No UCI Motorhome Rule for Lutsen

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We’re heading up to Lutsen today for the Lutsen 99’er MTB race and we’re taking a motorhome.  So there, UCI.  It is a small one, very compact and driveable.

We were sort of running into a bed issue in Lutsen when Mick and Beth Endersbe, owner’s of the Rivers Eatery in Cable, so graciously offered their nearly brand new Winnebago Travato to use for the weekend.  They had already broken it in, doing a long trip out to Utah, through Brice Canyon, Arches, etc., but it still smells like new.   It seemed like too much, but after making a couple phone calls, it seemed like it might be the only choice, other than just tent camping.

Mick gave me a short walk-through of the Travato.  There are lots of bells and whistles, but I figure it is just for sleeping.  I didn’t need to know how to work the satellite TV etc.  So far I’ve done two MTB races this year and both times I’ve camped out in a motorhome.

Okay, I have to pack up.  We’re going to drive up to have breakfast at the Delta Dinner, then meeting up with some more guys from Kansas in Duluth at noon.  Then hopefully get to pre-ride some of the start and finish when we get there.  Should be fun, I guess.  I’m not sure about riding 100 miles on my MTB bike.  I haven’t really done a long effort in a month or so.  It should be fine.



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