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  1. miket

    Just saw the same video on the ESPN site. One comment said, “That’s what a leader looks like.”

  2. Bernd Faust

    I like the guy, he has an opinion, he is young , energetic…..once upon a time i was his age, now I’m old, my message to congress:

    Now is the time not only to seek an assault weapon ban, rather seek a handgun weapon ban period. This process may take 10 years to get rid of all handguns, but it would be worth it, no doubt, no question!
    The USA which considers itself the greatest nation under God, the proud, the brave, the loving, the caring, the giving, the sharing..etc.. has the opportunity not only to say these things but also live them by example. Let’s get it started.
    The notion that having a gun makes someone more secure is pure falsehood. If one wants to feel safe and secure because he has the right to possess a handgun, that individual has to have his gun loaded, in hand, safetyswitch on fire, pointing in the direction of the eyes view, walking in circles to cover all 360 degrees of the environment that person moves in and this behavior has to take place 24 hours a day. That person would live in fear, a state of paranoia and most likely become mentally instable. This may as well be what happened to the 20 year old shooter who killed 20 beautiful young children and 6 amazing adults. I can see all of them now saying, excuse me, while I kiss the sky!
    Time for a few more of Jimi Hendrix quotes: “When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, the world will finally know Peace.” “Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.”
    Let’s change the world for the good of all mankind. The time is now!

  3. chuck martel

    Police officers in Los Angeles County shot and killed 54 people in 2011, an increase of 70 percent over 2010.


  4. Nobody

    Oddly, the NRA first got involved in legislation when it sided toward MORE control of guns, and actions which essentially outlawed machine guns for public use, both in the 30s-40s, and in the Gun Control Act of 1968.

    It was only when the organization basically flipped a coin, deciding which political party to attach itself to, that it became the lovechild of Republicans – sparking the Gods & Guns platform.

    You’d think, really, that with the Democrats favoring same-sexness, pot smoking, and general hands-offness, and with the Republicans doing everything in their power to keep you living like it’s 1953, that it would be the Democrats the NRA had chosen. I can just see it, Boehner and the AM radio guys hammering the irresponsible Dems for letting their kids shoot guns. What are they thinking? What IS this country coming to?

    Just think now, though, with the changing demographics. Bite. Them. In. The. Ass.

  5. jprumm

    Bernard, so as a law abiding citizen they should take my guns away? I have a CCP and am not mentally unstable. The fact that you paint such a broad picture of those folks that own or even carry firearms is very sad. I live in a very rural area and I know more people that own and carry firearms than those that don’t carry. All those people are very stable. These last few weeks have nothing to do with firearms but all to do with the lack of good mental health facilities or help for those folks. Ask Hitler what happens when you disarm citizens. Also let’s just throw the “Second Amendment” out the window.

  6. channel_zero

    jprumm ,

    Then why the heck isn’t the NRA funding mental health?

    The exercise all the power and do not take ANY responsibility AT ALL for the consequences of having guns absolutely everywhere.

    That’s not right.

  7. Rich

    @Josh Taylor, no I’m not a Douche. I just dont like this guy. He could be an ok guy I guess, I just didn’t like his long rant. I thought it was more self serving rather than designed to help a cause or cause any kind of change.

