on the fence will easily be able to find the better side.

  9. Michelle Roux

    Love your characterization brownish….common sense prevails in your post. The same blind emotion we see in James’ posts above is why Trump trumped the status quo. Thinking Americans were just tired of the same old political banter. Hillary embodies that culture, and it needed to change. Your media (I’m in France) controls the agenda.

  10. Mikelikebikehike

    Okay everybody….shut the F up and give the man some time to see what his team can do. Let’s get back to bikes, Tucker, and goofing around with the scarecrow’s daily life????

  11. James

    Hey & he won the popular vote. You can bet those protesters will impact the mid terms. As will his massive crowd.

  12. James

    Yes a 70,000 “mandate” & the monolithic media conspiracy. Being French, its as ridiculous as your country’s obsesion with a monolithic Jewry conspiracy.

  13. James

    Whiny liberals? Right wing nut jobs whacked out on opiods & omg ‘the man is bringing me down’. 50 something white dudes who can’t get a job & it has to be somebody else’s fault. Sounds sorta like a lifetime of their bitchin about minorities? Not only loosers, hypocrits too boot. Sell the fucking Harley, take a bath, a lose the gut & maybe somebody would hire ya. Who’s the snowflake?

  14. James

    Some more alternative facts. Some quite funny, but since this actually undermines the very foundation of our democracy, not so much. But hey whatever makes little hand man feel good, why not. Trump first, fuck democracy. Remember that one when you see voter suppression & real fraud from him & his band of neo fascists.

    Despite no evidence, White House says Trump stands by voter fraud belief – Reuters

  15. H Luce

    by the way: “Obama backed the horrendous Trans Pacific Partnership. Trump has just killed it.

    The Teamsters and other union leaders – traditionally a solid part of the Democratic base, who endorsed Hillary Clinton – praised Trump for driving a stake in the heart of the corporatist power grab (which would have destroyed privacy and the ability of signatory nations’ to follow their peoples’ wishes) … and had an “excellent” meeting with Trump today on labor issues.

    Bernie Sanders praised Trump for stopping TPP, and said he’d work with Trump on trade. Other Democrats in Congress are praising Trump’s move, as well.”

  16. James

    Tpp vs dismantling democracy? A typical Trumpian riff of relativism. Btw,Tpp wasn’t enacted. Good, bad, push? Who knows.

    Also, you Trump lovers get over O & H, this is about the corrupt, delusional, pathalogical, racist, lying, general oligarch mr little hands. A bunch of cuck bitches in need of a collar so your boy O’Bannon can lead you around. Sad!

  17. Rod Lake

    This is the kind of elitist snobbery that got Trump elected. Trash the working class and characterize them as deplorables.

  18. James

    Torture has never won a war and it never will. How’d it go for the neocons? It created more terrorists than they captured or killed. Alway will.

    Makes us no better than the crimes of the enemy.

    Trump Poised to Lift Ban on C.I.A. ‘Black Site’ Prisons – The New York Times

  19. KrakatoaEastofJava

    Pretty much every story today is about something Trump said on Twitter. It’s getting really old (just like anything Trump says on Twitter). Make like the org and MoveOn, ok?

  20. American

    That kind-of made you dumb. Do boarders stop trade? Wow, how oblivious some people can be. I bet you lock your door at night too.
    His speech was triumphant!
    He is doing an excellent job so far and surpassed my imagination, doing exactly what an intelligent person would do.
    Get your head out of the sand.

  21. James

    And Santa Claus told me I was just terriffic, I mean like really really great, and very smart too. Like I went to a good school. And oh, did I tell you how much I like generals. Really…and oh I have this plan…its fantastic.

    In his first major TV interview as president, Trump is endlessly obsessed about his popularity – The Washington Post


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