The Tour Starts in a Week + and….

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I really don’t care.  Don’t get me wrong here, I’ll probably watch the race most mornings, but I’m pretty uninterested about the race in general.  Who cares who wins?  I’m not really sure why I feel that way.  Maybe it is my general disgust with many aspects of professional cycling, I don’t know.

I read that the Dutch police have already announced that they plan to protest and hold up the first two stages that are being held in Holland.  That is screwed up.   When bus drivers, or farmers, or whoever, protest the race, there are the police there that monitor the situation. Who does that when the police are the ones doing the protest?  The Dutch army?   Maybe the pre-announcement is out there to speed up the negotiations, I don’t know.  I don’t think that sporting events are the places to address contract disputes.

It seems like July, and the Tour, came up super quickly.  But June seemed pretty long.  I was in Colorado at the beginning of the month and have raced in Kansas City, Tulsa and Minneapolis since, plus this weekend in Lutsen Minnesota.  June did seem long.

It is super nice up in Cable Wisconsin right now, where I am.  It was a very hot day yesterday and it barely hit 80.  I did a lap of the Firehouse 50 loop yesterday and am going out for a long MTB ride today.   It is supposed to rain later this afternoon, which is fine.  The soil around here is super sandy and absorbs water really well.

Okay, I should get out riding before it rains.  It seems like such a waste spending time on a computer when there are so many options of things to do outside here.

I saw this and thought it was a Bald eagle, but it turned out to be an Osprey.

I saw this and thought it was a Bald eagle, but it turned out to be an Osprey.

Mick and Beth got a new puppy recently.  Beth is such a proud mother.

Mick and Beth got a new puppy recently. Beth is such a proud mother.




14 thoughts on “The Tour Starts in a Week + and….

  1. joriverdog

    Malaise….I feel very similar. I think they have stolen the “Magic” from the Tour. It was for me at one time a almost Mythical event. Now with the computers, radios, Drug enhanced legs and general lying about almost every aspect…well it left me with ?? Nothing but an empty feeling. Not sure it will ever recover for me…even if by a miracle Tejay won it all.

  2. Bill K

    I think that I would rather stick around and watch a Cat 4 race, than to go home and watch the Tour.

  3. Bolas Azules

    Watching the Tour I enjoy the scenery and the little history lessens. I like seeing places I’ve been to and what they look like now. I like seeing the Frenchies getting out and making it the visual spectacle that it is….as for the riders, it would be great to see some new blood. The same old tainted needle cushions climbing over the Alps, the bodies that were transformed over decades of drug use in the most sophisticated drug programs in all of sport I can live without. Remember when John Daley or Tiger Woods emerged onto the golf world? Yeah, we need something else desperately if not for just for the sake of change.

  4. Larry T.

    The modern Tour is too often like the American Superbowl – all kinds of hype leading up to a race that’s never going to match it and watched by folks who don’t know a crankarm from a crank pin. With the Schlecks out of the picture who will become the new darling of TV’s Heckel and Jeckel? Will BigTex go through with his riding of the route before the race? Will roadside fans jeer and spit on him?

  5. Maximus

    You’re all dreaming,

    You all want the spectacle but don’t want to know the truth about how it happens. You want everything on your own terms. The world doesn’t work like that. It’s been the same since the first Tour and will be forever.

    And you all will still watch….

  6. krakatoa

    Probably the best cyclist to spend six hours with (if your goal is to learn hematology tips).

  7. joriverdog

    Sorry but I think you are the one who doesn’t know what is happening!! Maybe your too young to know what it looked like in 1972,,,but I do…that is the advantage of age….gives some perspective on things…As for the Tour..I was there in 1972….again in 1986…and again two time to watch Lance….and saw how much everything had changed….I knew when I saw Armstrong climbing and dropping Basso on a 10% grade going close to 18mph that he was doped. The way the riders rode in the 70’s was way way different…no Radios, No super Drugs…sure a few had some amphetamines…but that shit costs you big time….the next day you will SHIT on the road…no revcovery, on and on…Steroids came around too but also it will cost you…the Big change were the Blood doping products that changed it all…the way they road…the way domestics would be there with the best of the best on big climbs…look back and check it out…..back before the 90’s….you did not have a bunch of team members surrounding the capo….now I think it is cleaner…but what has made it not so much fun…One never really knows for sure and that is disheartening. On another level…Dreams are what makes the world turn…and perhaps even this all is a big Dream…
    good luck Trolling


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