Monday Rambling – Cramping Cured?

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Yesterday my guys here in Topeka did a 4 hour ride.  It was super muggy, but not hot by Kansas standards.  Even with the cooler temperatures, my legs were feeling iffy.  They are still a little destroyed from Leadville two weeks ago.  I’m pretty sure that is the longest duration in a race I’ve ever had to deal with cramping issues.  The residual effects are hanging around pretty long.

So, I decided to look around for a remedy.  I found this website, its the nerve, that has given me hope.  It is a product, not on the market, as of yet, that supposedly cures cramping issues.  It is a company co-founded by Rod MacKinnon a, a Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist. (That sounds pretty promising, a Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist. )  Anyway, I don’t know much about their product other than it claims to “cure” sports related cramping by addressing the nerves that causes them.  I might make it my mission to try to test some of this stuff.  I would be the perfect guy for that.  It is supposed to be commercially available in 2016. Maybe my legs will be recovered by then?

My neighborhood has taken upon itself to start cutting down huge trees, for virtually no reason. My neighbors across the street cut down a 60 year old Oak tree.  Rumor has it that they did it because they were experiencing ants in their pool filter and a tree guy said that the ants lived in the tree, so they just decided to cut it down.  Another guy around the corner cut down a gigantic hickory and from what I can tell, he did it to rough cut the wood for some reason.  Can you imagine cutting down a 100 year old tree, in your front yard, just to use the wood?  People are so short sighted a lot of the times.

On the ride yesterday, there were 5 of us left, sort of coming back on the edge of town, Topeka, when a white pickup decided to pass us up a hill over a solid yellow.  He made the decision way behind us because he came by fast.  The usual thing here was that there was a silver minivan coming down the hill, directly at him.  But, he didn’t blink and the van had to make an abrupt serve off the road into the ditch.  Then the pickup drive pulls into our lane and proceeds to brake and then flips us off, yelling out the window.

Bill went off on the guy.  I just said that I wanted to talk to his girlfriend in the passenger seat. She was yelling at him and even hit is leg, or something  telling him to stop it.

I was planning to tell her that she shouldn’t be sitting in that truck, that she had probably witnessed the guy do 100’s of things like this and it was a waste of her life spending it with such a bad person.  This would have pissed the guy off more than anything I could say to him, plus it was the truth, so maybe it would have helped her.  But, I didn’t get the chance because the guy drove off at high speed.  We don’t encounter that many irate drivers around Topeka, but when we do, sometimes they are way over the line.

The Gateway Cup, in St. Louis this weekend, has an overall omni prize list.  It is $13000 for both me and women.  The women’s prize list is exactly the same as the men’s. Seems like a pretty good prize list for races nowadays.  Maybe I can make expenses back this weekend?

I need to assemble parts for my mountain and cross bikes the next couple days.  I decided that I’m leaving my cross bikes 10 speed, I guess.  I can’t justify riding 11 speed when I have so many 10 speed rear race wheels.  It just doesn’t make sense.  This wheel dilemma is annoying.  10 or 11, disc or rim braking?  Makes for non interchangeable wheels between road and cross.  I hate it.

I was thinking about going to get a blood test today, but maybe missed my window, since I’ve already eaten a bowl of cereal.  I have to drive to Lawrence, that is the nearer LabCorp.  I’m interested in my hematocrit since I spent 6 weeks at altitude.  Plus my cholesterol.  I’ve been eating a ton of eggs and butter.  Maybe tomorrow.

Okay, that enough, I could keep going on and on.  Funny how a mind works.

Neighbor that cut the tree to make it into dimensional lumber.

Neighbor that cut the tree to make it into dimensional lumber.

Trudi dug up a bunch of potatoes yesterday after riding. I though they would all be bigger.

Trudi dug up a bunch of potatoes yesterday after riding. I though they would all be bigger.

The pets tend to migrate to whereever Trudi is at.

The pets tend to migrate to where ever Trudi is at.  She’s still sleeping a bunch.



These guys should be working a ‘cross pit!








27 thoughts on “Monday Rambling – Cramping Cured?

  1. Scott W

    yes the omnium payout may be good, but the daily prize lists are a joke after paying 50 bucks a race. A lot of local races have higher payouts, except in STL, their payouts have gone down the toilet while entry fees have gone up.

  2. Mark Weber

    My standard line in that situation is “Ya know there’s 2 kinds of men in this world, and you’re niether of them.” Most don’t get it….

  3. ScottO

    Maybe you’re thinking about the tree the opposite way. If I have to cut down trees in my yard, I will mill them into dimensional lumber. Not the other way around.

    I feel exactly the same about wheels right now, 10spd rim brake road and cross, because when you change it has to be everything.

  4. Bruce Gilbert

    Steve, how did the electrolye that we sent you last year work out?
    Do you need more of our lube and degreaser?
    Come see us at Interbike. Bike Medicine is in booth 21215. We are putting together a piece of business that you may be interested in.

  5. Telford

    “This wheel dilemma is annoying. 10 or 11, disc or rim braking? Makes for non interchangeable wheels between road and cross.” It’s about to get a lot worse. I’ve been looking at disc frames and everything seems to be going to 142mm rear spacing and thru axles front and rear. Can’t imagine doing a fast wheel change using TA.

