Tour Down Under On Bike Video Footage

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I’ve been thinking about mounting a Shimano camera on my bike full time.  I texted Wayne Stetina, from Shimano, and asked him about using the Di2 shifter buttons to operate the camera and he said pretty soon.  You’ll be able to control your Garmins too.  Anyway, onboard race footage is super cool.  Here is some video from the Tour Down Under a couple days ago.

5 thoughts on “Tour Down Under On Bike Video Footage

  1. jp

    that will get your heart pumping. to think NASCAR has millions of viewers, this is so much more intense and interesting.

  2. Sean YD

    Not mentioned is the fact that this video was created and edited by Jérémy Roy, an FDJ rider. He is absolutely turning the on-board camera footage boat upside down by producing his own content and posting it on his own YouTube channel.

    I predict once the “powers that be” (the UCI, race organizers and groups like Velon) figure out this is going, they’re going to shut it down. There’s going to be a big fight to figure out who “owns” this footage.

  3. Bill K

    Video with sound would be interesting, but I’m sure quite bit of “beeps” would have to edited in.

  4. donkybhoy

    I think UCI will find it hard to ban it. They will have to ban on bike cameras. But then riders will attach it their helmets and the UCI will have to ban that………..

    Do they own the photographs taken of the race by the photographers?

  5. N.M.

    If it was their desire, the UCI would only need to ban any and all camera use by riders.

    The images taken at a race are always owned and automatically copyrighted by the photographer unless it is otherwise stipulated in a contract they have with someone else for that particular job.


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