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I am very sad to say that my good friend, and a very special part of our Topeka cycling tribe, Glenda Taylor was killed this morning at the Kansas State Time Trial Championships.

Glenda just returned from a trip to Peru last week, went directly to the Tour of Kansas City and was at the State TIme Trial, warming up, when hit by a pickup.

Glenda was a Professor at Washburn University, in Topeka, and the chair of the Art Department.  Such at great artist.   She made  unbelievably beautiful pottery.  I have many of her pieces.

She loved to ride her bike and compete.  She raced virtually every race she could attend.   Road, cross, MTB, it didn’t matter.  She raced nearly more than me.

She was married to Joe Saia.  I feel so, so badly for him.  I am very sad.

Here’s a link to an article in the Topeka Capitol Journal that tells a little about her life.

glendaAt Cross Nationals.


On a Colorado trip with the Topeka gang.  Glenda is in the center next to Catherine.

On a Colorado trip with the Topeka gang. Glenda is in the center next to Catherine.

Glenda on Machu Picchu, in Peru, a couple weeks ago.

35 thoughts on “Glenda Taylor

  1. catherine walberg

    Glenda was a source of positive, never-ending energy, leadership, athleticism, and artistry. She was one of my dearest friends. I will greatly miss her. The swiftness with which she has left us leaves me and the rest of us in complete shock. She was knitted tightly with our cycling group in Topeka. We won’t forget all that she contributed. We promise her we will take good care of Joe, her husband. No words will suffice to heal his loss so we will simply stand by him.

  2. VicMD

    My sincere condolences and sympathy to Glenda’s family and friends. It hurts every time I read of another of us cyclists who is hit by a car…

  3. Eric Struckhoff

    Glenda was a dear friend, a teacher, an artist, a respected official, and an enthusiastic teammate, volunteer, and racer. What a positive force!

    My heart goes out to Joe Saia.

  4. Ryan Flynn

    I didn’t personally know Glenda, but I wanted to come and pay my respects to a fellow Kansas cyclist. My thoughts are with her loved ones.

  5. George & Diane

    This is such shocking and horrible news.

    Glenda was loved by everyone who made contact with her. She was always so open and enthusiastic in everything she took on. She possessed so many, many talents–bike racer, artist, runner, college administrator, volunteer and most of all a true friend.

    My view from the back of the pack, Glenda was the smartest rider–made every break humanly possible. Riding with Glenda was always inspiring.

    She will be greatly missed by so many. Our heart goes out to Joe and her family.

  6. Brian Walawender

    Such horrible news. I always enjoyed training and traveling with Glenda when I lived in Topeka. She was such a great inspiration both on and off the bike. Please give Joe my condolences.

  7. Mike Lowden

    I am devastated to hear this. My condolences to the family of Glenda, friends and Topeka cycling comunity.

  8. Levi

    This is just awful news. So sorry for everyone that’s affected by this tragic event. It can all go terribly wrong in an instant. I hope it was nothing more than an accident and we don’t hear about drunkenness, or belligerence toward cyclist.


  9. H Luce

    This is one of the things I’d like to un-read, to move time and events backward, but that’s not possible. My sincere condolences to Joe Saia and the rest of the Topeka cycling community affected by this tragic loss.

  10. Madeline F

    So shocked and saddened by this news. Glenda was a teammate, mentor, and friend. Her support and encouragement fueled my racing and that of many other female cyclists. Her energy for her sport and her art never ceased to amaze me. And while it may sound trite, I am glad that she was doing something she loved when she was killed.

    My heart goes out to Joe. Joe, I will hold you in my heart today and in the days ahead.

  11. Larry and Elaine

    We are greatly saddened by the loss of Glenda. She has been an inspiration and a good friend for many years. Our thoughts and prayers go to Joe, her family, and the whole cycling community. Glenda, you will be missed.

  12. Clifford Allen

    Only met her a couple of times but I certainly remember her – what a tragic, terrible loss. My thoughts are with her family and the Topeka cycling community. May she rest in peace.

  13. Skippy

    Not knowing the Lady , i am not in a position to comment ?

    The fact that she was hit by a pickup , leaves me wondering about the person driving and their ” RIGHT TO KILL “! Seems that very few Cyclists fall off their bike , yet Daily theere are reports of ” Hit & Run ” type incidents ?

    Over the past several years i have been calling on Brian Cookson & @GaudryT to create a UCI Umbrella Org. for Cycle Safety Issues , as yet with little more than sympathetic noises when face to face !

