Tucker’s Lights

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It is funny, I’m not that concerned about being ran over by a car when I’m out riding at night. Even with the selection and advancement of bicycle lighting, I’ve just never put much thought into it.  It is just more things on my bike and I already have too many things on my bike for my liking.  I bought some cheap China headlights to ride gravel at night last year with the gang, but even those I’m not sure where they are.  I’ve never had the worry that I might need daytime lights, even though I see a ton of riders using them.

But Tucker is a different deal.  I would like Tucker to be lite up like the 4th of July.  He is a goof-ball and sort of pays attention to traffic, but I don’t trust him.  We do a lot of night runs/walks and automobiles are my biggest worry.

On Bromont and Tucker, I’ve always had collar lights.  I have been using Nite Ize lights for a long time.  They come in a lot of different color, I use red, and seem to last even when submerged in lakes.  I buy bulk CR2016 batteries from Hong Kong to replace the batteries.  I don’t understand how I can get 100 batteries from Hong Kong for less than $5 shipped.  The postage must be next to nothing.

When I considered the batteries from Hong Kong, I didn’t understand why the lights cost so much in comparison.  At Petco and Home Depot, the lights are around $8.  That seemed exorbitant compared to the battery prices.  So I went only eBay and there are knock-off lights for less than a dollar.  Closer to 75 cents.  I just ordered 10.  I assume they will be sub-standard compared to the Nite Ize lights, but Tucker has been chewing his lights recently and he is going through them pretty quickly.

Tucker wears a lot of bling on his collar.  His light, dog tag, rabies vaccine tag, tag from being chipped, etc.  It is really Bromont’s collar, he out grew his own collar. I like it that he is wearing Bromont’s collar.  Somehow it seems like there is a connection.  He makes quite a racket when running, which I like, since most of the time he is in deep grass or the woods and I can only hear him, not see him.

I think the most important thing on his collar is his light.  I don’t think he is going to get lost.  I worried a ton about Bromont running off, but Tucker likes people, especially us, so he keeps an eye out for us at all times.  The longest he has been out of sight out on a run is maybe 1 minute. So the light is key.  Funny I worry about his safety so much more than my own.  Guess that is how it works.

He has a lot of stuff on his collar.

He has a lot of stuff on his collar.

Jack, Nic and Tucker waiting to go out in Silverthorne.

Jack, Nic and Tucker waiting to go out in Silverthorne.

He can be goofy for sure.

He can be goofy for sure.

This picture pooped up on Facebook today.  It was from 6 years ago.  Bromont had ripped himself up running around the woods in Cable and we had to put a shirt on him so he didn't lick out his stitches.  Can't see his light, but he has one.

This picture pooped up on Facebook today. It was from 6 years ago. Bromont had ripped himself up running around the woods in Cable and we had to put a shirt on him so he didn’t lick out his stitches. Can’t see his light, but he has one.



12 thoughts on “Tucker’s Lights

  1. Wildcat

    Uhhh… Have you ever checked out “PROMOTION AND CONTACT INFO” at the top left of the page. He seriously doesn’t care. Even to his haters – he’ll invite them to meet him so they can discuss whatever topic they happen to disagree upon. Me? I won’t even put my real name on a blog post. For Steve I’ve always assumed it was the no kids thing. I won’t put my info because I worry about my kids – I live my life now for them. However, Steve has no such worries so why should he care if people know where he lives. Heck, go to his house and join their group for a ride sometime!

  2. Shano

    love the dog stories and photos. Reminds SO MUCH of my little guy and all the goofball antics that were a constant for 12 happy years. Forgot about the collar chewing trick. He’d look up at me in mid chew with that in his mouth and give me that look and he knew he was off the hook. Impossible to get mad at them and they just know it 🙂

  3. numbnuts

    Shebear – husky/chow/lab mix has just two things on her collar, a name tag and the necessary 30 dollar a yer license which I just got nabbed for not too long ago. I lost her many times, once when she was a pup and we were out skiing. Came around the corner at midnight on a local xc ski trail and there were a set of people there. Poof, off she went into the forest. Luckily she found the car. And, when I first got her she escaped out of her harness, husky are known as good escape artists. Luckily she ran to the school and they reported her missing to the vet. Then many times when out mtbing with her. I’d get a flat or something then she’d go find another gang of cyclists to hang around with. Luckily I had the tags with a phone number… she was always returned, luckily. At night, on the trails, I use an LED light. I typically don’t go out in the winter till after 9pm when not many are on the winter cycling trails. In the summer, I head out before it gets dark, but as fall approaches, I’ll have to stick back on the LED light. I just keep the light on while going for a ride then it comes off otherwise she will tear it off. It weights down her collar too much and causes a fuss. I’ll typically spend 5 bucks on a light from mountain equipment coop. No more than that though, people go crazy spending money on stuff like that… not sure why, its a light.

  4. numbnuts

    oh yah, make sure your dog doesn’t eat those batteries, that would be a pricey trip to the vet…

  5. Steve Tilford Post author

    Ed-Like Wildcat said, I don’t have any reason to try to hide my address or phone number. Why would I? Isn’t that what a phone book used to be for? It isn’t like if, for some reason, someone wanted to harm me or something, they could’t find out where I live. Too many people are too concerned about stupid stuff nowadays.

  6. Dann Steffey

    Because there’s so many sick f:&$#@s that prey on kids…nobody with kids would want any personal info out there…not much more to explain.


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