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I’m at the airport waiting for a flight to a Seattle. I’m heading up there for a few days to hang with Keith and Catherine. I haven’t been there since last October.

The Mile Nosco ride yesterday was awesome. I’m way short of time, so I’ll have to post about it later.

The plane is boarding. Here are some pictures from yesterday.

It wasn’t that warm, maybe the lower 80’s, but it seemed really hot climbing.

Pretty scenic riding along the coast.

Lance did show. More on that later.

Pretty great turnout.


My zipper broke on my bag this morning. I “fixed” it with a paper clip. I’m stressed a mess is going to show up at baggage claim in Seattle.

35 thoughts on “On the Move

  1. peter k

    was this an ‘organized’ ride with a follow vehicle and cops involved or was this an impromptu ride with somebodi’s name attached to it?

  2. Bolas Azules

    Hey black ‘mountain bike socks guy’ what’s in the saddle bag? Oh a little extra blood….

  3. The Cyclist

    Is he still ridin a Trek or did he ride a no-name frame so he don’t get sued by some brand? Maybe time to start his own brand. Name it “Lancet”.

  4. Ron

    For fuck’s sake give the Lance shit a rest already. Other than providing 7 years of great entertainment his doping had virtually ZERO “negative” impact on 99.99999999% of cyclists’ futures around the world. Spare me the broken dreams bullshit. For all of you who want to say that you hate him because he was an asshole and a bully, do you not realize that by constantly slinging mud at him, you are no better. Quit being sour and try getting on with life. Lance is! Lol!

  5. Gordo

    Huge turnout is normal but I bet it was bigger cause Lance was there. Like him or not, he is the only “Name” that is a huge draw. Most normal folks can’t even remember who won the Tour de France for the last 3 years.

  6. Doubting Thomas

    But we can all remember who DID NOT win the tour ever, can’t we? Lance has no shame, thinks he did nothing wrong, and those who still idolize him – well, I hope your kid isn’t very fast on a bike. I for one have coached kids who made the right choice and had to quit the sport- what do you Lance lovers think of that? And at what age and what level is doping ok- middle school?

  7. Jay

    Well put.
    The most successful American rider ever, who popularized cycling and the professional sport itself more than anyone in the US and abroad. That is a fact.
    Why say anymore?
    Have a great and POSITIVE day y’all.

  8. Jay

    Why would you ever quit the sport? If you can’t have fun, that’s your problem and your kids’. Let a-holes be a-holes. Winning isn’t everything. Got 8th place last week, first in a breakaway. Yup, my highest place ever and was SUPER stoked.
    Get over yourself.

  9. Doubting Thomas

    Jay- if you were good enough to actually try to be a pro, and make a Workd Championship team – you clearly are not- you would know that at some point you face a choice: dope or go home! Would you ride all day every day to get 8th when you knew you were the best and that the 7 in front of you were doping? Easy for you to say have fun, some people have bigger goals…

  10. Doubting Thomas

    Winning isn’t everything is what losers say when they can’t win. One thing to lose on a fair course, another to lose to a loser doper like Lance and company. And you didn’t answer he question: when is it ok to dope? Cause if it is ok for Lance, who started at 16, should the middle school kids I coach dope?

  11. Jay

    My friend, You are a complete and utter troll. I ran a troll analysis and is the result was conclusive with 99% reliability.
    If you actually coached kids that good, and felt that emotional, and actually cared about the well being of these kids, than you would have spoken out and be doing something to end that. Have you considered that there are people are going to be a lot better than you and your kids by their nature? Why do you assume a faster person is cheating?
    I could be an ex-pro, how would you know? Does taking puffs off of an old inhaler count as doping? I’ve done it 😉 Sue me, I had asthma as a child anyways.
    Just be a coward somewhere else, please. Maybe you need help. If you feel like crying inside, talk to someone. Please don’t make up wild allegations on internet forums.

  12. west side jAY

    Mr. Tilford you need to make a trip to the Northwest when it’s not the rainy season. If you tire of Bainbridge and Seattle go west over the Hood Canal Bridge, less traffic and stop signs. Both Port Townsend and Sequim are in the Olympic Mountains rain shadow, Sequim averages 16 inches of rain a year to Seattle’s 36. Hope you stay is dry!

  13. Ron

    Doubting Thomas, explain to your kids that the World Tour & WC of bike racing is not what it seems. It’s like professional body building. It’s a freak show. You can look up to and admire those people all you want but “understand” exactly what it takes to get there. Genetics, hard work AND drugs. Lance understood that AND was ok with it. If your kids love bike racing then there is plenty of it right here in the States and you don’t have to dope to be successful.

  14. Tanner Culbreath

    That ride looks awesome!! Cali is one place I would like to visit. Regarding Lance (not his past), he is in a Specialized helmet and Shoes. I have not been to MJ’s in a long while, but last time I was there they carried Trek and not Specialized. Has this changed? Has his branding changed? Not that any of this really matters, but just curious.

  15. Wildcat

    Lol. Not the rainy season?? Yep, the Northwest is beautiful when it’s not the rainy season – which lasts from June 30 to July 15.

  16. Jane Nosco Rieder

    Hi Steve,
    You survived Deer Creek, Mulholland and Latigo Canyon Monday! On behalf of our family and my brother Jack we thank you a million times over for your participation in our grass roots charity event. Started in 2009 where we pulled together friends and family to raise money for the Knickman’s and fast forward to this past Monday where our event attracts cyclists from all over the world. This yr’s recipients Richie 7yrs old, Mike a scientist at Amgen Biotech and Nicole a mother of two young boys. We could not be the success we are today without great people like you joining us to help others very much in need.
    PLEASE visit us & learn more at mikenosco.com.
    Steve- again thank you and we hope to see you next year maybe bring a wee bit less wind with you….
    God bless
    Jane Nosco Rieder & Jack Nosco and family

  17. channel_zero

    It’s a pretty big ride for the faster-riding set in Southern California. The Noscos do a good job promoting the event, so, Lance/No Lance probably not much different.

  18. channel_zero

    Hey Ron, when do you start doping your kid for cycling? 15? 16? C’mon tough guy. If Thom at USA Cycling likes your kid, then your kid can run a 10/1 T/E ratio and never test positive.

    Ask Tammy Thomas what happens when USA Cycling pulls the plug on your kid’s doping.

    When do you start injecting your kid with Testosterone and EPO?

    Lots of tough talk.

  19. Doubting Thomas

    So at what age is it ok to join the freak show and dope-you guys keep dodging the question. As a coach I think it is important to speak out against the freak show and point out it is never ok. If you think doping is fine, then what? Might as well shortcut the course, take a ride up the hill in the team car, or do a Rosie Ruiz. All are cheating…Why would anyone accept that as ok? The Lance that STRUGGLED up a hill in a slowpaced group ride is the real, talentless, Lance. ANd no doping to race in the US? You really believe that? Geez, ask Tom Danielson, Chris Wherry and all those other guys who raced with Horner. You think BMC etc. rode clean in Colorado? Please. Why do you accept cheating as okay?


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