Monday Blues

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I woke up this morning with a head cold. I felt it coming on since Saturday when I rode from the Vail Time Trial to Silverthorne in freezing rain. Nothing like riding a bunch of miles when you don’t have form and then shiver for a couple hours. It isn’t bad though yet and I’m going to stay positive that I can keep it at bay.

I went to the dinner with Trudi and the BMC team last night. It was nice. I know a bunch of the people working for the team, plus many of the riders. Trudi is flying her mom into Denver today and they are going to drive back to San Francisco together. That is a pretty nice way to break up a long drive. Her mom is getting here early afternoon, so we’re going to go for a bike ride this morning now.

Trudi is wasted from the last month of working stage races and I just feel like putzing around, so it should be complimentary. I’ll try to post more later when I have more time.

Tejay gave Trudi a signed leader's jersey after the race.

Tejay gave Trudi a signed leader’s jersey after the race.

Plus, .79 gallons of Sierra Nevada beer from the podium.

Plus, .79 gallons of Sierra Nevada beer from the podium.

Trudi working yesterday in Boulder before the start.

Trudi working yesterday in Boulder before the start.

With jersey.

17 thoughts on “Monday Blues

  1. Bob

    Nothing worst that riding in freezing rain.

    Somehow can’t picture Cadel hanging out with the rest of the team eating dinner.

  2. Sven Schoutteten

    Great to catch up with you at dinner Steve. Be sure to follow my instructions for a speedy recovery.

  3. Jim Ochowicz

    To all you haters out there….shut up I’m trying to make a living. If you want to see cycling without doping you’re going to need a pillow because it’ll put you to sleep. If you don’t like doping, tough

    Without me, cycling in the US would be dead and Tilford would have to get a real job. He might be able to interest me in a kitten, though

  4. Big George

    C’mon Steve, you should know better than to go ride in freezing rain. Of course it’s going to make you feel sick the next day. I do have some “supplements” that should get you back up to speed in no time…Just give Rich or me a call at Hincapie HQ anytime.

  5. Jim Ochowicz

    PS: My understanding was that if you ate with us you had to leave the tip. If you want to hang out with the team next year you’re going to have to spring for one of our sponsorship packages. The “Fanboy Elite” package might be the one for you, it includes a cap and a foot rub from George Hincapie. Get in touch and have your credit card handy

  6. Sven Schoutteten

    Boss, next time separate checks for the freeloaders. That Poe I gave him hadn’t been refrigerated, now I don’t feel bad.

  7. Jonah

    Still stings that a Colorado brewery couldn’t come up with enough cash to grab that beer sponsorship. I mean, Sierra Nevada is fine and all – and obviously have deep pockets – but they’ve got no business snuffing out one of Colo.’s biggest industries like that.

  8. Jim Ochowicz

    If Colorado wasn’t so full of piddly, under-financed breweries they might have a chance. Wonder if pot being legalized has had any effect on the lack of motivation or just general spaciness? Sierra Nevada is a great company that has poured a ton of cash into the sport over the years, more than deserving of the honor. You should check out their new place in NC. The business hippies in Colorado should put down their hooka and cheezits long enough to take note. North Carolina is going to bury Colorado, and they don’t even have to steal water

  9. Bolas Azules

    Dear Mr. Jim Ochowicz – Regarding your comment about non-doping races being boring.

    How is it then that the women’s peloton is filled with all these well trained, fit, tanned bunnies juiced to the max and the still ride around in these parade laps until each lap when 2 come off the back; then 5 come off the back; then 4 come off the back….around-and-around and at the end there is a 8-up “sprint” (using the word ‘sprint’ reluctantly here) and then there is this ‘winner’ that thinks she just won some major race by out smarting the others with her superior tactics, speed and will?

    They’re juiced to the gills and still it’s about as exciting as watching a Time Trial with a little kick at the end. Answer me this.

  10. Jim Ochowicz

    Bolas, there is no doping in the ladies peloton as there is no need. All you need is a rich boyfriend, bottomless resources and the time to ride 10 hours a week for a few months – then you can turn pro if you win a local time trial that had no other women entered in it. If you’re lucky, that creepy French Canadian coach will keep his hands off of you and you will have a long and not so prosperous career. Case in point: women’s races are maybe half the distance, fields aren’t even a 1/3 of the men’s and the riders are all over the place as far as age and experience. Hell, Tina Pic and Laura Van Gilder went to high school with Betsy Ross and they still beat those nancy girls like a drum. They need to start doping, its too boring to watch

  11. euro

    Amen brother! I don’t see how so many seem to think that women’s racing is exciting. Every women’s race I have ever been to (including Natz and several high dollar UCI events) has been a snoozefest, followed by a slow motion sprint contested by a handful of riders. Half of the field seems to be overweight too. They certainly do not deserve equal prize money…

  12. Larry T.

    How many jerseys like that does Trudi have these days? Must be a LOT of ’em. An impressive sight if they were all framed and hung on a wall (or two) somewhere.

  13. Nancy

    Hey Och, there is no support and development for women cycling and that’s why the line is not very long at the pro level. There are still a lot of club that don’t want to support a team. While sponsorship is very limited for women, the peleton must work to pay for going to a race while a cat 1 men with no result can find a team with bikes and travel support.

    If you think that we are all slow, then you should come to my local crit training series because I can sit at the back of the pack and wait for the sprint against the guy and beat several of them.

    Anyway, for a non racer friend, there is no difference between winning a NRC race and a local crit, so why bother travelling and spending time in a shitty hotels for maybe getting a few bucks! You could understand that priority will change quickly and Laura Van Guilder will be more an exception.


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