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You know how I’m not too controversial and don’t really say what I think.  Well here is another one.  Gun control.  I know many of you will disagree, but guns in our society aren’t working. Even the police superintendent of Chicago thinks there needs to be more gun control laws.

I’m tired of going out riding and having that worry, in the back of my mind, that if I get into a controversy with someone that there is a very small chance that someone might pull out a gun and escalate the argument into something majorly different.

People used to settle differences with words.  Every once in a while a fist.  Now it escalates into potential death.  It doesn’t do any of us any good.

More American have been killed, in America, by guns, since 1968, than all Americans killed in all wars combined since we have been a nation.  That is an unbelievable fact.  Here is a link to some more charts about the correlation of gun ownership and deaths.

We need to address this eventually and now seems like a good time.  We need to stop the wrong people from randomly, or not so randomly, going around and shooting our children, friends and fellow Americans.  Other countries have addressed this and it is working out great for them, but…..we’re Americans and we believe we are more responsible or something, thus the 2nd amendment exists.  It is wrong, at least our interpretation of the amendment is jacked up, and we need to fix it.  We all need to be more open minded and address this obvious problem of society.

Watch the comic below.  He is making light, kind of, of a very serious situation our society hasn’t been able to handle responsibly, guns.  The guy is pretty raunchy.   From personal experience, guys from Australia and New Zealand have potty mouths.  But that doesn’t mean what he is saying isn’t true.  And it is serious.  I don’t really disagree with anything he says.


These were seized from one individual in California. He bought them from private sellers and bought ammunition on the internet. It ain't hard to find.

These were seized from one individual in California. He bought them from private sellers and bought ammunition on the internet. It ain’t hard to find.

People that carry guns don't think they will be one of the 3 out of 100,000 that die because of guns, but what they don't realize is that they increase that very chance by a huge percentage.

People that carry guns don’t think they will be one of the 3 out of 100,000 that die because of guns, but what they don’t realize is that they increase that very chance by a huge percentage.

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  1. Jason

    It’s funny how this post received like 60 comments a day after it was posted unlike all of your other posts, which typically only receive comments within 12 hours or so of posting. Do people just look for anything related to guns on the internet every day so they can post comments? Do they get paid to do this? That much anger cannot be healthy. I’d rather read about riding bicycles. 🙂

  2. The Cyclist

    Haha… good one. Only accordin to your theory if ma gun’s bigger’an yours you drop dead first.

  3. Eric

    actually, we all know from reading this blog that Steve has his cats spayed or neutered so it wasn’t his……

  4. charlie

    Not a big gun guy myself, but, I am observant of the society I live in. 9/10th of our society restrains from committing crime for two reasons: 1. It is unethical, not the right thing to do, it is wrong. 2. Negative reinforcement (if caught, price to be paid). 9/10th of the society has 1 & 2 in effect. 1/10th only has # 2. We all have witnessed what happens when our society has a break down (Katrina, etc). Once the negative reinforcement is not present (or at least temporarily gone or perceived to be absent), this 1/10th, not having any deterrent present, goes about committing crime. So, for all those who see no reason for anyone to have a firearm (simply call the police, that is their job), I would say this: When a criminal strikes (murder, rape, mugging, stealing) it is happening “right now.” One rarely has advanced notices of such things. So, when the day comes where my daughter, sister, anyone who is unable to defend from a grown thug with a knife or gun, has instant police protection, that will be the day I see no reason for private citizens to have a gun. I.E. The day a women can pick up her phone and just press a button in one second and then within 30 seconds the police are on the spot………….perfect, agree, no need for a gun. However, although I have great admiration for our police (little brother included), impossible for police to respond fast enough in 90% of said cases. Thus, the individual has every right to defend their lives. I may not feel the need to reach for a gun & you may not feel the need. But, if your 15 year old daughter was home alone and some thug new it and was smashing down the door to get her, you might be dam glad she had one.

  5. chuck martel

    There didn’t seem to be any mention of how many gun fatalities were the result of bullets flying out of the barrel of law enforcement firearms.

  6. LD

    Many years ago when I was a teenager walking home from school, a man approached me from behind and put his hand up my skirt. I screamed and he took off. I ran home and told my dad and first thing he did was get his handgun out of the safe and went off looking for the guy. I am thankful to this day that he didn’t find the guy (or any guy) because of what would likely have happened to my father had he killed someone. I truly get the fear of being attacked but there are serious risks that accompany having a gun.

  7. LD

    I was trying to point out that good intentions do not always mitigate unexpected circumstances. No one who has accidentally killed someone with a gun intended to do so, but it happened nonetheless. Particularly when someone is in a heightened state of emotion (fear, panic, angry), things happen that are later regretted. Having easy access to a handgun can be life-changing for all involved.

  8. LD

    Sorry, not the point that was being made. If you don’t have a handgun, then you won’t wake up from a bad dream and reach under your pillow and kill the intruder you dreamed of, who turned out to be your teenager coming home after curfew. People who are the most capable gun handlers in the world still have accidents. You are convinced that you will never, ever, could never, ever, misuse a gun but shit does happen.

  9. B

    Get real. If a thug was smashing down the door, your 15 year old daughter would be in mortal danger. She better be very very quick, a very good shot with calm nerves and be ready to pump round after round into the intruder while he continues to come after her. If he’s capable of smashing down the door, he won’t stop until he’s dead or dying. Likelihood of her being that prepared? Almost zero chance.

    She should run as fast as she can and call 911. Leave the shooting to professionals.


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