NYC Marathon Today – Gwen Jorgensen is Running

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This weekend is packed with athletic events.  The two UCI cross races in Louisville, Iceman Cometh was yesterday in Traverse City, plus the NYC Marathon is today.    I’m looking forward to the later.

My friend, Gwen Jorgensen is running her first marathon this morning.  I haven’t talked to her in the last month, but back then, she was just going to do the race and enjoy.  I hope that works out for her.  She did the US 10 mile National Championships about a month ago and finished 3rd, less than 30 seconds out of winning.  She ran 53:13.  I know a marathon is 2 1/2 times as long, but she can run.

I’ve received a few texts from Pat, Gwen’s husband, the last month.   We didn’t chat about Gwen, but they both know it is just testing the waters.  She is hoping to run under 2:38, which I think she can do easily.  I say that as I’m having a terrible time trying to walk around a short block at night.  I’m thinking she’ll run 2:34, probably faster.  And it is going to be pretty hard the last 30 minutes. I think that is how marathons go.  They were down in the Bahamas, doing the Island House Triathon, which she won for the 2nd year in a row.   Now just a marathon and her stellar season in done.  Pretty big year.

I have never ran that far.  I did a 1/2 marathon a long time ago.  Cold turkey.  I hadn’t ran a step in a year or two.  I did 1:15 and walked the last couple miles.  It wasn’t like I was cramped up, it was like my legs were so tight they couldn’t extend more than 8 inches.  But, I never could run as fast as Gwen does continually.

Anyway, the NYC Marathon women’s start is at 9:20 eastern time.  There are 50,000 people running the event.  How crazy is that?  Anyway, I plan on watching the race.  I know I have a few more hours until the start, but I’ve been up most of the night, so at least it is getting close.   It is supposed to be great temperatures for running there today.  High of 57 degrees, which is good.

Anyway, I wish Gwen luck.  Along with all my friends that are racing again in Louisville.  I’m missing out.  The race is live on ESPN2 at 9 am eastern time.

Gwen Jorgensen on a training run in Minneapolis, MN on 03 November 2014

Gwen on a training run in Minneapolis.

Would be pretty fun doing this, huh?

Would be pretty fun doing this, huh?



45 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Today – Gwen Jorgensen is Running

  1. mike crum

    steve, sell you bikes!!!!!! sell your bikes!!!!!!! buy some racing flats….. if the world record for the half marathon for men is 58:23, they came thru the 11 mile mark in probably 49:00… if you did a 1:15:00 but walked the last COUPLE miles, (if you walk a normal pace you cover a mile in roughly 15 minutes, and you walked the last COUPLE miles of your half marathon hurting.. so that’s 1:15:00 finishing time – 30 minutes of walking time..) so you came thru the 11 miles in probably 37:00… roughly 12:00 ahead of world record pace.. LOL.. I’m no cyclist.. just do tt on my own, and as a former runner ,400 meters, I know a BIT about running.. but this story is 100% full of shit..

  2. mike crum

    TILFORD of course…… telling a story like that.. walks the last COUPLE miles and still runs a 1:15:00… get your head out of his ass and ask him about that time he ran… total BS….

  3. sillypuddy

    If he said he did it, he did it.( no he didn’t) . now whats 4 breakfast, is it gonna be Captain Cruch or Coco Puffs again. Maybe both.

  4. Steve Tilford Post author

    mike-What is the matter with you? I finished 3rd in the race, lost by over 6 minutes, getting dropped less than 2 miles from the finish. I was beaten by a guy in 2nd, that ran by me, stopped in the ditch, took a poop, and then ran by me again.

    Do you think that 1:15 is fast for 1/2 marathon? At Chicago a couple years ago, they ran the 1/2 under an hour.

    I’ve run 31 minutes for 10K and under 15 minutes for 5. 1:15 for a 1/2 marathon, hobbled at the end, isn’t what I’d call amazing.

    Feel free to tell you own stories. Mine are normally pretty spot on.

  5. Charlie

    Your self-esteem seems damaged by this story, Mike. That’s kind of sad. Maybe you should go run it out for a bit.

  6. Steve Tilford Post author

    Krakatoa – I’ll bet ya on that one. I’ve trained with her a bunch. I know that never running a marathon before, anything can happen. But she runs mid 33’s during 10K, so she can run quite a bit slower and still break the 2:40 time. Unless she completely seizes up, 2:30-2:35 is within her current abilities. But it is a marathon. Those last miles are new territories.

    Here is the link to track her –

  7. Thomas

    Gwen has run well today. Her paceing is all over the place though. Tough to run fast with all the surges. She will run faster in the future for sure with a bigger build up. Very happy for her. What a great year.

  8. Choppy Warburton

    Based on what Steve wrote, and using the 538 tool – she would need to be training 100 miles a week based on her current 10k times of .55 of an hour to get down to 2:33ish.

    If she’s only doing 50 miles a week, she’s more likely to do 2:45.

  9. Choppy Warburton

    Looks like she ran 2;41:01

    Let’s hope Nate Silver is also right about election 2016 – aka USA’s clusterfuck to the apocalypse.

  10. Rod

    The fastest Chicago half marathon was 1:05 : 53 in 2003. The world record is just over 58 minutes. One hour 15 minutes is very fast.

  11. robog

    2:41, great, realistic effort given her training. Might have cracked 2:40 without the overly ambitious 5:30’s miles in Brooklyn. Might get close to 2:30 with a run only program, if she can handle it (nearly all run volume to get there is going much more demanding). Still fantastic given her program.

  12. KrakatoaEastofJava

    OK, 2:41. Damn good, and faster than Lance’s first crack at it. Actually, for an Olympic distance triathlete, that’s superb for a first crack.