  6. Your Neighbor

    Judge much? Bet you thought your internet thing was clever-clever land and no one that lives around you has a clue as to how clever you think you are? Wrong

    Now I’ve got my eye on you, and I’m passing judgement. Being your neighbor is no picnic, I hope one of your 50 cats eats you in your sleep

  7. Team BMC medical officer

    Firstly, I would recommend that you reduce the dose of whatever products you were on when you wrote this blog entry. In order to move forward, you’re going to need to be lucid.

    As for your hematocrit, just come into the office and we’ll get you sorted out. If it’s too low, we can fix that. If it’s too high we can fix that too. We can get you right to the edge and you will feel like a hundred bucks. Don’t worry and please remember to keep this somewhat quiet.

    Enhancedly yours, Doc

  8. TIM

    The prize list is pretty good for St Louis races where that promoter isn’t the promoter. The recent Grove Crit and Edwardsville Crits are great examples. Those are by far the best two races around StL — and not just for their prize list. They had all kinds of other things going on for spectators. The Edwardsville crit had bicycle art projects for kids and vendors galore. It was like a party with a bike race going on in the middle. These races need to be emulated around the entire mid-west.

  9. Gina Poertner, CHES


    I can imagine Bill’s tirade at that guy and the adrenaline jolt that many of us have experienced with drivers who put us in danger while we’re riding. Once we’re done yelling at them, here’s something solid we can do:

    When drivers harass, put you in danger while cycling, or even hit and run, you can enter it into the “Close Call Database,”

    Enter any information you have such as the license plate, description of the car, driver, what happened, when, where, anything you want to document. If a driver should get caught by law enforcement or have a suit filed against them and there are prior complaints listed here, it could help to bring proper consequences for such actions. There is a map that provides access to reports from all over so you can see how others are reporting. There’s also an option to log in with Strava if you use it.

    Stay safe, and thank you for sharing your experiences.

    Gina Poertner
    President, KanBikeWalk, Inc.

  10. Bob

    Ants in the pool filter ? Cutting down 100 year old trees in your yard for wood? Yeah that’s always a smart move. Really helps your property value too, not to mention the entire neighborhood’s property values. But hey, who gives a shit about anybody else. Get rid of all that dam shade, make’s it nice on those hot summer days dosen’t ASSHOLE? Why not just asphalt the whole yard?

  11. Wildcat

    Yep, I carry a S&W M&P Bodyguard .380 – Alabama Holster makes a back-pocket holster out of 60mil Kydex that is perfect for center jersey pockets.

  12. H Luce

    Here in Kansas, where there are few enough viable trees, especially in town, it’s stupid to cut down trees for lumber alone. I’ve had to take trees out which were dying and couldn’t be saved, and one of those I had cut up into dimensional lumber. You can get a lot of lumber out of some of those trees, but it’s best to cut them down and let them lie, supported, off the ground, for six to nine months, to dry out, then cut them up.

  13. Slim

    So Buddy, let me see if I understand you correctly.
    It sucks to have cramping legs.
    It sucks that the “miracle cure” isn’t available until 2016.
    Two of your neighbors suck
    Drivers in Kansas suck
    Too many gearing options suck
    The size of potatoes suck
    The cost of Hotel rooms on Labor Day suck
    Oh yea, almost forgot, Doping sucks
    Did I miss anything?

  14. Tom


    I’ve been cramping not during a ride but later for several years now. I cramp in my quads, hamstrings, ankles, calves, etc. The cramps can last up to 5 minutes. What helps me a lot is to stretch religiously 3-5 times a week, stretch as many muscles as I can think of.

  15. Craig

    Exactly what I was thinking. I have to cut down an elm that is diseased, dying and in danger of damaging the house. It has to be over 100 years old and while it pains me to do it I will recycle as much of it as I can …

    Regarding wheels … yep … 11-speed will come in time as will disc brakes for cross but for now everything is 10 speed and rim …

  16. Ghost of Andy Rooney

    Steve Tilford is taking over my crown as the Lord of Curmudgeons. There’s a good future, everyone loves a complainer

  17. mike crum

    steve, why didnt/dont you ask eric heiden about cramps, or your girl who has ties with the bmc team doctors? the bmc guys ride probably more than you and get cramps too. ask either doctor every question you have about cramps..very suprised you havent. leadville was long ago and you still think you have no legs because you were crampng a long time.. ask those doctors..

  18. HANS

    I understand your love of trees, but here in New England those old trees are too close to our homes. Trees break and homes get broken.

  19. Clifford Allen

    I’m very much in favor of tight gun laws, but you are far from the first cyclist I’ve heard of (or known personally) using this logic. I’m also bummed because I understand the impulse completely.

  20. travis bickle

    Walther P99 perfect size for a jersey – you have me on power bu 10 shots – not much is going through that. It’s another S and W product.

  21. davidh

    You are right on the money, Slim. It is totally oppressive to have to come to this blog day after day and read things we don’t agree with or appreciate. Why can’t Steve be more like the ideal, authentic Tilford of our imaginations?

  22. Jay olson

    Saw Trudi in Denver. She gave my son a small but meaningful BMC momento in the feed zone. Tell her thanks. And greetings from Fargo. Home of my pals Craig and Pat L.


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