-24 Degrees Out

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Little reality check when you wake up to -24.  It might be only -21 or it might be -27 depending on what thermometer you believe.  Whatever the real temperature, it is pretty cold.

I was driving up here last night and it was -7 or so.  The NPR station said that the actual temperature in Northern Minnesota was going to be -35 last night.  It isn’t that cold here.

When I first came up to Cable, a couple decades or more ago, I didn’t really think that the real temperature could be -40  or colder.  That year, the high for a week never got warmer than -5. When it is normal being below zero, it really doesn’t seem that cold.

I just looked at the weather and it says that it is -21 and 78% humidity.  I don’t think that is possible, but I don’t know for sure.  Seems like every time I’ve done anything this cold, it sort of starts sort of snowing and the humidity leaves the air.

There is a big ice storm coming through Kansas today, via Oklahoma.  The radio said that it was predicted that 1 inch of ice was going to be deposited in Northeastern Oklahoma.  That will be pretty terrible.  That amount of ice weighs a lot and thus, tree branches break, then no power. I’ve been there when that has happened before and it is ugly.  I hope it isn’t that bad there.  Or in Kansas either.

I think something is the matter, actually, I know there is something the matter with my AWD van.  The windows cover with condensation,or now frost, when it is cold out.   It isn’t the heater core leaking.  I think the blend flap or module that allows fresh air in when it is on is stuck shut. I think this because the AC works and the windows don’t get “foggy” until people, and dogs, get in.

I probably won’t fix it this trip, but when it is substantially below zero driving, the windshield is clear, but the driver’s and passenger’s side windows are pretty unusable.  Not such a good way to drive.

Not sure what I’m doing today.  I brought my bike and trainer.  Dennis has a fatbike, but -20 is pretty cold.   I have some heated MTB grips, but I didn’t bring them.  Those would have been great here, but they only last an hour or so.  I you can keep your hands and feet warm, everything else takes care of itself.

Tomorrow, for Dennis’ race, The Seeley Hills Classic, it is supposed to be 30 degrees warmer at this time.  Which means it is going to be around 6 degrees at 10am then getting into the teens pretty quickly.  Not horrible temperatures compared.

My van this morning.

Dennis is delegating from his stools.

Tucker loves it up here. He and Hawkeye have been playing all morning.

I threw a pot of water off the balcony of the Simple Living Lodge this morning. Little science experiment.


18 thoughts on “-24 Degrees Out

  1. davidh

    wait, is the Simple Living Lodge the same as the Kansas Garage, or are they different buildings? Just trying to keep up here!

    So happy to read your updates nowadays . I’m sure the pace of recovery is frustrating to you but it does appear to be moving along.

  2. Steve Tilford Post author

    davidh – Nope. The simple living Lodge preceded the Kansas Garage. It is bunkhouse type area built on top of his original garage. It has two room, but no plumbing, thus no bathroom. That is why it is called simple living, I believe. A Russian guy name it.

  3. peter

    I went to graduate school in Minnesota. Got enough winter in those four years to last me a lifetime. Ugh.

  4. Steve Tilford Post author

    Cyclist – There are plenty of sources of water here. Just not at the Simply Living Lodge. I boiled it at Dennis’ house, a “cabin”, then walked over and went up to throw it off.

  5. Tman

    Steve, as far as your van, check the cabin air filter if it has one. Once they get clogged you will fog up all the time.

  6. Bryan

    I lived 30 miles south of Fairbanks, AK for three years. It was routinely below 0 quite a bit in the winter. Don’t let anybody lie to you. You can feel each rotten stinking degree as the temperature drops. Yes, there was a huge difference between -10, -20, -30, -40, -50, etc. The coldest I personally experience was -89, and that was before you factored in a 25mph wind. Miserable.

    Jet engines make a very different sound when trying to run in that kind of cold. I can’t describe it, you have to just experience it. However, when you listen, you can just hear the strain they are under trying to pull that thick, cold air through.

  7. Scott Chapin

    1996 We had 5 nights in a row (Seeley/Cable) where the real temps were -48, -52, -58, -50, 45
    That was unforgettable

  8. Kyle Clark

    “-21 and 78% humidity. I don’t think that is possible…”

    Humidity (in weather speak) is relative humidity. So at -21F the air can hold very, very little water before being saturated (dew forms). 78% of very, very little is still very, very little. It’s more practical and relatable to compare dew points. A good example is Phoenix in August (monsoon season). It feels “humid” but might be only 35% relative humidity – dry huh? At 100F the air can hold lots of moisture so 35% is a fair amount of water in the air.

  9. daveeckstrom

    Scott, I was camping by the Marengo River down by the Swedish settlement one of those nights. THAT was unforgettable.


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