Too Early for Me

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I have two dental appointment today. The first one is with an endodontist and it is at 7am. Is that ridiculous or what? You want to know how ridiculous it is? I got a call yesterday morning at 7ish, from their office, reminding me of my 7am appointment today. Who does that? I called them back to confirm and she asked me if everything was good and I said, no, I have a 7 o’clock appointment and she told me since all my paperwork was done, I could come in at 7:10. What a relief.

The next appointment is to patch up the work of the first appointment, plus replace a temporary crown with a permanent one. I crashed after Chequamegon and a couple of my back teeth didn’t like the impact much more than my ribs.

I try to avoid going to the dentist this time of the year. I think that it is a very easy way to get sick. People make dental appointments weeks out and don’t want to skip them if the just feel a little under the weather. Then I’m sitting there with people sticking their hands in my mouth with all these germs floating around. I’m starting to sound a little like Howard Hughes here.

It is perplexing, this endodontist thing. I have a very good endodontist and a very good dentist. But, they have both had their chances with this one tooth, and it is still not right. It seems like it wouldn’t be that hard to find the roots in a tooth with today’s modern technologies. I’m sort of hoping that I have a low grad infection that might explain why I feel so run down all the time, but don’t plan on taking any antibiotics anytime in the next month. We’ll see.

It got cold and blustery out. The wind is supposed to blow nearly 50 mph today some. Pretty terrible conditions for riding bikes. There were thunderstorms and hail last night. Pretty strange weather for the week before Christmas.

It snowed last night and now is super windy. Bromont likes the snow so much he will hardly play with Trudi. He just runs around like crazy. I think it is because he likes it up in Wisconsin so much and it reminds him of that.

6 thoughts on “Too Early for Me

  1. Max

    Steve I live about 3.5hrs south of you in NW Arkansas. We too had 50 mph winds this morning! Made for an interesting 1hr commute to work. I’ve never HAD to pedal just so that I could make it “down” a hill before but I had to do just that this morning! Saw several downed trees and even heard a couple fall off in the woods. While this type of wind is definitely not ideal for riding bikes I just try and adopt a warrior type mentality and take it on as a challenge. Makes it kind of fun.

  2. bhalls

    They start you early so you have the rest of the day to recover, and think “how much did that cost”?.13

  3. Euro

    Big deal, so you have a 7AM dentist appointment. Your biggest daily responsibility is to figure out what time to ride, Welcome to the real world.

  4. Chris

    Well Max…I guess you have solved the age old question. You CAN hear a tree if it falls in the woods. There are no mysteries left.


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