Tucker is 1 Today

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Tucker was born 1 year ago today. It is funny how time moves. We got him when he was just 8 weeks old, so we’ve been together over 10 months. He is a very good boy.

I like dogs. They make life, in general, much easier to navigate. They are super loyal, very dependable, and always fun to be around. Tucker is no exception.

The last couple months, for me, have been tough. Healing, in general, is taxing, in many ways. Physically and mentally. Having a Tucker around has made it way less painful. I wouldn’t have given it much thought before this, but it is definitely true. I really appreciate it.

Anyway, Trudi drove Tucker up to Chicago, through a snow storm, last night. So he is celebrating his birthday up there. He likes snow, he is really a cold weather dog. I doubt they will find a place for him to swim, since it is cold and snowy, but that is what he’d really like to do today. That and run, which I know he’ll do.

Anyway, Tucker is great and is a joy to be around.




It is pretty snowy up in the Windy City.

It is pretty snowy up in the Windy City.

14 thoughts on “Tucker is 1 Today

  1. Bob

    Hi Steve,congratulations on Tucker”s first bday! He is a cocker spaniel? He has kind,expressive and caring expression. It is good you verbalize and share your gratitude and love for the joy he brings you and Trudy! Thank you for yet another nice post. Bob

  2. numbnuts

    snow, we got 15cm (6 inches) of here… gone is the fun of riding ice packed trails (like a luge). Had so much fun in the last week riding a fat bike… gone is that fun for a while, till the trails get packed down. The snow that Chicago got, we got afterwards (day later).

    as for dogs, fully agree. They don’t argue, btch, complain etc… they just sit their happy to be out on the trails enjoying it all.

  3. Steve Tilford Post author

    Crank – I’m on a “borrowed” iPhone and they are supposedly fixing mine. This phone only has 16gb of memory compared to 128. So nothing is really working. And I used it to do this post, which was nearly impossible and took a long time. Little frustrating. But, that is how is goes sometimes.

  4. Bill K

    Chicago was not the place to be driving around in, yesterday. I shoveled my driveway four times yesterday, starting at 8:00AM and finishing at 10:00PM, when the snow stopped.

  5. Mike Rodose

    Steve – how much does Tucker weigh? How much more “filling-out” do you expect?

    Beautiful dog.

  6. sparkster

    Dogs really are man’s best friend. I walk a friends dog a lot since Sal died- he’s my therapy dog. Don’t know what I would have done without him. He’s willing to do anything in any weather- a lab/ husky mix. Best damn dog ever!! Happy Birthday to Tucker


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