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A bunch of different folks forwarded me this photo from yesterday’s stage of the Pro Challenge in Colorado Springs. I guess they expected/hoped I’d go on a rant about Tommy D. I did my rant on him a while back and figure maybe it’s best I just leave it there. Instead, maybe a few of you can come up with what the caption should read. Be creative. Here is the Facebook link to Kalan Beisel’s original tweeter photo. There is an interesting exchange between Katie Compton and Tommy.


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  1. JP

    The guy on the side of the road probably asked if the “d” in tommy d stands for doper or douche

  2. Big George

    Hey, quit makin fun of my buddy Tommy. He and I are class acts, taking it all the way to the bank with our EPO-rich legs. Just because we can’t win clean doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to win dirty!

  3. WC

    His core workouts give him the strength to ride one-handed like that. Please go away Tommy D, you can ride in your doper friend’s gran fondos.

  4. Dan Fox

    Well, if you weren’t a Katie Compton fan before — and I can’t imagine why not — that should seal the deal. KatieFnCompton indeed!

  5. Francisco Mancebo

    Tommy D better watch out, if KFC sneezed she would knock him on his butt. Same with the shirtless “fan”

  6. Big B

    Not a internet tough guy…,
    but the fan should have made it alot harder for TD(total douche) to shift with that hand 😉

  7. Levi

    Guy on side of road- “Go home Tommy D you doper”

    Tommy D- Fuck You! I’m RICH Bitch!!!

    Cycling is fake titties. We all know what we’re seeing isn’t real, but we all keep watching and getting turned on by it anyway. Oh well fuck it!

  8. Jackie Gammon

    Katie Compton has always been successful and a good role model… something TD NEVER was! TD, if you can’t stand the heckling, then perhaps you should retire… that way you’ll be your own hero.

    Thanks for the great posts Steve.. it’ nice to know that some elite cyclists still have class.

  9. Levi

    When is the Cadel post coming? You recently posted a pic of Trudi and Cadel right after he won a huge race in The Pro Challenge. I was wondering where the joy that should be on their faces is? Wouldn’t there be some sort of happiness? I’ll tell you what I see. I see a doper and his helper trying to make sure they get some details taken care of. They look at the ready to go on the defensive.

    For someone so anti doping (for some people, not others) you sure are close to sleeping with the enemy. Will you ever give your opinions on Och? Did you dope too? You sure wouldn’t have to go far to get the stuff…..

  10. Donald Y.

    Levi, Why don’t don’t you grow a set of balls and show who you really are? You’re nothing but a loser internet troll that lives to ruin someone’s blog. You’re pathetic and you should crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of. You add nothing but idiotic ramblings.

    Take some advice dirtbag, and eat a big pile of your own sh*t. Spare us the details.

  11. Francisco Mancebo

    Donald, Levi is asking a valid question. Being a public forum in a tiny community

    Ask about Och, too. Then get all keyboard tough

  12. Levi

    The jock sniffers always rush to defend their hero. Do you all assume Steve can’t defend himself? Or are you looking to score some brownie points?

    I can’t think of anyone who is closer to doping than ST. And yet he rambles on about some but not all that dope. At least 10 people have called him a hypocrite, which is 100% accurate. He never denies it but all the J-sniffers do it for him. If you’re gonna slam people about their doping then questions about BMC and Och are only fair…

  13. Bee-an-key

    Tommy D., giving the Eskimo sign for “I am doing the best I can since JVauters found out I am Eskimo and can only ride well on the third Thursday of a red moon during an even year on American soil west of the …. a fuck you I am living up to my potential and getting paid to have a few good days a year”.

