Dennis’ “Compound”

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Since someone posed a question yesterday about water at the Simple Living Lodge up here in Cable, I thought I should post some pictures once again.   Here are just a few I just took this morning.  It started as a one room, three season cabin with a loft to sleep.   Now it is three separate building with lots of places to sleep.

Dennis’ house.

From another angle.

Kitchen and stairs up to his bedroom, etc.

Living room.

Bike and ski room.

Simple Living Lodge. Garage on the bottom, two finsished bedrooms upstairs. No bathroom.

From another angle.

The Kansas Garage. Named after the guys that built it I guess.  Same deal, garage downstairs, plus sauna, then open floor plan upstairs.  Two bedrooms, plus kitchen and bath.


Beth and Mick at the River’s Eatery last night. It was good catching up some.

Tucker running back to check up on me on the walk this morning.


8 thoughts on “Dennis’ “Compound”

  1. LD

    Looks like a great place to hang out with great friends. Hope you enjoy your time up there, despite the cold. At least it’s not freezing rain!

  2. RGT

    You have great friends living in diverse areas and from reading your posts you so enjoy spending time with them. Has moving away from KS ever crossed your mind?

  3. Dude Ron

    I would be sitting in The Sauna until I could get my BMC Road Machine back on the roads haha. It kinda looks like a place on Cayuga Lake where I used to live before I got old n cold!

  4. Wildcat

    Just ask Sunshine Sam. No reason to move away from Kansas. We are a wonderful example for the world. The sun is always shining in Kansas!


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