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Yesterday, Bill, Trudi and I packed up and made the 10 hour drive from Cable back to Topeka.  Bill had spent over a month up there and it was just time to get moving.  I texted my guy Burt, at Rebound Physical Therapy and he got me in at 7:45 for an appointment this morning, he’s taking off for a physical therapy conference in Las Vegas this afternoon.  It was a little harsh considering how late we got back last night.

Burt took a few measurements, etc. and then showed me some exercises to do.  He said that he could get rid of my limp in probably 6 weeks.  Huh?  I figured it would be 6 days.  Sometimes I hardly limp at all.  Anyway, I’m going to try to stick to the regiment and do exactly as he says.

I know that I’m just 16 weeks out from surgery for a broken hip and that I shouldn’t be so much in a rush, but it seems like this thing is just dragging on and on.  I guess I could just be like Andy Schleck and quit racing.  Not likely.

I don’t have the exact numbers, but as of yesterday morning, something like 140 people had already filled out the survey for a broken hip from cycling.  That is out of 4500 people who went to my website on Tuesday.  That is an unbelievable number, something like 3% of the people who visited.  Doesn’t that seem insane?  I knew that breaking hips in cycling was prevalent, because of the number of emails I received after I broke mine, but nothing as high as 3% of people coming here.   Add collarbones to that and it seems like a pretty dangerous sport.

It is supposed to rain for the next three days here in Topeka, so I’m going to try to catch up with all the stuff I haven’t done the past month or two.  I have no idea whether I’m going to be able to even participate in cyclocross this season, so I can’t really plan that far ahead.

The leaves are still green here and it seems so much more like summer here than up in Northern Wisconsin.  A little reprieve.   I never really experienced a true summer, so having a real fall will be nice.  Anyone see the total eclipse of the moon yesterday morning?  Pretty cool.


The lunar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse.

Back to Rebound Therapy.

Back to Rebound Therapy.

I love the place, but the paper work involved in all medical care is just plain stupid.

I love the place, but the paper work involved in all medical care is just plain stupid.

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  1. jayne

    Many of my cycling acquaintances have commented about loss of bone density and bone mass year over year (they monitor their bone loss), due to spending too much time on the bike, and almost no time engaging in weight bearing workouts. Bone loss also occurs as a natural part of the aging process. This makes the likelihood of broken bones and fractures much more likely in the event of a crash. A closer friend fractured her sacrum, from only a minor crash, and she discovered that her bone density at that point was really poor, which she was unaware of. That might be one reason so many cyclists (as your comment indicates) are experiencing broken hips.

  2. Steve Tilford Post author

    John-I don’t have access to the survey, but I hope this isn’t the case. I’m pretty sure it was clear that the survey was for cyclists that have broken their hips, etc. It will be interesting to see the final tally.

  3. JR

    If you think the health care paperwork is bad now, just wait until the Obama tax fully kicks in. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Will you blame yourself since you voted for him?

  4. James

    Dangerous sport? Anyone who’s ever pinned a # has or still is living in denial if they haven’t figured that out. Its a rip roaring do something dangerous everyday sorta sport. Mostly we just ignore or forget.

    There’s a rain window now. Gear up!

  5. Bryan

    Geeze, do we have to bring politics into this? I work for the Federal Government and was in the mlitary for 20 years – that paperwork seems next to nothing.

  6. JB

    PT is a matter of weeks, not days. That’s why many of us (commenters) were begging you to get serious with the PT a month or so ago.

    That paperwork looks normal to me. Each year, I have to fill out a complete medical history (4 pages or so) for my son to participate in Cub Scouts. This year, I finally got smart and made a copy of it to turn in next year…

    Take your PT seriously!

  7. Tom

    This year I had my 3rd surgery on my abdomen due to overuse and the irrational sense that I could always fight through the pain. I believed I was invincible. I love exercise, I’ve done it since I was 9 years old. Today im in my 40’s. I cant give up working out, its in my blood, its how I get through my day, its also a large part of my identity. I’ve come to realize now I don’t want to go through surgery again, I’ve had enough. No more working out at full intensity, I need to do less if I plan on walking for 30 min when I’m 50. I’ve been the one of the best in my sports and I find it hard to accept I will never run or cycle fast again. Why do I write this because I see you in me. I’ve seen all those folks on here saying you should quit and I’ve seen those that say keep riding. I’ve asked myself too, what did I do, I excelled in my sport, but my kids don’t give a shit and I’m starting to realize all I was doing this for was myself.

  8. Mike Rodose

    It’s OK, John.

    There will be a survey for broken brains issued soon. That’s the one you should fill out.

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