Not Sure What I’m Doing

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I spent about 15 hours yesterday laying tile. But, better than that, the tile saw was downstairs in garage and the bathroom was upstairs, so I went up and down the stairs at least 300 times, so it was all inclusive, tiling and training. Here it is at 1:45am and I’m barely clean from all the thinset.

I hadn’t planned on spending that much time, but I figured it is better to get it done earlier, so I don’t have to worry about it later. Plus, my friend Nan wants her bathroom back sooner rather than later.

I thought I might race in Dallas this weekend, but I sort of thought the weather was going to be bad there, but now I don’t know. There are two cross races here on Sunday and Monday in Kansas City. I’m still deciding whether to go up to Chicago and do the UCI races the weekend before Nationals in Madison. I haven’t raced much, but am a little up in the air about everything right now.

Sorry about the lame post, but I didn’t really have a change to do anything all day, so I’m a little out of the loop media-wise. I should be done with this “project” tomorrow and can get back to more ordinary things.

Okay, here are some pictures of yesterday’s progression.

Around 10 am this morning.

I was worried about the wall because it had a big hump in it and was very uneven. It turned out great.

We’re carrying the trim line all the way around the room.

Floor to ceiling tile.

The little soap nook and seat took a lot of cutting. They turned out pretty good too.

5 thoughts on “Not Sure What I’m Doing

  1. sb

    Dallas weather will be cool and moist ground but not likely to be rainy at all. Still, though, would love to see you race down here!

  2. Ted Lewandowski

    Looks excellent – but I have to say the seat looks like an afterthought with the different tile pattern – way too much black and white between the floor and the walls – I would have made the horizon lines gray not black in the shower stall – too heavy looking in black in relation to all the black in the floor – but hey it’s not my house.

  3. mike crum

    so you’re currently working a light labor job…gotta walk stairs and bend over.. big deal… whining cause its effecting your training time?? welcome to the real world.. personally i work on a farm, 6 days a week. long hard hours. then i go train. i dont whine at all.. i sure hate to read your blog if you had to work a job daily, year in and year out. you’re tougher than nails on the bike, but you need to toughen up overall..stop whining all the time.. you are under a van for 3 hours changing some engine part. then you whine. you split wood, then you whine. you whine everytime you actually do work..

  4. jg

    Does anyone know who this Mike Crum is? If so, will you go over and punch him in the nuts?

    There’s not an ounce of whining in the post above – Steve mentinons what he did as a matter of fact; there’s no complaining or even a statement of it affecting his training time, as you say. He only mentions that it was all-inclusive, tiling and training. Maybe because I don’t have your negative perception, I read that as a positive, wtih Steve saying he got in some good stair work, all while getting tile work done.

    Is this you? That would explain a few things, if so. You need to quit spending so much time around the sheep on your farm..and speaking of, being that you work long hours 6 days a week, you better get your ass back to work instead of reading Steve’s blog midmorning on a Saturday.

    Yo Steve – hope to see you racing this weekend in Dallas…


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