Cyclocross – One Race Left Now

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Today was the final World Cup cyclocross.  Now there is only the World Championships next week.  Funny how sometimes the season feels so long, then the next time it seems to fly by. Probably not the case for the guys training through the end of January for the Worlds next week.

The races today were interesting.  Marianne Vos is killing it and is going to win next week, unless something catastrophic happens.   She looks like she should be racing the men’s races, she is that good right now.

The men’s race is going to be different.  Today, at the World Cup in Hoogerheide,  it was a tactical race.  A team, tactical race.  There was a huge group at the front and no one wanted to risk it.  Eventually Lars Van der Haar attacked and his team mates went to the front and slowed the remaining field.  I’m not sure I’ve seen that so much in cross racing recently.

It worked amazingly.  Van der Haar got so far ahead that he was completely uncatchable.  And his Telenet Fidea Lions team mates rounded out the podium with Meeusen and Van Kessel finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Mathieu Van der Poel didn’t have a good day, finishing in the mid 20’s.  And Wout didn’t even show up.  He had already won the World Cup overall, so he must be concentrating on the Worlds next week.

So, the Worlds for men is more open.  If I was betting, I’d have to pick Wout.  He took a weekend off and won last weekend.  And Mathieu seemed a little sluggish today.  But you never know.

Did you see the article about the Belgian junior cyclocross coach that killed himself after one of his riders was positive for cortisone?   At least the guy had a conscience.  Maybe too big of one, but he did take responsibility, I guess.

Anyway, the weather in Kansas was nice yesterday.  I rode nearly 55 miles, which is about my limit right now.  It was in the 50’s and not so windy, which is unusual.  Today it is supposed to be 10 degrees cooler and windier.  I’m a little tweaked from yesterday, but want to go ride with my friends, so I’m in.  It is hard to pass on warm weekend days in January.

Tucker being a bad dog and waiting for me in the middle of the street on his after ride romp. He is probably wondering why I’m so slow. In reality, he is gotten way stronger and faster. I can’t hardly keep up.


10 thoughts on “Cyclocross – One Race Left Now

  1. The Cyclist

    Van Aert has some knee pain wich is the official reason he dinn’t show, and maybe VDP is comin down w something after training so hard and skipping last wknd which could open the door for VDH. Good too see him back anyway and in great shape. Hope he wins next wknd.

  2. Steve Tilford Post author

    Max – It wasn’t a recourse for doping. It was for doping juniors. And, I didn’t say it is an appropriate action. I said the dude that doped juniors must have had a conscience. He decided the penalty, not me. Was it extreme, for sure, but like I said, it wasn’t me making that decision for him.

  3. Carlos. Flanders

    We all love the sport but no matter what shouldn’t be a matter of life and death. Get some perspective.

    Doping juniors: should we put a cap in Carmichael and Eddie B? Get some perspective.

  4. Rope a Dope

    I got money on VDP…Adri is holding my bet. Marianne Vos is as always untouchable, bike check?! Jk Well if the wind we had in Cruces yesterday is in Kansas today you better have Trudi pick you up after riding a Century on Tailwind. Laterzzzz n Go Steelers!!

  5. KrakatoaEastofJava

    CX ain’t road racing. Fucking up a chase by not pulling through to one’s full ability is a lot different than having two friends physically blocking the path behind you. Cross should be treated as a strictly individual sport. There’s really no “team” component other than a sponsor being able to afford multiple riders.

  6. IR

    Try actually reading what Steve wrote … he nowhere said it was appropriate.

    And it is true that very few seem to feel any regret for any doping.

    Both statements can be true at once. Because parsing.


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