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Since there are some people out there that are thinking today is the last day of Earth, then this would be my last blog post. I’m not going with it and I think that most Mayan’s aren’t thinking that way either.

It is the winter solstice today, so winter is officially here. I shoveled snow for the first time of the year yesterday, so I guess that was appropriate. I think my lower back forgot how heavy these early snows can be.

I hope it isn’t the last day of the Earth because if it is, that means that I rode an ergometer inside the last time I did anything that resembled riding a bicycle. I hate riding inside, so that is a depressing thought. That being said, I did do alright on the ergometer. Normally, the time ticks by super slowly when I’m riding inside. After 15 minutes it seems like an hour. Yesterday, I rented the new movie Total Recall, and then got on the ergometer. I rode around 280 watts for exactly an hour and it went by pretty quickly. I hate sweating that much. My ears clog up with water if I ride much more.

I got a late call from Brian and had to head over to Lawrence, once again, for some team photos. It was pretty quick, but we stayed and ate dinner afterward.

I spend some of the afternoon doing some drywall work at Adam’s. We’re gonna start laying tile this morning. It might take a little longer than normal because we’re heating the floor and it makes it a little tricky to get the thinset uniform height when you trowel over the electric mat. But, it’s not all that big of a bathroom and the shower should go pretty quickly.

The roads were crazy slick yesterday. Solid ice early and then again after the sun set. Lots and lots of fender benders. Guess that is what happens with the first snow storm of the season. It was very slippy (British fro slippery) though.

I’m going to try to get out and ride outside today if we get done early enough. It is supposed to be nearly 40, so the roads will probably clear by mid afternoon. Especially the ones outside of town that were plowed good yesterday. If not, I guess I can ride once more inside. Or maybe it will all be over sometime today and I’m done with riding. It’s all good no matter what happens.

After the team photos, we messed around on the climbing wall some. I just wanted to see if my should would fall off or not.

Adam covered the shower area with this sealing stuff. This thing is never, ever going to leak.

5 thoughts on “Last Blog Post?

  1. Jim

    280 watts for an hour indoors??? Yow!! I can’t do that in my best condition.
    You must have had a puddle under the bike.

  2. steevo

    Something I have learned that I dont see written anywhere is that you want large tiles if you are doing radiant flooring. Smaller tiles have more group per sq ft and grout is A LOT harder to warm than tiles.

  3. tilford97 Post author

    steevo-why do you suppose that the grout is harder to warm than tiles. grout is pretty much just cement. do you have personal experience on this. does it take longer to heat up? i’ve installed electric floor heating 3 times, twice under slate or 12 inch tile and once under mosaic. we used small mosaic here. the energy has to go somewhere. it must be a speed of heat thing?


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