  14. Matt

    Not defending Danielson AT ALL…but if some guy had been heckling me for quite some time (3 years according to Danielson) I doubt I’d keep my cool about me either…I’d probably punch the f’er. Deserving of scorn though he is, obsession with taunting the guy (if true) is no better than doping in the end…

    hate is hate

    stupid is stupid

    cheating is cheating

    one doesn’t make the other ok…


  15. OGS

    read the Kalan (the guy who posted the photo) twitter feed. He is borderline OCD about Danielson – like serial killer, put the lotion in the basket, the call is coming from inside of the house obsessed.
    And he is a real mysoginist too.

    Danielson is right – f this guy. Let them race.
    If you really believe in a “cause” of heckling former admitted dopers – go to NBC sports booth or pretty much any director sportiff – Vaughters, Andreu anyone?

  16. Donald Y

    Faux Levi- I’m not defending Tilford at all. Don’t even agree with alot of his entries. Jock sniffer? You must be in like, 8th grade, right?

    I just state the obvious by saying you’re a dick. You keep proving me right.

  17. channel_zero

    Oh, but it’s not just Och. Chris Carmichael is long, long overdue for a perp walk. The list is longer than that but I can’t be bothered to dredge them all up.

    It’s his blog though so it’s up to him. Lance, if you are so upset by the perception of inconsistency, then start your own blog and cry about it there.

  18. Geo

    Going after some guy relentlessly because he made some serious mistakes in a very social manner really says a lot about the character of kalan….I hate dopers too- but let’s move on from the anger.

  19. James

    Cyclists are not rich except a small few… unless you think any salary over $100k makes you rich.
    Why do you think it’s fake, are they going THAT much faster than you?
    Respect. Have a good long ride one of these days, enjoy.

  20. jeff

    What on earth do you dum dums think Och would have to say, even if he spilled all, that you either don’t already know or haven’t already heard someone else say. Be realistic.
    Cadel Evans has had so many near miss great moments where he rode exactly like a top talent who wasn’t doping would be expected to. His career could stand as an example of what happens to great riders who don’t dope. No reason to not believe he’s clean.

  21. gerrycurl

    Danielson rides for a WorldTour team, taking the budgetary spreadsheet slot of some other deserving soul who rides as well as he does, and never had to dope to be able to do it. Step aside, Tom. Step aside.

    JV, if you really stand for clean sport, make room for some deserving souls who did it clean and will continue to do it clean. If you seek any kind of redemption and want a clean slate in people’s eyes, then send TD packing (finally).

  22. Bolas Azules

    “What on earth do you dum dums think Och would have to say, even if he spilled all, that you either don’t already know or haven’t already heard someone else say. Be realistic.”

    Well for one, as the Godfather of the US doping culture – along with a former US National coach – it would be interesting to get a clear picture of the history and culture of US cycling doping that brought us Lance Armstrong and one of the biggest doping rings in sports history.

    Trace it back to the mid-to-late 1970’s, the ‘eastern bloc methods,’ the returning ex-pat professionals that brought their trade to the US, the rise of the funded US trade teams (7-Eleven) and the institutionalized culture of doping they embraced, the history of a teenage tri-athelete and his connections to early drug use and his suppliers….should I go on?

    Geez I’m so shocked that none of crack journalists that chased the Lance story have no interest in who or how or when this all got it’s start.

  23. chris-t

    I have enjoyed reading your posts! But, seriously; I think the Och thing needs to be addressed. ’92 Olympic Trials in Altoona- George, Lance all signed up with Motorola and the Och program? How is it that BMC was/is any different? Without addressing this; it becomes a bit name calling don’t you think?

  24. Jay Moke

    The guy obviously doesn’t get it. He is representing a team in a very poor light. He compounds his mistake by dropping expletives on Compton. Garmin can’t be very happy to have him represent them in such a bad manner. He needs to grow up fast. If I represented my employer in such a manner I can’t say that I expect to be employed much longer. It may take someone being fired in order to get a clue.

  25. WC

    Phonak too. “But I’ll leave you with this: You might want to ask Floyd about his old boss. See if that leads to your doorstep? ” Jonathan Vaughters


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