Hip fractures in Cyclists

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After seeing me break my hip and watching my recovery, my friend Stacie has become interested in how cyclists recover from hip injures. There seems to be little research on the topic. Primarily a lack of data. I had told her that after breaking my hip, a ton of other cyclists contacted me about their experience breaking their hips and femurs.  Stacie saw an opportunity to collect this data.   So, if you’ve had this problem or know of someone that has(please forward),  take some time to fill out the survey below.  It only takes a couple minutes.  Thanks.

Research Objective: To identify the type of hip fractures cyclists sustain, mechanism of injury, recovery and when they return to cycling.

Principle investigator:
Stacie L. Grossfeld, M.D.
Board certified in Sports Medicine Board certified in Orthopaedic Surgery
Orthopaedic Specialists

Take this survey if you broke your hip while riding a bicycle. No other qualifications.
Hip Survey 

8 thoughts on “Hip fractures in Cyclists

  1. JT

    James Host – 55+ track rider I believe. He is currently competing at the master’s track world championships. He’s a current WR holder in the 50+ age group I believe. He crashed at the 2013 Master’s Track Championships in Indy (July/Aug) and broke his hip. Sorry, I don’t have any contact information for him to pass this survey along.

  2. Bronson

    I am 36 year old cat 4 road cyclist who broke my femoral neck in a criterium in mat 2014. I am currently having great success in my recovery. Was back on the spin bike in 8 weeks and now I am riding 11+ hours a week and in the gym 2-3 hrs. Getting ready for next season 😉


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