  8. Doug Long

    Ok, where do I start here?
    First, I live just outside a very conservative rural community. The people that live in this community will tell you that one of the biggest reasons they live here is because they wanted to raise their children in a community they feel is safe. I’ve been know to make comments like, “If it’s not a ball or they can’t strike with a club or bat or shoot it, than it’s not a sport up here!” I’m the one with the strange leisure sport.
    Most of the men up here know the hunting season dates as well as their family birthdays, wedding anniversary, and holidays. Hunting, fishing, trapping, etc… is part of their culture and I would venture to say that most households in the area have some kind of gun in the house, truck, barn, etc…
    I own one gun that is a 22 rifle that was a present from my father when I was 9 (Christmas “62”). It’s buried in a closet and has not been used for 40+ years. I never saw my rifle as being a weapon to harm others, simply as a tool to aid in the consumptive task of harvesting food. I actually quit hunting at a young age because I started feeling guilty when I killed game, which is pretty hypocritical since I consume meat in my diet. We as a country are made up of so many diverse cultures, with different customs and beliefs. I’m not a gun person but my neighbors are. I have great neighbors and I can guarantee you that when the kids that live in the families next door open their presents, some of those presents will be geared toward hunting and fishing.
    Now, let’s talk about the 2nd Amendment:
    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
    Our forefathers were brilliant in penning a document that would be allowed to be changed over time. Gun enthusiasts point to the 2nd amendment as their guarantee to own guns and protect their persons and property. The 2nd amendment was created to allow citizens to protect themselves from a tyrannical government that might rule for the interests of the few instead of the populace. Keep in mind that we did have prohibition in this country starting in 1919 with the passing of the Eighteenth Amendment. That movement was pushed by the religious right but was latter repealed with the Twenty First Amendment. I bring this up for two reasons: first to point out that just because there is a current amendment, it can be repealed. The 2nd is the parallel between the fact that there has always been a bit of a disconnect between our rural and urban societies. Prohibition was pushed by mostly rural Christian movements. It was not popular or was the law enforced very well in the cities.
    Ok, I’m about done. I have no problem with the 2nd Amendment. I have no problem with my neighbors owning guns. You start taking guns away from rural America and it will only further divide a country that is already split because of a “them against us” mentality. What I have a problem with are laws that allow automatic assault weapons and ammunition that was created to penetrate, spread , and be the ultimate “killer!” Intent is the key word here. What were these weapons created for and it wasn’t to go hunting for Sunday dinner.
    I’m sad that another tragic, horrific event has taken the lives of innocent,wonderful people and this debate continues to smolder. We will continue to hear cliches such as: “Guns don’t kill people, people do!” or “If you take away guns from the people, the only ones that will own guns are the criminals!” I don’t know what the solution is or what this country can do to fix our growing schism between special interests, political parties, urban vs. rural, etc…
    I just know that I try to be empirical in my thinking and try to see solutions in a broader view. I just get angry when I hear some of the statements and the reasoning that goes with political agendas.
    When does “Common Sense” come into the discussion? We need a “Common Sense” party in this country!

  9. jprumm

    Why is it the NRA’s responsibilities? It should be the anti-gun folks. Those are the ones who are saying it’s a gun issue. Mental health is something we all should be talking about. It is very alarming when people like Bernd paint all folks who own or carry firearms as mentally unstable. Sounds like the rhetoric the politicians use.

  10. jprumm

    Doug, very well said. However “Automatic Assault Weapons” are not legal to own. The term “Assault Weapon” refers to a weapon you can change the firing burst again not legal to own. I think you nailed it with your comparison with rural America.

  11. Skippy

    Last night i discovered this petition created by 2 Girls in 4th grade , signed up in the late 1200#s and looked to see where the total was this Morning , GONE !

    In my blog i show some details :

    I can still get mine up however ; perhaps because nO ONE is signing ?

    Would love to see those girls get a million or ten signed on !

    Polarising subject for ALL but when did you need an Assault weapon with 100 rounds , to shoot Game ?

  12. Bernd Faust

    I do believe that every person living in todays society will have less or more of a mental issue to deal with. Just look at the media, they are mentally challenged..they call this kid or other kids who kill ,mentally challenged..etc..while Timothy McVeigh/Bombing killing 300..lots of children was a terrorist..so he was a terrorist, this guy a mentally ill guy…they are all mentally ill…we all have our mental problems from time to time….guns are no answer to any question..that’s what i believe in…
    It takes a lot of guts to move in the right direction, it takes a lot of guts to look forward to a brighter and happier fututre for all….very few have the guts to address global warming….$$$$$ could be lost, it’s the same with the guns and the NRA…it’s about the $$$$….how much more money can be made if every teacher has say 3 new handguns, every nurse, every doc, every priest, minister, altarboy….I think altarboys should position machineguns around the altar and lay behind them during mass..to guarantee the safety of the worshipers…. Per 100 worshipers 1 machinegun/50 bullets….”big time business” looming…of course I am kidding..but it’s about the $bill (nice song from Johnny guitar Watson)

    That’s as far as we have come…….pretty sad if you ask me…

    But here are the good news:”There is always Hope!”

  13. channel_zero

    There it is again.

    NRA wants to have easy access to guns and assume none of the consequences of their actions/interests.

    It’s blame shifting B.S.

  14. DavidA

    @Rich, I agree with you, how dare anyone be given the opportunity to publicly express their frustration in the systematic execution of 6 and 7 yr olds.

  15. Max

    Mad as hell and he can’t take it anymore?

    It’s bullshit if you ask me. The guy didn’t vote for Obama which more than likely means he didn’t vote for Kerry – which means he was OK to stand aside while the wholesale murder of children in Iraq and Afghanistan with his tax dollars occurred. We’re a violent self centered selfish country.

    The cost of actively killing children throughout the world is now and then another school or mall or workplace shooting.

    Inactive killing is our worst crime though. While we crave to get new iPhones and new carbon fiber frames over 40,000 children die of starvation each day because we need something from EBAY, Amazon or Macy’s to make us feel better. A Sandy Hook tragedy every 40 seconds. Where was Coach Crocodile Tears then ?

    Step up ? Yes. Let’s step up and recognize that WE ARE THE PROBLEM.


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