TBI’s are Complicated

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You know, I don’t take much anything for granted.  I realized, really realize, that I won the lottery when being born here in Kansas, in the United States of America.  I have been so fortunate to be able to travel throughout the world, allowing me to observe how the rest of the humans on it live.  It just reconfirms how lucky I am.

As I age, things are getting a little tougher.  Which is to be expected.  It is a new challenge, which I like challenges, so it’s fine.   Injuries aren’t nearly so good though.  Short term injuries can, and sometimes do, turn into permanent issues.  That is understandable.  I get it, so it is just another part of life.

This head injury I have now is something I didn’t expect.  I’ve been concussed quite a few times in my life.  It is nearly impossible to not have been if you race bicycles as much as me.  I’ve been doing this since I was a young teenager, so, of course, I’m going to have been hurt a fair amount.

I’ve been trying to read up on this TBI issue.  I guess just about anytime you hit your head you suffer some kind of TBI, which is traumatic brain injury.   Like I wrote a few days ago, normally when I whack my head hard enough to knock me out, I break something else that overtakes the head problem as soon as I wake up.  Normally a broken collarbone, shoulder, or any number of other bones.  The concussion becomes nearly nothing as I try to recover from the whole crash.

Not this time.  I wasn’t too worried about it at the hospital.  They told me that they didn’t have to drill a hole in my head to relieve pressure and that it might take a bit, but I would be fine.  I though that meant like I was going to have a bad week or two, then everything was going to fix itself.  I knew nothing.

I’ve been reading up on this whole thing for a bit each day.  What I’ve learned is that there are so many different levels of these TBI’s that it is a wait and see game.  I’ve actually talked to a few guys that have had them and I’m skipping that for a few more weeks.    These things can linger for a long while.  I’m going to wait until I see the doctor at KU med and get some answers to the questions I still have before I take a different tact.

My main problems so far are headaches, which are nearly unbearable, and loss of balance. And of course, lack of close to enough sleep.  These three things make the day kind of a wreck.  I don’t have enough energy to do anything and can’t sleep enough to get the energy so I can. Pretty big quandary.   It has to get better sooner.  Because later is going to be a long time from now. Ouch.

I’m hoping this is all over by the time the election is over.   I know that it all won’t be over completely, but I’m hoping that I can sleep by then.  I’ve listened to enough NPR from all over the world about our election.  I’m done with that.  Let’s just vote and move on to the next stupid thing that no one agrees on.  It ain’t going to get any better this next week.

Okay, time limit is up again.  I probably should read my emails soon.  It is over a 1000 now. Most I’ve read are just well wishes, which is super nice.  Lots from people I haven’t seen in a long time, which is great.  It is the weekend.  NPR on Saturday morning is alright.  It doesn’t start early enough for me, since  Friday night is really the start of my Saturday morning currently.

Tucker has been laying on the coffee table in the living room to keep an eye on me and what is going on out front.

Tucker has been laying on the coffee table in the living room to keep an eye on me and what is going on out front.  Pretty weird spot for a dog.

11 thoughts on “TBI’s are Complicated

  1. Choppy Warburton

    Seriously – ask your Dr about Indomethacin and Fioricet. It should settle down those migranes right away.

  2. LD

    “These things can linger for a long while. I’m going to wait until I see the doctor at KU med and get some answers to the questions I still have before I take a different tact.”

    Yes! Take your time. Listen to Kathy LeMond. Realize that the TBI can make you impulsive. Please let yourself heal.

  3. Just Crusty

    Maybe what you’re experiencing now is “recovery”.
    So today you’re able to read up on TBI where a week or so back you simply couldn’t read because of the pain.
    This is something called “progress”. Just not the kind of progress you had in mind.
    Hang in there. Keep working at it.

  4. Mark Eyster

    You are lucky to have been born in Kansas. I’m currently heading east on 54 , then in a hour going up I-35. It felt good this morning waking up in Liberal after being on the west coast for a week.
    The west coast is not a place I would ever want to live.
    Take it easy Steve , and recover. Please listen to your doctor’s ….

  5. James

    My grandmother had a TBI. I am her med power of attorney, so I have some exp here.

    First off, its not like other injuries where a doc can say for certain what your rec time & long term prognoisis will be. There are so many factors that come into a brain impact. Add to this your previous impacts & its all up in the air.

    You must get used to this. It could be a fast recovery & no long term issues. It could be longer & any number of issues could come up. You can ask docs all day, but at end of day its pure speculation.

    Just prep for the long haul & hope for the short. And don’t rush it.

    They told me my grandmother- 91 when she fell – was toast & she’d never be the same. She’s 94 & proved all the docs who quit on her wrong.

  6. channel_zero

    It has to get better sooner.

    Yeah, that’s not going to work any more. Denial isn’t functional.

    I hope you are able to get help and let others help.

  7. Ed

    The pressure headaches will subside over time, but with your history of head injuries this one probably will cause permanent brain damage. Riding without a helmet was crazy and now you will have to live with the what the decision has led to.

  8. MV

    Hate to bring the helmet thing up, but your suffering has made me wear mine more often. I grew up not wearing one, and when riding alone I leave it in the car most often. Not anymore recently.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  9. Fast4Fifty

    Going through TBI myself at the moment (car hit me while on my bike on Oct. 4), and put me in ICU for the week. Recovery sucks, and it’s scary. Will my hearing ever be back to normal again? Will the pain in my head stop? No one is making any promises. Thank God I was wearing a helmet – the EMTs said I would have died without it. Just take it one day at a time, Steve. We’re rooting for you.

  10. Dude Ron

    Doolin Daltons hung out in Liberal. I used to hit 54 in Alamogordo NM and ride it all the way to Jeff City Mo where I picked up 50 and rode east. Those were the days riding thru the Land of Oz seemed like half the USA haha. Sweet Peace in Time


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