Syd and Bobby Lea

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I got back pretty late last night and spent and hour sweating on the ergometer until late, and now have to go tile this morning, so am short of time. But, I couldn’t write anything as good as this article about Syd and Bobby Lea over at Bicycling.. I’ve known Bobby Lea for a long time. Not as long as I’ve known his mom and dad, Tracy and Rob, but still a long time. He’s a very good guy and a very smart bike rider. I’ve never met Syd, as far as I know, but he stays with my friends George and Diane McDiarmid when he goes down to Austin to row. George can’t say enough good things about Syd, and George is very good at judging people. George says that Syd is one of his favorite people on Earth, which is saying a lot. Anyway, it is a nice story of an inspirational family. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Syd and Bobby Lea

  1. Fergie

    Thanks for posting up this article Steve. I too have known the Lea’s for..probably the past 15+yrs. I have been going through some real tough times here in 2012.
    Questions to oneself of where this leaves me family-wise.

    The Lea’s remind me why my cycling family is so important to me.
    We are spoiled in the cycling community that we are surrounded by such good people.

    thanks for posting for I probably wouldn’t have seen this,

  2. scott

    The Lea family is remarkable, every single one of them!
    Their dedication to our sport, and each other, is extraordinary – and recognized by nearly everyone who’s lives they’ve touched.

  3. Bob

    I saw Syd at a cross race in Maryland this year. Really cool to read about him and his family.

    Unrelated…read this!

    “I was amused by a recent comment by Jim Ochowicz about Lance Armstrong: “I think he’s earned every victory he’s had.” I observe that Ochowicz has for many years been part of the commercial conspiracy that enabled Armstrong’s misconduct.
    I was able to calibrate Jim’s integrity when I first met him at the 1978 Red Zinger Stage Race where he was competing and I served as chief timer. In the race on July 11 from Aspen to Vail, Colorado, Jim came off the back of the peloton and was not seen again until he finished third, well ahead of the peloton. Needless to say he was booted out of the race but he didn’t seem to learn anything from that experience”


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