Tiling then Heading to Chicago

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Yesterday, Bill, Adam and I tiled most of the afternoon. I first sanded drywall, which is maybe the most thankless job in the world. Okay, maybe it’s not thankless, but it is horrible. You couldn’t pay me enough money to do that on a full time basis. I couldn’t find a mask, so I just filled my throat and sinuses with fine particles of drywall compound for close to an hour. I’ve done it before for much, much longer, so it isn’t that bad.

It is almost like cross training, especially sanding over you head and in weird positions. I kind of like it in that respect, but not in any others.

Tiling, on the other hand, if pretty rewarding. It’s kind of like shoveling snow or roofing. You get to see your progression as you work. It went pretty well on the whole. It is a little weird laying mosiac tile over electric radiant floor heating wires, but not that big of a deal. I’m heading back over there to grout this morning, then maybe start the wall tile after the ride in the evening.

It is supposed to be close to 45 today for a high, so there is a group ride meeting at my house at 12:30. I’d be surprised if we got in more than 50 miles. My general winter rule is one mile for every degree temperature it is. It obviously depends on lots of other things, like wind, dampness, group size, etc.

Sunday we’re heading up to Chicago to Trudi’s mom’s house for Christmas. I’m not even sure if there is snow on the ground there. I’m taking my cross bike to ride. We’re only going to be up there for a few days, so it will be fine. I’m playing it by ear, but if it is going to be cold and wet here in Kansas when we get back, I’m heading down to Texas for an week. If not, then I’ll stay home and ride.

This self portrait was after I’d cleaned up mostly.

The shower floor went pretty quick.

The radiant floor mat fit pretty perfectly.

It was making me dizzy trying to align all the tiles. It was pretty important not pushing them too deep for a “home run”.

Turned out pretty good, not perfect, but good.

6 thoughts on “Tiling then Heading to Chicago

  1. Beaster

    Go with me to the Kettle Southern Unit Wednwsday EARLY am – skate skiing started yesterday and the report I got today was that skating (ONLY) conditions are great!!!! 1.5 hours each way from northshore……………. RSVP 847.347.3278 I can Drive!

  2. tilford97 Post author

    Beaster-Thanks for the invite, but I’m bike riding until after Worlds. I’ll take a raincheck though. I plan to ski a bunch in February. It seems like after the Birkie, Cable gets dumped on and they still groom, so skiing on virgin corduroy is normal.

  3. Beaster

    Cool – I hope to ski my arse off this winter – you have my cell number now. I sometimes hook up with Tom Schuler. et al ……………………. PEACE!


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