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I know I am probably repeating myself, but I truly don’t understand allergies.  I really don’t get how a human’s body somehow miss identifies pollen and such, as something harmful and then goes into a process that ultimately makes itself work worse and feel badly.

I can pretty much state for sure that I have a problem with most tree pollens.  Up in Northern Wisconsin, there is green pollen everywhere, covering the hoods of automobiles, on the sidewalks, etc.  I think it is pine pollen, but I’m not positive about that.  Whatever it is, I’m allergic to it.

I started feeling the effects of allergies last Sunday in Stillwater.  My nose was dripping down the back of my throat making it hard to breathe during the race.  I still felt pretty okay racing, just getting air was difficult.

The last few days up in Cable, it has only gotten worse.  Same drippy throat, but I’m started to feel rundown and the other symptoms I can usually associate with allergies.  I hate it.  It seems like as I move the country, from Texas, to Kansas, now up to Wisconsin, I just follow the tree pollen as I go.  It’s probably not the best thing for an athlete that has allergies.

When I was out in Colorado, I didn’t feel the effects of allergies.  I never check to see if the pollen count is high until I start feeling bad.

I checked a couple days ago and it was extreme. Today, after it rained last night, it says moderate.  Seems like I should feel better when it is moderate.  It never seems to work out that way.   Hopefully it gets better before racing up in Lutsen on Saturday.   Seems like racing a 100 mile MTB race, would be a good place to feel okay.  But also a place to run into a ton of pollen.

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8 thoughts on “Allergies

  1. Aaron

    Allegra D, one-a-day men’s pro health and one Tylenol ( smallest dose as possible) and I’m good for a full day. Plus a netty pot once a week… mTter how bad it is. I’m good with that combo…..and it gets bad here in NC.

  2. Scott Cahow

    There is definitely something in the air in the Northland. I’ve had the same raw throat for two days running. BTW Charlie says Hi. We were a the top of Chilkoot on Sunday to see your big ring surge, it was fun watching you pound on riders 1/ 2 your age

  3. Bryan

    Claritin and Allegra never did a thing for me. I sneezed out Flonase as soon as I squirted it up my nose. My Dr. of many years ago decided to put me on Zyrtec. It worked wonders. Now I won’t pay for the name brand, but the generic cetirizine is the same thing, can be bought over the counter, and costs pennies compared to the name brand. If I skip it for more than a day I pay for it.

  4. The Cyclist

    It’s not pollen… it’s all the frackin chemicals that are getting out into the air.

  5. daryl lister

    try snorting salty water up your nose at night and in the morning, 1/4 teaspoon in a glass of room temp water, helps with the mucus and should help you sleep better, at least it does for me. I,m asthmatic and have allergies and after cutting out dairy it made all the difference in the world to both conditions. I,m all for natural cures but i keep some antihistamine handy when it gets too much.


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