  13. The Cyclist

    OMG! 10k in just 31 min! I’m so impressed I’m gonna lose my shit. The bleedin WR is at 26 something. Running is so boring and HARD and you say you hate and still do these times. Respect.

  14. Dose Of Reality

    1:15 half with two miles walking/running (~ 10 min/mile pace) would be 11.1 miles in 55 minutes, or a steady 4:57.3 min/mile pace. If he ran all the way at that pace, his half-marathon time would have been 1:04:55 on zero base training, faster than the fastest Chicago half marathon time ever. If that’s accurate, then Steve really should have stayed with running. Given the huge purses in running, with record-setting speed on zero training, he’d have made a lot more money that in bike racing.

  15. Yacht boy

    I’m not sure Mr Tilfords times are accurate. 31 mins and sub 15. You don’t ride all your life and suddenly step off the bike and run those times. Not doubting his toughness but one has to run regularly to post those times. Cycling fitness isn’t enough.

  16. Mike crum

    BS!! U did not run 11 miles and walk the last two and finish in 1:15:00. Maybe u ran the full 13.1 in 1:15:00, believable, but that’s not want u said. Reread ur post. U said u walked the last 2 miles. Total bs story. Do the math. U were hobbling too u said.. Probably walked the last two slower than 15:00 per mile I’m giving u. Bs story steve. I would believe u ran a full 13.1 in 1:15:00 but no way u ran that 1:15:00 walking the last two miles . Lol. Do the math

  17. Mike crum

    Dose of reality… I like your figuring… But Steve said he walked the last two miles. You gave him the benefit of jogging/walking the last two. Do your math on exactly what he said . WALKING the last two miles. Thanks brother..

  18. Steve Tilford Post author

    Mike – The math is that they started the race, I ran for the win for the first 11 + miles and then couldn’t run anymore. My finish time was 1 hour 15 minutes. That is the math. The guy that won, missed making the Olympic Marathon Trials twice by less than 30 seconds. He ran 2:20 plus change twice. His fastest time for the 1/2 marathon was a little of 1:05 I believe. Do you understand an hour 15 for 13 miles. That is about 5:45 miles. Maybe you don’t or have never ran, but that isn’t competitive on a national level.

    And BTW, I’ve done 3 triathlons. I finished 1st twice, both times having the fastest bike and run times at the events. The 3rd was a Xterra National and I finished 6th. The run was supposed to be 10K. It was 9 miles. I walked the last 1/2 mile at that race too. All these with virtually zero running to train.

    No, I wasn’t walking 20 minute miles, but I did loose the race by over 6 minutes when leading with less than 2 miles to run. So, that is my math. Yours is just off.

  19. Mike crum

    Steve, Idc about a guy taking a poop , a guy missing the olympic trials, or you doing 3 triathlons. I’m just calling u out on what YOU said. You said walked the last two miles and finished in 1:15:00. BS!! BS!! Lol.

  20. Jay

    If Steve did a 4:16 mile then he is/was a faster miler than 99.9999% of all Amercian men. I don’t like running, but I was never very good at it (best mile time about 5:45). I had no idea Steve was such a good runner. I’d say, he should focus on running for his health’s sake.

  21. paul boudreaux

    Not a bad idea. Based on the times Steve has run with little or no training, it is clear that he may actually have missed his calling. By contrast there is no doubt that Armstrong had no real talent for running based on what he showed during his triathlete career and his post cycling marathons.

    Steve, I’ve commented this before and now more than ever you really should take a year and make a run at the 55+ world records in the 1500/Mile and 3000/2 mile. They are extremely breakable for someone like you. Keep recovering and and once you are ready, go for it. You could plan to break them in summer ’17. Then get back on the bike when you’ve had plenty of time to recover prior to risking another crash.

  22. Tony

    Mike crum. He must have walked something less than the two miles. Despite what the text says. Anyway no big deal one way or the other

  23. Donald J Trump

    Who gives a shit whether he ran 1:15 for a half ,where the %&$# is the photo of tucker.
    Vote early and vote often.If you are a registered Democrat due to heavy voting expected you are required to vote after 8:00 pm est

  24. sillypuddy

    Ya see Steve, you don’t know how to walk it back. There are lots of very good D1 tracksters out who specialize in middle distance who couldn’t take serious time off from training go for a hard bike ride then get off and run a 4:16 mile. Honestly, that sounds retarded. I have faith in most things you claim. This little story seems to have gotten away from ya. With all due respect. And lets get back to cycling stuff.

  25. Choppy Warburton

    There’s no place for running in cycling. Didn’t we learn that from Chris Froome last summer?

  26. dallas

    Steve is awesome and I love his stories and observations.

    I don’t care if Steve really limped in with a 1:15 20 years ago or not, but this seems like a good time to link to the official Paul Ryan running pace calculator.

    We love you Steve. Take care of yourself and get healthy.

  27. Mike crum

    He probably could run a 1:15:00 half marathon based in what his mile time and 10k times are , but no way he ran a 1:15:00 by walking the last two miles like Steve said he did … Lol no fuckin way

  28. davidh60010

    Peak Crum = Starting a flame war with a person recovering from TBI. Maybe time to move on, Mike?

    Steve, based on your writing you seem to be doing better, but I will join the hundreds of other commentators and say take it easy! This is going to take a while.

  29. Freddie J


    Your comment times 1,000. What I cannot figure out about people such as Crum is why they don’t have something better to do with their lives than, as you say, antagonize someone suffering from a very serious injury (or antagonize anyone, for that matter). I guess i don’t get the mentality of trolls – life is too short!


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