Monday Night Ride, minus 1

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I can’t really bring myself to post about much of anything else than that of my feelings of utter sadness about the passing of my friend, Glenda Taylor yesterday.   I’m hoping to try to not even open my computer the rest of the day, as to not be reminded, and acknowledge the realization, that yesterday was real and not just a very bad dream.

I’ve had some pretty incredible experiences the last couple days on my bike, here in Colorado. And they now seem completely trivial compared to the stark reality that Glenda is dead.  I’m having a very hard time controlling my thoughts and not allowing myself to go back to an endless loop of memories of Glenda and questions that can’t be answered.

I’m being pretty selfish in the  thought that I’m relieved that I’m still out in Colorado and don’t have to be at my house tonight for the evening ride in Topeka, where all my friends will be, minus Glenda. I don’t think I have it in me to do that.

There has been tremendous support and praise for an incredible woman.  I am embarrassed that I feel that maybe I took it for granted, knowing someone as special as her.  Here is a link to her Facebook page.  So many people have left such nice comments, somehow trying to get a little personal solace and try to understand the incomprehensible.

I don’t understand.

This past weekend  was very tragic for cyclists.  I saw at least two other articles about riders being killed in automobile accidents.  Two in Wisconsin, then another one here in Colorado, in Fort Collins.  It seems like is becoming more and more common.  It is something that all of us are facing on a daily basis.  Let’s try not to dwell on this too much.  Glenda wouldn’t want her death to stop others from enjoying their lives, especially their cycling lives.

Cycling to her was like breathing, as was art and many other things.  She was multifaceted.

Okay, I just need to stop.  Death is very personal.   I wish the best to my friends today.

Glenda in orange, in the Freestate jersey, next to my brother.

Glenda in orange, in the Freestate jersey, next to my brother.

7 thoughts on “Monday Night Ride, minus 1

  1. Sal Ruibal

    There seems to be an increase in these tragedies. Cyclists are so vulnerable to the mistakes of others, even the most skilled can’t avoid tragedy. I don’t know what the answer is because those who are causing these deaths are often not held responsible. To a lesser degree, the rider makes a mistake — riding too fast for conditions, fails to recognize a road hazard, a mechanical failure. As a community, riders need to take care of each other through safe riding practices. Be visible, be audible and be careful.

  2. Bill

    Steve, I’m sorry for your loss. We have far too many distracted drivers these days. And, when they are at fault, they just get the proverbial slap on the wrist. We need vulnerable user laws (like Washington State) so that at-fault drivers get stiffer penalties for injuring or killing vulnerable users (such as cyclists). As long as they just get minor penalties, they’ll continue to talk, text or surf the web on their smartphones.

  3. pedalfast

    I am so saddened and shocked. What a tremendous loss to the cycling community. Glenda was one of those riders that truly exemplified all that is good in cycling.

  4. The Cyclist

    Agree, only that penalties is not enough. It should be a tooth for a tooth and an eye for eye… make them eat their cell phones b4 put on death row. Almost got killed myself once by one them. Big guy in golden chains in a black SUV with tinted windows all around. I had to dive into the ditch in order to avoid a frontal impact. He was on his cell phone going 60 mph on a 30 mph road. He didn’t even stop…

  5. Skippy

    When a Cyclist has to steel themselves to get on the bike to go for a Social/Training ride , there is something WRONG WITH SOCIETY !

    For too many , a Bike is Transport , both in the Developed Countries & places such as Africa & Asia , so IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE for vehicle operators , to treat the 2 wheeled fraternity as ROAD OBSTACLES !

    Those that have an interest in creating a better environment for Cyclists should take a look at Facebook Page ” Stop KILLING Cyclists “! Last night 8th June 2015 , several hundred lay down on the road where a Lady Physio was KILLED recently ! %th Woman in London KILLED by a HGV ( Tip Truck )

    I think the 6th ” Die In ” held in London this year ! This time it appears that the TV Media were there , yet the Lady before , was Appointed by THE QUEEN , to work in a High Level Post of the Royal Household ! Seems that WOMEN are being MOWED Down by the CRAVEN Cowards that drive DISTRACTED ! What happens when Vehicles are DRIVERLESS ?

    Not everybody will AGREE with my sentiments , but if YOU do not choose to use ” Placards ” from VisionZeroWorldWide or LookSaveaLifeArizona or similar then pounding a keyboard will not get the job done !

    Regardless of the Number of Pro Racers i have photoed holding these ” Placards ” , i have yet to hear of them being ADDED to their Social Media ? IF Horner can hold the ” Placard ” and get RAMMED days later , and Cippo months Later , WHY is it they have not CALLED FOR ACTION ?

    I get grief from the Local Polizei , for going to the Employers of those causing me grief , and i am about to start publishing ” WANTED NOTICES ” in Cafes , Bike Shops & Tourism Offices , in order to track down those that i do not tell face to face , WHY , their Driving Behaviours NEED TO CHANGE !

    Am i Angry ? Not till after the first Cretin interupts my Daily ride , THEN , i go seek their BOSS ! I wonder what happens then ? Perhaps nothing , but at least i didn’t sit at the keyboard bleeting about something that the offending Idiot Driver/Operator will not see !

    I am NOT the perfect Cyclist ! I also bend the laws to avoid confrontation , such as riding the sidewalk up a steep climb to avoid being rear ended , BUT , i do not try to force a following vehicle to stop at a RED LIGHT !

    People like Steve & Fat Cyclist , have a HUGE Following and can be the Catylist for ACTION , but , ONLY if those reading , BACK THEIR ACTION !

    Glenda Was well known to many of YOU , is this a WAY to respect her Memory ? It is for YOU to choose !


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