Recuperation through Riding

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Okay, another 3 hour night.  I got done working and packing around 3 am and had to get moving to go to the airport at 6am, so that is a total of about 9 or 10 hours of total sleep in three days.  I’m not sure why I’m not sick yet.

I’m laying over in Las Vegas, on my way to Orange County airport.  I didn’t even know where I was flying through and couldn’t understand why so many people were drinking at 8 am this morning past security.  And the plane, man, was it loud.   Everyone was really looking forward to hanging in Las Vegas.   I was so glad to be going on.

Rumor has it that Lance is doing the Mike Nosco ride on Monday.   At least according to Facebook.  I’ll hold off on commenting on this until after it’s over.  It’s not my ride.

Anyway, my body is wasted.  I’m pitifully weak, so the construction was frustrating at best.  I am moving so slow, everything was taking way too long.  So it is a good thing that I get a few days off and recuperate.  And there is no better recuperation than riding .  At least that feels mildly normal still.  I’m slow, but it feels good.

I’m missing The Beer Mile tonight being held in Topeka by all my buddies.  It’s probably a good thing I’m missing it.  Not too good for a gimpy guy like me.  But, everyone is invited, so come on over.

Okay, I need to get to the next gate.

I'm not going to be missin' these guys much.

I’m not going to be missin‘ these guys much.

My fingers are so wasted.  Mainly from thinset I'd guess.

My fingers are so wasted. Mainly from thinset I’d guess.


Man, Las Vegas from the air is amazing.

Man, Las Vegas from the air is amazing.


Not as amazing as this, though.

Not as amazing as this, though.

Mike Nosco ride Facebook page.

Mike Nosco ride Facebook page.

IMG_3628.PNGI thought this was a good boarding number.

16 thoughts on “Recuperation through Riding

  1. Lawrence

    Fer cryin’ out loud, WC, how in the world would you know who is doped and who is not? If you’ve raced, then you already have been riding with dopers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a cat 5, there are dopers in the peloton. Wise up, move on and be happy.

    For all you haters of Lance- Yes, he doped. He is guilty of that. It is proven and admitted. His personality may or may not mesh with yours. But, he has done more for cancer than all of the people who have written this blog, read this blog, and commented on this blog combined. By a very very long shot.

    Wise up, move on, and be happy.

  2. jp

    Must Watch: Danny Macaskill – The Ridge

    not really the same subject but this is a very nice video. Lawrence, good comment.

  3. Levi

    Lance is just another pro cyclist that doped. Nothing new here, they all did/do it. This is from Cyclingnews today. Do you think this sounds like news thats on the up and up? It sure doesn’t to me. It translates as nothing has changed and the TdF winners are still doped to he gills, and paying doctors to guide them through the process of beating the tests. What fucking ever…..the world we live in.

    Vincenzo Nibali (Astana) will be reunited with his former doctor Emilio Magni in 2015. Magni was working with Cannondale throughout this season but chose to leave when they merged with Garmin. The Italian doctor worked with Nibali during his time at Liquigas and will team up with the 2014 Tour de France winner from next season.

    Magni has been involved in cycling since 1997 and worked with Marco Pantani at Mercatone Uno. He later worked Fasso Bortolo, before joining Liquigas.

  4. Bolas Azules

    The thing that gets me with all this Lance and how he “did more for cancer” talk is – what are the odds that he actually gave himself the cancer that he dought to make himself such a hero? Stories of his young teenage PED use when he was just a young tri kid, the experimental use as an early pro, the things he told the doctors he used in that hospital room and the medical science that says yes, the types of tumors he had are very common with the type of PEDs he claimed he was using.

    What a hero. So I rob a store, run outside and drop $50 as I jump in my get-away car and a homeless guy picks it up. Should the town hold a parade for my helping the homeless?

  5. channel_zero

    very high. HGH+Test+???? is a potent carcinogen on the basis of the HGH+Test alone. Keep in mind this is a guy doped by USAC with a reported T/E ratio above 10:1 in the early days.

    to be clear, there’s no causality argument here.

  6. Mike Rodose

    Lance Armstrong.

    Tremendous name for a bike racer an athlete. If we had to design a better name (not easy) for the best…what wpuld it be?

    Cadence Legstrong.

    Jonny Wattage.

    So many more…..


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