Mike Nosco Ride this Morning

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My computer died, so this is gonna be a bit short. This morning I’m doing the Mike Nosco Benefit arise north of LA in Newbury Park. I wonder if Lance is really gonna show?

Sue picked me up in Orange County and we did the drive up to Somis to stay with Jimmy Mac. We stopped at Venice Beach to get some lunch. Man, is that place a show.

We got up to Mac’s in time to do a short ride. Mac is great.

Anyway, below are some photos from yesterday. I can’t caption them because I posted them on my computer and now I’m using my phone and I can’t identify which is which.

We have a 20 minute drive over to the start. I hope LA traffic treats me nice today.

IMG_3508 IMG_3630 IMG_3646 IMG_3634 IMG_3659





2 thoughts on “Mike Nosco Ride this Morning

  1. Jan

    In the last picture, the shadow looks like a shadow of someone taking a picture with a smart phone, which makes it a self-portrait in a way, as well as a picture of other cyclists. Very cool.


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