Electronically Challenged Today

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Hi.  My phone and computer are a little hurt today.  Yesterday I think I downloaded some virus on my laptop when I was trying to upgrade my Flash player to watch the cross race.  So now, when I open any web browser, different websites with nude women open first.   I got a pop up message saying someone was trying to hank all my information.  So I just shut it down.

Then two days ago, my iPhone’s touchscreen looked up.  I had to drive to Kansas City to the Apple Store.  The guy at Genius Bar told me that they were going to give me a new phone.  But when he tried it, his iPad wouldn’t allow it.  Then he found out that they needed to repair it.  So, long story short, they took my phone and gave me a loner. But for some reason I can’t get the loaner to restore from the iCloud with all my information.  It is probably my fault. So, I don’t have any phone numbers or contacts.

Luckily for me, in going to see Vincent.  He can fix anything computer/phone related.  Man, I hate relying on electronics so much, but that is the way it is now, I guess.


17 thoughts on “Electronically Challenged Today

  1. Shano

    I’m waiting for the day when racers figure out how to hack Di2 so a nefarious racer might shift a competitor up or down a cog while cranking up a hill – Transmission doping?

  2. Barb

    If you are running Windows, you can do a system restore, which will get rid of the virus. System restore is easy, you can do it yourself, it’s free and will move the operating system/registry in your computer back to a prior restore point/date. As follows:

    Start–> All Programs–> Accessories–>System Tools (folder)–>System Restore. Just follow the prompts.

    If you’re on Mac, not sure what to tell you, but assuming their OS has a similar function. Sometimes the virus won’t let you run system restore, then you need to start in safe mode and try it there.

  3. Ed

    One other thing, you will probably need to boot to Safe Mode in order to run system restore, the virus will flood out any attempt to get into utilities in normal mode

  4. Jonathan Long

    Hey Steve, I would have thought that you would get your races from Cyclingtorrents.nl Its a great community and you don’t have to worry about spoilers or viruses. Maybe one of your electronically non challenged friends can set you up once your computer is fixed.

  5. Dave

    And people laugh when I pull out my ancient flip-phone without apps. Don’t have nor want a “smart” phone.

  6. MV

    No live races on the torrents. Often the cross races take days to show up. Get a cheap PC for watching the races and keep the macbook for more serious stuff.

  7. channel_zero

    Nooo. Apple’s OS still has some unix-ish features left. One of the nice ones is adding an unprivileged user. If anything asks to escalate privileges, just hit cancel and move on.

    You apple laptop owners should be running in the user account mode, not the Administrator account. That first user setup you get when you boot it for the first time is an administrator.

  8. Dude Ron

    Fancy Bear got you for talikin trash bout dem?! Yep we are a fated nation not one student here at NMSU looks up from theyre Smart Phone when Im cycling near them they just too busy texting theyre pals in The Art of Wandering 101 lolzzz

  9. Choppy Warburton

    I never look at online porn and have never had a virus even without using any protection.


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