1000 Athletes Involved in Doping According to the McLaren Report

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Man, I think I just need to throw in the towel on this doping in sports thing.  I understand that people will take risks to acquire goals, but this whole thing is getting ridiculous.   I don’t think that cycling necessarily started the mass doping situation that sports are in currently, but for sure, cycling brought the status to a new level.

And the current level is insane.  The McLaren Report states that as many as 1000 Russian athletes participated in state sponsored cheating.  The depth of the cheating is crazy.

From swapping urine samples to coming up with their own steroids that are not detectable, it was very advanced.

It’s up to the UCI to investigate the cycling part of the report.  The president of the UCI, Brian Cookson has said earlier

“Whether or not a laboratory in Russia is tampered with doesn’t really have that big an impact on our sport when cyclists are competing all over the world and being tested all over the world.

“The independent processes we’ve put in place, I believe, wouldn’t allow me – even if I wanted to, which I don’t – to sweep anything under the carpet.”

That doesn’t look too good for the home team.  I guess he missed the undetectable steroids and such.  And, I have no idea what the last statement is all about.  I’m not sure why he would have even said it.

I hope this thing doesn’t just disappear with Operation Puerto did.  It has been 10 years since then and the 211 blood bags were released nearly a year ago, but as far as I know, not one case has been brought against any athlete.  That seems crazy.  Cycling has blood samples of nearly every guy that might be involved.  It wouldn’t take much to match them up.  I guess no one is still interested much.

Anyway, there are some cyclocross races on now, so I think I’ll watch and try to just forget this nasty part of sport.  Unless the sanctions get way more severe, and that might not even help, the story is just going to be getting longer.





21 thoughts on “1000 Athletes Involved in Doping According to the McLaren Report

  1. James

    And Donald Trump is still going to be the most powerful man on earth in a few short weeks!

    No Truth brother. Welcome to the Idiocracy.

  2. LD

    Regarding ““The independent processes we’ve put in place, I believe, wouldn’t allow me – even if I wanted to, which I don’t – to sweep anything under the carpet” – perhaps he was referring to the coziness between the UCI and Lance Armstrong.

  3. Barb

    No worries, the Russians will just hack into WADA’s database of known dopers and remove their own names. No more problem. LOL

  4. RGT

    From CyclingNews:
    “The Russian Cycling Federation announced on its website that Viacheslav Ekimov is one of two candidates running to replace Igor Makarov as president of the organisation.”

    as said in one of the comments:
    “…well, that should help clear up the doping problem in Russian athletics…”

  5. conrad

    Probably. I always thought that USAC and UCI complicity in the Lance Armstrong affair was the biggest and still unresolved problem.

  6. The Cyclist

    I’m very happy there no such probs in Belgian cross scene. They are just naturally so much better than any other nation on the planet. Gonna go enjoy my Zilvermeer now from the last wknd and of course DVV Antwerp tomorrow.

  7. conrad

    It’s become clear to me that sporting events have taken a back seat to political chicanery at the Olympics. And the UCI. And the Russian federation. Probably the Brit’s and us and bunch of others too. I don’t give a shit about them anymore.

  8. donkybhoy

    All that state sponsored doping and they finished 4th behind USA, China and GB.

    Those 3 must have been doping their brains and bodies out of this world. As usual.

    PS How did Gwen beat dopers……

  9. James

    Doping athletes don’t affect the vast majority. However, a nut fuck, who relishes “releasing his beautiful twitter account” on anyone who dares cross him, will. Soon said nut fuck will have the FBI, CIA, NSA & the IRS in his quiver of personal weapons. There has never been a time in US history where the Executive branch has had more power than now. Just in time for nut fuck Trump!

  10. Stumper

    Steve if USA Cycling secretly began routine testing in Masters road events here, they’d probably come up with even more cheaters than this. Disgusting. Thanks Lance!

  11. Ted

    An over-the-counter diet pill (form of speed) and a can of diet coke is what most top level cyclists used in the 80’s before any criterium – caffeine pills for longer races towards the end of the race (when there was no ruling on caffeine) – you going to say you never even take a caffeine tablet in a road race? US Coaching gave me what was called the ‘bomb’ when I got dehydrated in Arizona so I could finish road races – don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house.

  12. Mike Rodose

    Please shut the fuck up about politics, trump or your other axes you need to grind.

    Go to Politico if you want to make this a political commentary.

  13. Choppy Warburton

    Only 2 ways to consistently win and it’s best to do both.

    Pick better doctors and pick better parents.


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