    Even at Aigle last April 2014 , i was reminded by an Official of the MTB part of UCI , that he was dismayed by the loss of such as ” Amy D. ” ! That Glenda is mentioned in a Blog that i follow , is the only reason that i am aware of her circumstances , yet until the end of Feb 2015 , i saw reliable reports of 15+ Cyclists KILLED on Sth Cal. roads .

    In memory of Glenda & Amy D. and ANY other Racer lost to Traffic Incident , is it not about time that those PAYING Race Fees ( some part of which goes to UCI ) decide ENOUGH is ENOUGH !

    UCI are in a unique place , in that they can DRAFT & Implement a Universal Call for ALL National Cycling Federations , to INVOLVE THEIR National Politicians , Trucking Org.s , Bus Org.s , Taxi Org.s and EVEN the general Public , to START ” Safe Pass Laws of 2M ( as in Paris ) ” , require Strict Liability Laws ( as in EU ) and STOP TailGating ! If the 1st vehicle passing a Cyclist , signals as overtaking safely, you can count on the following vehicles to be ASLEEP/DISTRACTED/Too close !

    Again my thoughts are with Family , Friends & Colleagues of Glenda , but please google VisionZeroWorldWide and USE any Placard there that will assist in ensuring that the Loss of Glenda (Amy D. ,etc ) was not in vain ?

    On a personal note , after reading of John K. ( met at TDF 2004) , visiting my LBS Boss in hospital for Pelvic Injuries , on Wednesday in Innsbruck , i was not only run off the farm road by an oncoming tractor driver , but he jumped out of the cab , as i was passing on the grass verge and dragged me off the bike and pounded me to the ground . Of course the Polizei can do nothing , once again they did not see the incident , nor was i visibly damaged . Yet the interviewing one striper insisted thast i mop the mess off the counter , before i left after making him record the incident .

    I will be posting a ” Wanted ” Poster in the area Cafes & Bike Shops as well as the Tourist Offices , showing a photo of the thug involved !

  14. Jim and Ethel

    We are truly sorry to hear of Glenda’s passing and Joe’s loss. It is truly a tragedy and we will mourn her death while realizing that there is a bit of Glenda Taylor left with everyone who knew her.

  15. Neal F

    Truly shocking. She will be missed. Always a positive attitude and encouraged everyone. She was very talented. Joe our thought are with you.

  16. Kathy Getto

    My heart goes out to Joe and all who ever came to know Glenda. She was a wonderful mentor to my son who we lost unexpectedly last summer.

  17. Mianne Irick

    This is heartbreaking news. So sad for Joe and everyone else who knew her.

  18. Jeff Unruh

    Crushing news. So sad. She was an accomplished cyclist and artist. A dogged competitor in every race she entered. Always asking questions about equipment, training, diet, anything to get better. Also a fine mentor and role model for younger cyclists. My heart goes out to Joe.

  19. Jon B

    Glenda was a great mentor to me (and many others) as a junior cyclist some 20+ years back. This is heart breaking news. Many condolences to her family.

  20. euro

    Very sorry to hear the bad news. This is reason #1 why I quit riding a year ago after 30+ years.

  21. Randy Warren

    My heart goes out to all who knew Glenda. I had just recently got to know her through our collaboration on the tile work for the Designer Showhouse. I know she will be missed by the art and bicycling community and all those she has touched in her life.

  22. Jedaa Martin

    is there any information on like a way to or funeral or any of that I would really like to be there was an amazing person I know there’s going to be so many people there it is going to be so crowded I hope that they let everybody know because she touched so many students life’s and so many people’s lives in the community she helped spread art to the community she was always there for everyone she will be so missed

  23. Chris & John

    We are shocked and saddened by this news. Glenda was a good friend, beautiful person and so talented. Joe, you will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  24. Debbie McDiarmid

    I’m so sad, she was an inspiration to grow up with and was a great role model to all of us gals in Topeka. We lost an amazing cyclist, friend and a great artist today! ????

  25. gehry

    I’m with ya. I spend most of my bike time these days on a bike path. 30 years ago, I swore that people would never catch me on one, nor did I ever fathom that just riding a bike could get so much more terrifying.

  26. Marco

    Such sad news, too many cyclists dying ! I wish all her loved ones and friends strength

  27. Linda Long

    Very sad day for the Topeka Bicycling community. While it’s been a while since we rode together, I have many happy memories of Glenda, her good nature and contagious smile!

  28. Dee Newbery

    Deeply saddened, Glenda was a wonderful mentor, inspiration and delightful person. She has always been so supportive and kind to everyone who met her. Will miss her radiant smile and beautiful ceramics. She made the world a much lovelier place!

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