Beth Heiden Wins Hillclimb

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I haven’t kept up with Beth Heiden (Elizabeth Reid).  I talk to her brother, Eric, fairly often, but only know about Beth through Eric.  I had no idea she was racing bikes some.  I knew she nordic skied some, but didn’t know she competed on the bike still.  Then Bill said he saw on Facebook that she won a hillclimb in California.   Here is a link to the results.

She set a new course record.  Man, her and Eric are physiological freaks.  Check out the photo from the race below.  55+  Pretty incredible.


bethheidenBeth Reid crushes the 19-year-old Low-Key Montebello record , sleeveless and all.

(Alexander Komlik



13 thoughts on “Beth Heiden Wins Hillclimb

  1. Greg Gentle

    Growing up outside of Milwaukee the Heiden’s were local heros and great inspiration to thousands of skaters and cyclists.

  2. Bolas Azules

    I’d make exceptions from my regular race schedule to pull into Madison on Wednesday nights for their ‘club races.’ One of the top races anywhere and they happened every week. Name the type of champion (Olympic, World, National, State…) and they had at least one there almost every Wednesday – Hampsten, Heidens, Carpenter, Meeker, track guys from Kenosha & Northbrook, national team members, a few Jr. national team members . . . Beth and Connie trying to put the hurt on the boys and everyone hitting it hard, sprints gutter-to-gutter and not a single dime of prize money. Nothing like it.

  3. joriverdog

    I watched Beth win NCAA Cross Country Ski title. I was coaching at the time for a Junior program in the area. She destroyed the field. From the looks of the photo she still could.

  4. jp

    thanks for sharing about Beth, I can’t believe I had not know of her before. Amazing athlete and person.

  5. DR

    I went to the University of Wisconsin in the early 80’s and Jack Heiden, Eric Heiden, Beth Heiden, Sarah Doctor and Mary Doctor are some of the best athletes and finest people that this country has ever produced.

  6. BRUCE

    I saw a lot of great cyclist including the Heiden’s I miss Super Week when you got all the top names around Wisconsin and nationally and above!!!

  7. Randy

    I remember seeing her at 1980 Nationals in Bisbee, the year she won Worlds. I also remember seeing John Howard out running while we were there and being kind of surprised by how different his body looked since he’d been training for Ironman. The story I got from some of my teammates was that they and Beth climbed a fence at the community college where everyone was staying and took a late-night swim in the pool (with or without clothes depending on who was telling the story).


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