Last Day of the Pro Challenge

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Kind of in a rush today, once again. It’s the last day of the Pro Challenge. I really haven’t seen much of the race. Just Breckenridge two days ago, and sort of a little of the Vail TT yesterday. We got caught it a crazy mountain storm and it was every man for themselves. I have no idea how all those people up on the course survived the 40 degree rain. I barely did. I’m hoping to get to the start in Boulder, then head over to Arvada to ride with Vincent over to Lookout to spectate a little more. Trudi is working like crazy, of course, but I hope to catch up with her later this afternoon. Okay, I have to get going.

Trudi helping Tejay after he won the time trial, in the rain, yesterday.  Must of been a crazy tailwind, he averaged close to 40 km/h for the 10 mile climbing race.

Trudi helping Tejay after he won the time trial, in the rain, yesterday. Must of been a crazy tailwind, he averaged close to 40 km/h for the 10 mile climbing race.

15 thoughts on “Last Day of the Pro Challenge

  1. WC

    While you are out there interview Ochowicz about how doping has advanced from his speed skating days up to the present. That will be a good read.

  2. Ron

    Come on guys. If you had some dirt on your wife’s current boss would YOU be talking about it on a public forum? I would think not regardless of Steve’s outspoken opinion on/against doping. I guess what I’m saying is maybe “try” to quit being such dicks about it.

  3. Bolas Azules

    Steve doesn’t need any part of this but The Wall Street Journal types need to dig into the origins of the cycling drug culture in the US and write about it. The greatest untold story in cycling.

  4. Levi

    Ron, defend the hero.

    If Trudi’s boss is a drug cheat, and we all know he is, then isn’t keeping it quiet so that $ keeps flowing into ST’s household pretty much the same thing as doping? Deceiving or enabling in the name of doping smells an awful lot like good ole Pat McQuaid. Do you realize BMC basicly used to be Phonak? Its a filthy program just like all the rest, but hey you don’t care….. you had a chance to stick up for the almighty one, your hero ST. And you took it.

    Bike racing is a dirty filthy joke of a sport full of lieing, cheating little bitches. Cycling is a beautiful, spiritual, cleansing experience of covering lots of ground under your own power. I choose cycling. Pull your heads out and tear up your racing lisences, stop watching bike races on TV with dopers comentating on dopers and go ride your bikes

  5. Ron

    Levi, I could give a fuck about pro cycling to be honest. I don’t care about doping in cycling. Personally, it has no impact on me one way or another. In fact, as a spectator, it was much more entertaining when Lance was doing his thang.

    As for me defending Steve. Would you stick a knife in your wife’s back to satisfy a few yahoos on a blog? Not likely, right?

  6. Levi

    Then let him say that.

    Pro cycling doesn’t affect me anymore either. But make no mistake, that is the subject here. Steve is ranting on and on about some guys that benefit from doping in pro cycling, and Steve is also one of those guys. He keeps his mouth shut about certain things. But what if he didn’t and Och fired Trudi? How would Och look then?

    We’re not truly talking about sticking knives in peoples back here are we. Thats called murder and is also bad. Its just a job that supports the frauding of pro racing. Now usually soul mates share a very specific set of values and thats what makes them soul mates. So I would think Trudi would feel exactly like Steve and not want anything to do with anyone as dirty as Och. Shens an intelligent girl, she can do other jobs or create an income some other way.

    Do you think Inga Thompson would do that job? Now theres someone who backs up her words with actions. Steve, although one of America’s best, most versatile cyclists in our history is making a complete ass of himself here.

    But the very nature of a blog is stupid because only “followers” read it. You guys aren’t thinking for yourseves. You just read what he writes and then comment “great post steve, I couldn’t have said it better myself”. So its gone unchecked for years because no one calls bullshit on it. But you love when he does it to anyone else. Its a giant hypocricay. Just like pro cycling itself.

  7. Bolas Azules

    I wouldn’t agree with the harsh “…making a complete ass of himself here” but I would think it would be in Steve’s interest, the blog’s interest and the sport’s interest is to have a real investigative journalist pursue the history and origins of US cycling doping programs.

    Advance this to those with power and an interest, and leave the old Tilly alone. His bolas’ are in a sling on this one.


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