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I had a few post ideas, but am kind of shot.  The van I bought had its check engine light go on South of LA.  Just 64 miles after I purchased it.  I went by an Autozone to get the code read, but they don’t do that in California.  So I kept driving last night.

When I got to Las Vegas, around 9 pm, I got the code read.  It was  P0740 and P0700 transmission codes.   They said the code had been reset and it just went back on after 100 than 100 miles.

So, I’ve been in contact with the woman I bought the car from.  She isn’t being very cooperative just yet.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m hoping to return the car to her and just fly home, but we’ll see.  I’ll know very shortly I think.


13 thoughts on “Travelling

  1. Bill K

    Things like this cause me to not trust people that I don’t know.
    Hope it works out.
    Come to think of it, last time I bought a car from a private party, I did get burned some, but I was able to work around the problem.

  2. channel_zero

    P0700 – OBD II Trouble Code

    It often implies that the transmission is slipping


    I haven’t bought a used car in a very, very long time as ours run great. Can you have a shop poll/dump error code history with datestamps before buying? That’s a real question.

  3. Gnate

    Vans are rad. Could be something as simple as fluid change.

    Or a change to a Sienna like you wanted in the first place…

  4. Mike Rodose


    Did you sign an agreement? Did it say All sales Final, or No Warranties or Guarantees Implied? Email, written or verbal?

    If you did not, bring it back to the Seller and get the Sprinter diesel van Euro specifies!

  5. voice of reason

    Don’t get a sprinter unless you want the dash to light up like a Xmas tree with all the cel lights. Rust bucket too. Better off finding another ford like you had. The sprinter is like a hottie with herpes. Utility that you’ll find alluring, but a lifetime of regret. Ford transit van

  6. H Luce

    Common to both codes is “dirty transmission fluid”… so try changing the transmission fluid first…

  7. Larry T.

    You could always rant on the latest BigTex stuff. The guy’s out there trying some sort of vindication PR tour, but doesn’t have enough sense to avoid saying he’d cheat, lie and steal all over again if he had the chance, but he’d be nicer about it. Who advises this guy? It’s the old “end justifies the means” routine when he says nobody would want Trek to not have all those sales and cycling not to have all the “benefits” of his popularity plus the money his so-called charity generated. He should write some fat checks to all those he screwed over, starting with Greg LeMond (who would probably just give the loot to a REAL charity) and move on down the line until everyone’s been taken care of or he’s flat broke, whichever comes first. Sorry, I guess I just wrote the rant for you?
    Good luck with the van, hope you don’t end up towing the thing along the highway with a rope tied to your bicycle!

  8. Bob K

    I run a bike rental, cookie-tour support and bike mechanic shop out of a 2004 Sprinter long and tall with 280k miles. Yes, these vehicles have their quirks and weaknesses. But it has still retained its value after maintenance. Get the 5 banger…. Reasearch, classifieds at Sprinter forums.


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